3 Things to Know About Windows 10


3 Things to Know About Windows 10

It's been a long time coming, and we're so excited to start delivering new Windows 10 training. Have you heard about some of the new features?


Notes and doodles and shares, oh my!

Sharing is fun, especially with the ever-so-awesome, do-it-your-way browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge.

Let’s say, for example, you’re planning a trip with friends. Before Microsoft Edge, you’d send them links to all kinds of things (tips on how not to look like a tourist, perhaps). And, because you just know they won’t take the time to read through one whole page of content, you might have included a note that said something like, “Check out the third paragraph and that sidebar thing midway down the page on the right.” Those days are over.

With Microsoft Edge you can write notes directly on the web page, circle or highlight points of interest, or just doodle, then save and share it. See, how fun is that? And that’s just one of the many reasons you’ll love Microsoft Edge.


See it all, do it all

It’s almost like a game sometimes—how many different windows and programs can you have open at once? It can be mindboggling trying to find that one document in a sea of, well, all kinds of stuff. And talk about a productivity buster. Forget about it.

Enter Windows 10 Task View and virtual desktops (did we just hear a “YES!”?). For those power users out there, and you know who you are, these two features just might be your favorites.

Task View lets you see all of your open windows for as long as you want them up. Find what you want? Click on it and do your thing. Want to see everything again? Just click the icon. Combine that with virtual desktops and revel in your newfound ability to stay completely organized. You can create as many virtual desktops as you need. It’s like having multiple monitors built into your desktop, except they take up a heck of a lot less space. 


Let’s think outside the box

Configuring can be such a process, what with all the reimaging and such. But get this: With Windows 10 you can transform a general-use device, like a phone or tablet, from its out-of-the-box configuration into a fully configured enterprise device. No reimaging required. Pretty cool, right?

It’s called runtime provisioning (which you probably already knew), and it’ll save you a heap of time and effort. You can leverage this provisioning capability for all kinds of things, like: wi-fi, VPN, and email profiles; installation of apps, security updates, and certifications; and enforcement of security policies. It also makes living in a choose-your-own-device world a whole lot easier for IT folks.

How does it all work, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to sign up for one of our new Windows 10 classes to see for yourself.


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