Microsoft Azure Training can Provide Potential Cloud Engineers with these 5 Professional Competencies


Microsoft Azure Training can Provide Potential Cloud Engineers with these 5 Professional Competencies

The engineering sector has always been quite dynamic. The versatility definitely is the biggest catch when it comes to this profession. And right when we were counting the fields where engineers are relevant, we cannot help but add cloud engineers to the list. Businesses of all geographies, industries, and sizes, despite their varying motivations, are turning to cloud services. The accelerating cloud adoption has made the demand for IT and cloud professionals higher than ever before. And cloud engineers are not an exception. It is a prominent position in the IT operations, and these engineers are actively involved in developing the design, strategies, and major decision-making process. But when it comes to working with Azure platform for cloud computing, it is ideal to have Microsoft Azure training. The skills and knowledge gained through Azure training and certification help cloud engineers achieve professional competencies. The training is also important because it adds credibility to your resume and improves career opportunities for you as an individual.

Why Azure Certification?

Be it organizations or associations, Azure has established itself as one of the most reliable and confided in the cloud around the globe. This is the ultimate reason why Microsoft Azure is a preferred cloud computing platform that most large organizations, as well as SMEs, are opting for these days. Microsoft Azure certification is an excellent option for cloud engineers as it incredibly increases an individual's chances of getting bigger and better career opportunities in the cloud computing domain. The job market is much securer for cloud engineers who have this certification as compared to those who simply hold a degree.

The basic benefits for potential cloud engineers developing an interest in Azure training include:

  • The cloud computing platform covers a wider aspect of features as well as regions when it comes to offering services.
  • Unmatched capacities for crossover
  • The most updated and practical knowledge and skills

Professional Competencies of Azure Training

Get Azure certified and show the world what you really are. There are a number of benefits with regards to professional competencies of Azure training and certifications such as Developing Azure Solutions and Azure Fundamentals, that potential cloud engineers can gain. These benefits, however, are not limited to cloud engineers alone. Anyone with Azure certification can achieve these professional competencies and tons of other benefits:

Easy to Learn and Adopt

Now that you are already a part of the team, and probably even have a relevant degree, Azure certification should not be a big deal. Most of the courses are easy to learn and adapt and does not require investing a lot of time to complete the course. Since Microsoft has the lion's share in the industry, with a personalized, most used operating system in the market, most users are already familiar with the usage of Windows. Naturally, the learning curve for Azure's certifications is flatter as compared to the rest. This is a great benefit for potential cloud engineers as the working principles of Azure does not require major learning. Concepts like Operational Insights and Azure Automation are pretty easy to pick if you have been familiar with other tools associated with Microsoft.

Unmatched Skills for Hybrid Systems

Individuals learn unmatched abilities that further enhance their professional capabilities. This isn't only a great benefit for the organization but for certified individuals too. Azure provides them with an extensive approach of hybrid or crossover associations including Express Route, CDNs, and VPNs to further ease the understanding and execution. Most large businesses are embracing hybrid cloud services, especially when compared with other service providers like IBM, AWS, Amazon, etc. By unlocking these capabilities, the cloud engineers can help an organization spare significant IT cost and use the platform at its best potential.


Having an additional certification naturally brings more flexibility in your skills and capabilities. The same effect is seen on your career curve too. You are considered more capable due to the versatility and trendiness of the information and skills you have gained. This is particularly true if you have made a little switch from your current field. For instance, if you opt for a Microsoft Visual Studio certification, you will naturally diversify your credentials as well as your scope. This helps you further widen the scale of opportunities.

Cloud Computing is the Future

Not only cloud computing, but technologies and platforms like Azure are the ultimate future too. We cannot ignore the speed at which the Azure platform is evolving, and undoubtedly, it is expected to secure a huge market chunk in the years to come. By gaining Azure training, you are investing in the technology of the future. What you can look forward to are long term benefits.

Elevated Career Graph

Flaunt your skills and capabilities are attract better career opportunities in the industry. With the cut-throat competition, especially in the IT industry, every organization is striving to stay ahead of the game. This means hiring candidates with the latest and most training and certifications. The more you have to flaunt on your resume, the better the expectations you can keep. Achieving one Azure certification is like unlocking an opportunity. While you increase your market value significantly, it isn't necessary that you make a switch. Most organizations recognize these efforts and self-investment and reward you accordingly.


It isn't wrong to say that Microsoft Azure certification is synonymous to building a lucrative career in the IT space. Regardless of your profession, there are great benefits to achieving multiple training and certifications in the Azure field. There are different types of courses, all focusing on different aspects of cloud computing. It is best to know your specific requirement to make a choice accordingly. If you are still finding it confusing, talk to us today and let a professional guide you through your options.  Get in touch with one of our Azure experts today, to learn more about our training modules and certification courses. 

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