Enterprises can Gain these 4 Benefits by Providing Azure Training in Azure Virtual Network


Enterprises can Gain these 4 Benefits by Providing Azure Training in Azure Virtual Network

Azure Virtual Network comes in handy when you wish to utilize a number of Azure resources, especially Azure Virtual Machines. The focus is to enable secure communication between the resources, on-premise networks, and the internet. The scope of a virtual network is dedicated to a single region. However, there's a possibility to connect various virtual networks from multiple regions to use together. This can be done through Virtual Network Peering.

But before we can jump to the benefits enterprises can gain with Azure Virtual Network, it is important to clarify a few things:

  • Azure Virtual Network is an accumulation of a number of things - network security groups, subnets, and others. The term does not refer to a single focus only.
  • Azure Virtual Network is the ideal representation of your specific network in the cloud.
  • The capability of logical isolation ensures the cloud service is completely dedicated to your subscription.
  • Once you avail the service, you can divide the virtual networks into various further subcategories/partitions known as subnets.
  • You have the authority to launch your cloud services alongside Azure virtual machines.
  • Azure offers tons of connectivity options one of which is to connect your on-premise network to Azure virtual network.
  • In simple words, you are able to expand your network to Azure with maximum control over the IP address blocks together with the scalability benefits that Azure offers.

The flexibility of virtual networks is highly beneficial for business. Supposed you want to establish a database but don't want to expose it to the public network. The best way to achieve that and also use Azure apps is to make machines a part of the virtual network system. It stays secure and operates just like an extended version of the local network.

Utilizing Microsoft Azure Virtual Network

One of the best ways to ensure you are making the most out of network virtualization is to do it with maximum experience. It's important to have good know-how about VMware or Hyper-V to see that Azure offers exactly the kind of networking services you are looking for. Azure training and certifications such as Azure Fundamentals and Developing Azure Solution; is the best way enterprises can achieve maximum benefits of Azure virtual network. Here are the top ones listed down for you:

Isolation and Security

If you are looking for a highly secure, private, and isolated platform to run your applications and virtual machines, look no further than Azure virtual network. You have control over how you wish to utilize this facility. You can define subnets, bring your own personal IP addresses, establish customized access control policies, and much more. Azure becomes a private data center platform for you and you have the authority of treating it any way you like. With Azure certification, the employees are considered more trained and prepared to get started with this virtual data center right away. This plays a major role in ensuring all the results are highly efficient.

Network Topologies

The Azure Virtual Network platform also allows you to run multiple network virtual appliances (load balance, WAN optimizer, application firewalls, etc.) and can set up your own pattern for traffic flow. You have the authority to design a sophisticated network typology without losing even a bit of control.

Expand Your Data Center

The Azure virtual network enables you to extend your current on-premise environment onto the cloud. This offers additional flexibility of setting up your IT connection with a remote branch office. You have two options you can use to make that connection. First, you can use the ExpressRoute service and connect it using a private connection, or you can also securely connect it through IPsec VPN. You can make a choice depending on your own specific requirements.

Enhanced Performance

The flexibility of spinning up and cloning multiple instances of virtual machine enables you to scale applications and services rapidly. This makes the performance not only cost-effective but very efficient. These days, performance and uptime are two of the most critical factors that businesses need to focus on. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are able to utilize the available services in the best possible manner and perform above expectation. This is another area where Azure virtual network expertise can play a big role. As far as scalability is concerned, it can be quite an expensive option as it needs configuration, procurement, and installation of additional hardware. When you perform the same tasks in a virtual environment, you can easily wave off these tasks. Microsoft Azure offers the benefit of unlimited hardware resources on the global data scale. It also spins up with VMs and hosts your infrastructure in a much efficient manner. Microsoft takes care of all these steps and processes for you so you can focus on developing innovative solutions and managing virtual infrastructures to grow your business.


With Azure training, individuals understand how Azure is much more than just virtual machines. It is an open platform that supports Apache Hadoop, Linux-based virtual machines and python. The trained employees can utilize the standard features of Azure cloud computing and even make use of technologies like Internet-of-Things and artificial intelligence to build, configure, or host any solution that needs to be conceived. It doesn't need more emphasis to understand how amazing some of these benefits are for businesses. This is the main reason why more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft cloud for these extended hosting and virtualization services. Train your employees with the most relevant Azure certification now and build integrated, innovative cloud-based solutions that perfectly suit your business needs. If you are looking for professional guidance in this regard, get in touch with us today.

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