Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training will Help Companies Implement Cloud Platforms in 2019


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training will Help Companies Implement Cloud Platforms in 2019

Amazon may have beaten Microsoft by launching its cloud platform around a decade ahead, but Microsoft has caught up real fast with Azure. Last year, Azure had a drastic 116 percent year over year increase in revenues. This year hasn’t been slow either. More and more businesses are now moving to Azure. It comes as the natural choice for any enterprise that is making its first move towards the cloud. It is predicted that 2019 will be an even bigger year for Azure. It is now a consensus among the tech gurus that Azure will, in fact, grow bigger than its competitors will in the coming year.  This means we might even live to see Azure surpassing AWS in months to come.

So, if you believe in growth and are ready for migration, Azure is the way to go. Like every technology, however, technical capabilities of the platform are just as good as the technical expertise of your team. So, if you want to reap the maximum benefits out of the cloud, you need to ensure flawless implementation. This is only possible through investment in Azure training and certifications such as Developing Azure Solutions and Azure Fundamentals, for your team. Azure, being one of the most versatile and vast cloud platform, has many facets. There are different courses and certifications that cover a different aspect of its implementation and administration. However, when we speak of preparing your team for the big leap, Microsoft Azure Fundamental Training is where it all begins.

What Is Microsoft Azure Fundamental Training?

The cloud may add a lot of simplicity to your work process, but it is never as easy to implement. Anyone responsible for implementation and administration of cloud requires the understand that underlying knowledge. This course provides that knowledge and it suitable for not just the development team but also for administrators. The fundamentals course covers the basic principles of the cloud. It will give your team the ability to understand Azure makes use of those principal and how it all effects the implementation in your enterprise. It familiarizes the students with the common Azure services and the basic features of Azure active directory. They will also learn how to integrate that directory with the existing active directory.

Once done with the course, the team will be able to access Azure services from the portal, configure Azure virtual machines and even create one, understand Azure website and cloud services, implement Azure networks, and efficiently use databases for data storage in Azure.

What Can You Expect From a Flawless Implementation of Azure?

Azure inherits all the benefits of cloud computing. However, being the best in the cloud right now, Azure definitely has some additional advantages to offer. From speed to security, it wins in almost every category. Here are some of the key benefits expect out of Azure implementation by a team with Azure certification.

Quick and Speedy implementation

With the right certification course, Azure’s implementation is smoother and swifter than most cloud platforms around. The fact that most people are already familiar with Microsoft’s platforms makes it even easier to learn. This means your team will be ready to implement Azure in the shortest possible time. The migration will be a smoother process and the team will be able to avoid common pitfalls and challenges that can slow it down.

Maintaining Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud platforms complement your enterprise’s aim to grow and evolve continuously. However, bad implementation can take away the capability to scale and expand. Without the fundamental knowledge of the platform, your team will not be able to provide you with a platform flexible enough to scale for your future needs. With the right implementation, you will have a platform that can seamlessly scale according to your changing needs and demands.

Sense of Security

One of the major reasons behind Azure’s success is its faultless security. Azure offers many features to ensure enhanced security in the cloud. Security is, in fact, one of the key elements covered in the fundamental course. Your team will learn about Azure’s security features such as all the encryption options. With the right implantation, you will have more granular control over how you secure your application and data in the cloud.

A Team Prepared for the Worst

Many enterprises have made a switch from another cloud platform to Azure because of their disappointing experiences; especially when it comes to disaster recovery. For Azure, disaster recovery is the crown jewel of the platform. Developers and administrators must be well aware of the disaster recovery features of Azure. The fundamentals training provides an insight into features. Without this preliminary training, it won’t be possible for the team to implement Azure with a solid backup. One of the primary benefits you get out of it is zero downtime during or after implementation, even in the worst-case scenario.

Maintaining Compliance

The government has finally started to take compliance seriously. Every industry, every enterprise must abide by certain rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in dire consequences that may include heavy fines and penalty. Your cloud implementation must be according to the compliance requirements. Azure is surprisingly amazing in this regard, thanks to Microsoft’s experience in this particular area. Proper implementation by a well-trained team can help you maintain compliance with all the regulations.

Final Thoughts

Azure fundamentals training is the first step towards the ultimate cloud implementation across your organization. It doesn’t have many preliminary requirements, but this Azure certification is preliminary for many advanced Azure courses. It familiarizes users with all the basic steps of optimal implementation of the cloud. Overall, Azure has numerous benefits to offer. For any business interested in migrating to Azure, proper training of the IT and administration team is the key to ensure smooth implementation and effective utilization of the platform. Invest in the training of your team; you will save a lot of time and money through a faultless implementation of one of the most successful cloud platform till date.

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