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  1. linux hosting, windows hosting

    Linux Cloud Hosting vs Windows Hosting

    Undoubtedly, Linux OS is dominating the hosting domain by holding nearly 55.6% of all web servers in 2017 and its accelerating ahead at great speed. Windows hosting on the cloud is still lagging behind from Linux, but popularity shouldn’t be the only reason you should base your choice on when you build a cloud server and are looking for an appropriate OS for

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  2. How To Become An Azure Developer

    How To Become An Azure Developer

    After AWS, Microsoft Azure is the next biggest cloud computing platform in the world. Its allure lies in the fact that since its owned by Microsoft, it integrates and offers compatibility with a wide range of services offered by the provider, allowing businesses to reap numerous cross-functional advantages for their network and infrastructure.

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  3. Why Windows Server 2016 is Better Than Windows Server 2019

    Why Windows Server 2016 is Better Than Windows Server 2019

    When Microsoft announced its Windows Server 2019, a lot of those users or businesses who were currently on the 2016 version of the same service, faced a major conundrum i.e. whether to continue with Windows Server 2016 or move on to the new Windows Server 2019 version?

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  4. How To Attain Security With Azure

    How To Attain Security With Azure

    As Microsoft Azure becomes more common as an enterprise-level cloud platform, organizations are keen to understand the advantages that accrue on their cybersecurity practices from this migration.

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  5. ms excel, microsoft spreadsheet, microsoft excel, microsoft, spreadsheet, ms custom list, microsoft custom list

    SharePoint Custom List vs Excel

    Often times in the IT industry especially, there is the rise of a buzzword and people seem to be suddenly interested in it. Everyone wants to incorporate it into their organizations

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  6. power bi, quickstart, business intelligence, business analytics

    Power BI - Everything You Need to Know

    The biggest characteristic that has emerged out of the currently prevalent digital age is the massive amounts of data that is being produced with each day. When

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  7. Best SCCM Courses To Learn, sccm, sccm courses,

    Best SCCM Courses To Learn

    Offered as an integral part of the Microsoft Systems Center management suite, the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is an integral console that allows system administrators to run and secure devices and software connected within a singular network. Through this manager, the control of the overall system and software installed within an environment becomes heavily streamlined, thereby enabling admins to exercise greater control over the security end points that form an integral part of the overall system.

    For IT managers looking to run tasks such as OS deployment, application deliver, patch delivery, update configuration, report generation, health observation among others, knowledge related to SCCM’s overall capabilities becomes extremely handy. However, due to it being a complex system to run, on job experience and training is sometimes not considered enough. That’s why IT professionals often look towards the best online courses available to get an in-depth training and

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  8. azure certifications, azure developers, ms azure

    Best Azure Certification For Developers

    If you are reading this blog, there is a high chance that you have some base level knowledge related to Microsoft Azure that you either gathered through you interest as a beginner in this field or in your job role that entails working with Azure based systems.

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