Improve Your Skills with the Five Best CompTIA Certifications


Improve Your Skills with the Five Best CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA, also known as The Computing Technology Industry Association, provides professional certifications for the IT industry. CompTIA certification is based on four levels; each level offers a different set of skills and knowledge to pass the exam.

CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA certifications are categorized according to the skill set. The CompTIA certification online consists of four areas: core, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and additional professional certifications. Each area offers several certifications. Core offers four certifications, infrastructure offers three certifications, cybersecurity offers three certifications, and additional professional offers three certifications. However, the top 5 certifications provided by CompTIA are mentioned below.

CompTIA Security + Certification

CompTIA Security + certification falls under the core category. This certification intends to enhance the baseline skills required to perform the core security functions in the IT industry. CompTIA Security + builds networking by focusing on the essential features of security.

Tips to Prepare for CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

  1. Domains of Security+: Before you start preparing for the exam, understand the six domains of Security+ and items below it.
  2. Study Plan: Develop a realistic study plan. Schedule your study time during your downtime.
  3. Resources: Open the official website of CompTIA and go through the resources provided for exam preparation.
  4. Online Training: Sign up for an online training course to get insights into the subject area with experienced trainers.
  5. Join online communities: Join online Security+ community forums where you can chat with experienced professionals and individuals relevant to your field. These communities will help you resolve queries and learn from the experience of others.
  6. Practice Test: Evaluate your knowledge and skills by taking the practice test at QuickStart. Learn more about CompTIA Security + Certification by talking to our experts.

CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification falls under the core category. This certification intends to enhance problem-solving skills among professionals. CompTIA A+ helps professionals to support technologies from security to cloud till data management and more.

Tips to Prepare for CompTIA A+ Certification Exam 1001, 1002

  1. Official Website: To begin with your preparation, check out the official website of CompTIA for necessary information such as exam pattern, study material, and exam objectives.
  2. Exam Objectives and Study material: Go through the exam objectives to learn the basic concept behind the certification and use the study material published on the webpage for the exam.
  3. Online Training: Take online classes from QuickStart and study for your exam from IT experts.
  4. Other Resources: Use blogs, books, and webpages to increase your knowledge and skills on the subject.
  5. Study Groups: Brainstorm for possible solutions with your peers and develop a better understanding of the topic.
  6. Practice Test: Assess your skills by taking an online test at QuickStart. Chat with our experts at QuickStart webpage for further details.

CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Network + certification is categorized under the core area. This certification intends to develop individuals’ careers in IT infrastructure covering, troubleshooting, configuring, and handling networks.  This certification requires an individual to be skillful and knowledgeable for designing and executing practical systems.

Tips to Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

  1. Purpose of Exam: Understand the basic purpose of the exam and the preparation tips by reading about it over the official webpage and other sites.
  2. Understanding the gap: Understand the gap between your current knowledge and the requirements of the exam so you can prepare for the topics accordingly.
  3. Self -Study: Use the self-study guide for the preparation of the exam and CompTIA CertMaster to prepare for the exam.
  4. Classroom Training: Take online classes at QuickStart and prepare yourself for the exam with the experienced trainers.
  5. Other Sources: Use different sources such as books, blogs, and websites to read from.
  6. Practice Test: Take an online practice test on QuickStart and evaluate your knowledge and skills. For further queries regarding CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam chat with our professionals at QuickStart.

CompTIA Server + Certification

The CompTIA Server + Certification falls under the category of infrastructure. This certification is designed for experts possessing the skills to work in data centers and cloud environments. It is the only certification that trains for modern server technologies, including security and network-attached storage.

Tips to Prepare for CompTIA Server + Certification Exam

  1. Information about the exam: Before you start your preparation for CompTIA Server + Certification Exam, make sure to read the necessary information regarding the exam on the official webpage such as prerequisites of the exam, cost, duration, and study guide.
  2. Study Resources: Use study material and resources to prepare for the exam. You can always study from reliable books, blogs, websites, and videos for better understanding.
  3. Online Training: Take online training classes from QuickStart professionals and learn from them.
  4. FAQ: Go through the FAQ to clear your concepts and increase knowledge.
  5. Study Groups: Join online communities and take help to brainstorm for answers with your peers. Learn from others and develop a better understanding of confusing topics.
  6. Practice Test: Attempt a practice test at QuickStart to test your knowledge.

CompTIA CASP + Certification

CompTIA CASP + stands for CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner. This certification intends to benefit experts who are experts in technology, as opposed to firm managing.

Tips to Prepare for CompTIA CASP + Certification Exam

  1. Purpose of Exam: To start the preparation of your exam, you first need to focus on the basic objectives of the exam. Go through the exam objectives to understand the requirements of the exam.
  2. Identify the gap: Bridge the gap between your current knowledge and the basic requirements of the exam. Work on your weak areas to gain command of your skills.
  3. Other Resources: Pick up other resources such as blogs, books, websites, and videos to clear concepts.
  4. Online Training: Apply for a professional online training program at QuickStart and test your knowledge.
  5. Online Discussions: Take part in online discussions to share your knowledge. Online discussions will also help you clear misconceptions.
  6. Practice Test: Take the practice test before the actual exam to test your skills and knowledge on the subject. Chat with our experts at QuickStart for more information.
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