Here's How Office 365 Training Helps Mitigate Excessive Workloads


Here's How Office 365 Training Helps Mitigate Excessive Workloads

Microsoft Office is one of the most essential software around the globe today for office use and personal work alike. The latest update in this product line is “Office 365”. As the work setting, today is becoming increasingly mobile and dependent on cloud technology, offices can no longer hope to keep their information on office hardware anymore. Information has to be readily available wherever authorities need to access it. Understanding the changing work-dynamics, Microsoft has developed Office 365 which is cloud-based software that provides a number of services for business settings, for example; Skype for Business Server, and SharePoint.

An additional feature to make it a favorable choice is the automated update which will not require new license every time the applications need an update. Office 365 provides a wide range of products and services. All of these products can be handled from anywhere in the world, provided the accessibility of the internet by multiple users.

There are various key features of Office 365, which can only be attained by opting for Office 365 training.


The classic email application of Office includes things-to-do, appointment management through the calendar, and contacts management. With Office 365, a smart new feature by the name of “Clutter” has been launched. It studies the pattern of the user regarding emails, the type of email user typically ignores or deletes. It creates folders accordingly. This feature may be disabled manually.

Hosted Services

This feature offers access to cloud-managed from of Office's platforms including; SharePoint, Skype for Business, Exchange, and Office Web Apps suite. It provides the user with 1 terabyte of useable storage space and monthly up to 60 minutes calls via Skype VoIP service

Office Applications

There are also plans of Office 365 available that include previous versions of the Office applications. Updates are automatically installed in the software, however, if subscription lapses, these applications are suspended to “read-only” mode and remain non-functional unless the subscription is paid.

Collaboration Tools

A variety of tools are available in Office 365 which are aimed at enhanced collaboration at various levels of an organization. Presently, the list of collaboration tools are SharePoint (intranet and business portal tool), OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business (video and audio conferences and instant messaging tool), Microsoft Teams, Delve boards (to create boards to share documents), Yammer (for correspondence with users outside of the organization), and Outlook Online (email service). The variety offered is under much debate relating to the utility of each tool in an actual business setting.

Having highlighted all the features, it is important to state that Office 365 for business is a lot more than just Microsoft Office in the cloud. If it is learned and utilized to its optimal potential, it offers several benefits, in terms of saving money and growth of the businesses.

To help a business make a decision of whether to obtain Office 365 for their use, take a look at the benefits highlighted below:

Everything On The Cloud

Because everything on Office 365 is cloud-based, it saves space and additional hardware cost of servers. It is accessible through the internet and does not require heavy hardware to be installed at office space.


Office 365 provides the business with a wide option of subscription plans to choose from. The plan can completely flexible and customizable to suit the need for businesses equally and optimally. The various plans of Office 365 include; Personal, Home, Business Essential, Business, Business Premium, ProPlus, Midsize businesses, enterprise and Office 365 operated by 21Vianet (which is especially for the Chinese business market.).

Enhanced Teamwork

All businesses have several teams working on a project, and often they may not be geographically together, Office 365 provides an easy solution with collaborated work option, where every team member can view and edit documents and presentations, etc.


It is highly beneficial for businesses which are spread across geographical locations because it provides the mobility to work from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet and a device to use it.

It is easily usable on mobile devices, both Android and IOS. All the features are fully accessible, the desktop applications (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as Skype for business, outlook and the rest.

Ensures Security

It is wrongly believed that cloud-based systems are not safe. Office 365 offers much security ensuring feature like:

Remote Management facilitates you to safely manage Office on any Android or IOS cellular devices to keep information confidential. It also lets you manage device security policies, and you may wipe a device remotely if you have a suspicion of leakage.

Data Security and confidentiality observers emails and ensure that no sensitive information is allowed to be leaked. When this feature of security is enabled, all incoming and outgaining emails are meticulously monitored.

Encryption allows you to send end to end encrypted emails and messages to enable secure passage.

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) uses smart analytics to detect doubtful activity. ATA has the intelligence to analyze, and machine-learn to identify suspicious activity to tip you off in real-time. It also allows the system to scan links and attachments that may look malicious.

Cost Effectiveness

Since it is subscription-based, Office 365 eliminates the cost of large software and it can be bought on a monthly or yearly cost with is easily renewable every time.


It is evident that Office 365 offers unparalleled benefits for all kinds of business for enhanced collaboration, keeping things secure and confidential and easy remote access. Office 365 brings one-stop solutions to many of the businesses’ basic requirements.

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