Customer Success Kit and Remote Work Guide


Customer Success Kit and Remote Work Guide

Microsoft Corporation was originated on 4th April 1974 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in New Mexico. The corporation was developed to sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. Currently, Microsoft best selling products include windows OS, Xbox, Microsoft Office, Bling, and Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Customer Success Kit

Recently, Microsoft introduced the Team Customer Success Kit. The kit offers tools to create new teams in the organization. It also includes email templates for declarations, flyers posters, countdowns, and guidelines. The kit contains guidelines for team leaders and IT administrators.

Guidelines for Remote Workers

Since remote working is the latest trend, here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Setting a Workspace: Create a distraction-free workspace. Keep your background blur so the team can stay focused on you rather than your background.
  2. Frequent Communication: Create a schedule for your co-workers so they can communicate and reach you at that time. Regular communication will allow you to stay updated regarding your project and prevent misunderstandings.
  3. Work-life Balance: Don’t stress yourself with continuous work. Take breaks, stay hydrated, and do not overwork.
  4. Encourage Online Meetings: Virtually communicate with your employees and turn your video on so you can interact face to face with your teammates.
  5. Tele record the Meetings: When you plan to conduct a meeting with your colleagues, make sure to click the record button to log the meeting. The recorded session can be used as a source of evidence in case of any miscommunication. Also, it will help members to review it again if they have missed any information.
  6. Using Chat Rooms: Chat with your coworkers regularly and communicate small talks using chat messages to keep up their morale.
  7. Working Together: Make sure to bring your team together on the slightest to the toughest issue of the project. Through teamwork, workers stay updated regarding the project, and a better solution can be brainstormed together.
  8. Encourage Co-curricular Activities: Try to have fun with your teammates through fun activities and challenges so they can stay energized. For example, start a ‘show your workspace’ competition. It’s fun and also strengthens the team bond.

Guidelines for IT Administrators

  1. Create a Team: Create a team of individuals from your business, IT, and user communities that can make decisions for team deployment. Assembling individuals from each group will provide you the benefit of a cross-functional team. The IT experts will assist in managing and securing experience while guaranteeing you have an end to end consistency across all services of Office 365. However, business users will bring practical scenarios and business needs that should be fulfilled.
  2. Arranging Your Business Scenarios: Frequent communication and collaboration with the team helps to understand the business needs and design effective team strategies.
  3. Comprehensive Technical Planning: A complete and efficient technical planning provides an outstanding user experience. Use FastTrack benefits that allow you to deploy and adopt services while maintaining cost.
  4. Conduct Pilots and Deploy Teams: A pilot provides significant information regarding Office 365. Conducting sessions with the pilot, IT admins to get a clear vision about board team deployments.
  5. Measuring Usage and Managing Satisfaction to Drive Adoption: To successfully drive the adoption of Office 365 and teams, it is necessary to communicate with teams and manage the usage of Microsoft's best practices.

Updates of Microsoft Team

Over the years, Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Team Kit. The new updates have brought forward new features and fixed bugs. Here’s a list of the most significant changes that Microsoft has implemented in Microsoft Team from the past three years.

The Year 2018

  1. Archive team for future: The feature allows the user to store the files in the archive so they can be viewed in the future.
  2. Team code: The team code option helps teammates to join a meeting through a team code.
  3. Translate chat messages: It is hard to converse when you have a cross-cultural meeting; however, with the new translate feature, you can easily translate messages.
  4. Private notes with the new Wiki app: The Wiki app works like a personal book that helps you store important information and take notes from meetings.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft team uses different shortcut keys to perform tasks. The new feature of the legion of zoom provides you a list of shortcuts.

The Year 2019

  1. Free Sign up: Team now enables users to sign up for free, and get a license. It also provides pricing details.
  2. Screen Sharing: Many meetings require graphs, presentations, and illustrations for team members to understand. However, it is hard to share and understand the presentations without face to face interaction. This feature allows users to share their screen and conduct meetings.  
  3. Praise Badge: It is important to appraise your team on their hard work. With the new feature, you can easily praise your team or an individual for motivation.
  4. Adding others to Private Room: The feature allows team members to add another member to a private room just by entering their email address or name.
  5. Scheduling Meeting: You can now easily schedule a time for meeting with your team members on Microsoft Team and chat.

The Year 2020

  1. Display Name: The new update allows you to set a display name for yourself. Through this feature, you don’t have to remember the emails. You can simply type the name and start chatting.
  2. Read Receipt: The feature allows you to see who has seen your message in a group chat.
  3. Pin Apps: You can easily pin the apps you use the most to the left side of Microsoft Team.
  4. Work Offline: The feature allows you to read messages even when the internet connection is down. The pinned chats can be viewed even if you’re offline.

Microsoft Team Training at QuickStart

Microsoft Team is updating swiftly according to the user’s demand. It can be hard to keep up with these modifications and implement them when you don’t have proper training. QuickStart provides Microsoft team course training and power bi certification to understand and implement the new features of Microsoft Teams. Learn more about Microsoft Customer Kit with our professionals at QuickStart.

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