Office 365 Vs Office 19


Office 365 Vs Office 19

Have you at any point considered what the difference between Office 365 and Office 19 is? Is it right to say that they aren't both simply the most recent version of the MS Office apps we use each day? For some people, this can be confusing – but you don’t need to worry because we will help you gain proficiency with the contrast between the two and comprehend which is best you and also your organization.

What Is Office 365?

Office 365 is an application suite that provides you with Office apps and cloud-based services on a monthly or yearly basis. It is a subscription-based model. Office 365 offers a wide range of subscription plans intended for schools, home users, a non-profit organization, and organizations of every size. A few of these plans incorporate the traditional Office applications (for example, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) that you install on your system – some don't! What is critical to understand is that Office 365 offers online access to the traditional Office applications (for example, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) yet besides a wide scope of other online applications and services like Yammer, Sway, Teams, Stream, etc.

Price: $70

Office 365 Primary Features

  • Multiple individuals can edit the same file simultaneously because Office 365 incorporates flawlessly with the cloud. You will likewise get the chance to keep the tracks of the edits being made as they occur and know definitely who is making them.
  • Bid farewell to spam with Office 365; which is a boon for some people. You can write rules to consequently evacuate messages from your inbox folder.
  • Office 365 permits you to change over the notes you compose on your plan for the day to tasks with updates alongside deadlines. You additionally get the opportunity to include meeting details and shoot an email to the concerned authorities.
  • The power map features are pretty nice, it helps you convert the information in Excel into images. In case your data is of geographic nature, the power map will become a 3D map. Isn’t it fascinating?
  • Office 365 permits you to edit the PDF doc by simply changing over it into a Word file without managing the organizing issues you encounter when the report is copied and pasted.
  • You can change the icon to a red icon to go about as your laser pointer in the Powerpoint. You can likewise apply it on your iPad.



  • Access to all apps
  • Customer support
  • Allowed to be used on multiple devices by multiple users
  • Free upgrades
  • Windows 7, 8.x, 10, and macOS support



  • Monthly or yearly subscription plans
  • Restricted functionality in case of service issues
  • New changes might be overwhelming
  • Being charged for unnecessary features


What Is Office 19?

Office 19 is (as of now) the most recent version of the "traditional" Office suite. It is a one-time purchase for a single PC or Mac and it is all yours for eternity. Office 19 incorporates Excel, Outlook Word, and PowerPoint and it's substantial for home or business use. Sadly, there is no choice for upgradation so when the new version releases, you'll need to get it by paying the full price. Office 19 users won't get any features updates, they will get security updates, as part of the 5 years' support.

Microsoft 365 (once Office 365) is the most ideal choice for any individual who needs access to the full scope of apps and advantages on multiple devices. What's more, you can share an account with up to six individuals. Additionally, it's the main alternative that offers congruity of updates and redesigns with ease of proprietorship. Nonetheless, there are monthly or yearly expenses, and you may wind up paying for features that you'll never use after some time.

Price: $150

Office 19 Primary Features

  • MS PowerPoint is by a wide margin the most well-known tool for presentations. PowerPoint has included Morph just as Zoom abilities.
  • Excel has more advanced features which incorporate new diagrams, new formulas, just as the capacity to import from Excel to Power BI, and different improvements for PowerQuery and PowerPivot.
  • The new feature of the roaming pencil case will permit you to store and arrange all your preferred pencils, pens, and highlighters and wander with them across various devices.
  • If you use the Outlook, Office 19 is going to optimize your experience just as it saves you plenty of issues with regards to dealing with your email.



  • Access to popular apps
  • Security updates
  • No monthly installments or payments
  • Windows 10 and macOS support
  • Conventional experience



  • Only one device allowed
  • Restricted to only Windows 10 and macOS
  • No upgrades
  • Limited features
  • No customer support


How Microsoft 365 And Office 2019 Differ From Each Other?

Look at the principal differences between the two products to assist you with choosing which one suits you best.

  1. The payment model

First of all: you purchase Office 2019, while you subscribe to Office 365.

At the end of the day, you make a one-time purchase versus you pay for a monthly or yearly subscription.

  1. The wide range of products and services

At the point when you purchase Office 2019, you get exemplary Office apps like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Subscribing to Office 365 ensures that you'll appreciate the incredible exhibit of cloud-and AI-based features you can on any device.

  1. The updates recurrence and usefulness

Office 2019 just gets security updates and no new upgrades other than this.

With Office 365, you'll get monthly features updates, so your version will consistently be improving. You likewise appreciate extra functionalities (i.e., PowerPoint Designer tool uses AI to analyze your content, proposing better formats, so you look increasingly professional.)


According to the features, pros, and cons mentioned in this blog post, it is clear that Office 365 is the best-suited option for the majority. But your business needs can be different from the rest, hence Office 19 can prove to be the best option for you. Whatever the scenario is, we wish this blog has helped your clear the confusion you had earlier.

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