Should Windows 10 Be The Official Operating System For Your Organization?


Should Windows 10 Be The Official Operating System For Your Organization?

When WannaCry Ransomware infected over 75,000 Microsoft-powered computers last year, major business operations of the world came to a halt. After encrypting the victims’ data, the ransomware demanded money in exchange for decrypting it. It created a major difficulty for most organizations, however, the companies using Windows 10 (with latest update installed) were unaffected by the onslaught of WannaCry. This incident showcased the robustness of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. The Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that it offers is one of the many reasons why you should procure it for your business.

If you have the funds and are contemplating moving over to latest Microsoft offering, you should not think twice and make the shift as soon as possible. However, before making the switch, you should train your workforce or hire individuals who have installing and configuring Windows 10 certification.

Benefits of Windows 10 for an Organization

Besides obvious security benefits, Windows 10 offers the following advantages:

1. High Scalability

After procuring Windows 10 Enterprise for your organization, you get the option to use pay-as-you-go subscription model. This model is extremely helpful in customizing your resource as per requirement. You can buy new licenses when you make fresh recruitments and relinquish them when the employee base shrinks. The high-level of scalability offered by Windows 10 is the main reason why should deploy in your organization.

2. Better Productivity

By providing a seamless experience across multiple devices with its universal Windows app functionality, Windows 10 provides much better user-friendly features than its predecessors.

3. Cloud Support

One of the main reasons why Windows 10 is so well received is because it offers amazing cloud support. Without any need to remember multiple IDs and passwords, it enables users to login to their cloud based services like Office 365 without entering credentials.

4. Combines Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Experience

Windows 10 incorporates the best features of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, and provides the best of both worlds to the users.

5. Better Reminder Service

Updates to Cortana help with easier setting of repetitive reminders and updates to Edge that allow saving of tabs and tab previews. This helps in staying timely with work and improves work efficiency of businesses.

6. Standardize Software Configuration

Windows 10 is designed in such a way that core components can be updated, upgraded, and changed individually as per requirements.

7. Enhanced Network Monitoring

Monitoring the network is an essential part of business operations. If the networks are not monitored then it will be hard to pinpoint problems before they become a major hazard. With Windows 10, it is possible to monitor peak usage times by using certain tools integrated in the operating system. Some other network tools are enhancements of tools that were implemented in Windows 8.1. By viewing network resources at all times, it is possible to find out if any virus is hampering the performance of systems.

8. Enhanced Speed of Windows 10

From fast loading times to quick opening of apps, Windows 10 makes operations a lot easier than its previous iterations. By making Windows 10 your official operating system, you can ensure that your employees do their job quickly and not get stuck in their tasks because of a hung-up computer.

By making the most of the above advantages, you can increase your output and minimize cost of maintenance.

Installing and Configuring Windows 10 Training

If your organization already uses Windows 10, you can train your employees in operating system installation and configuration tasks for ensuring smooth operations. Most networks utilized in enterprises are configured as Windows Server domain-based environments. These networks have managed access to the Internet and cloud services that are utilized by employees. A course that builds skills for Desktop/Device Support Technicians can make you self-sufficient in handling most Windows related tasks. With an installing and configuring Windows 10 certification, your system administrators will be able to handle all the queries related to Windows 10 and there won’t be any need of hiring from outside.

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