Everything You Need to Know about ONTAP Data Protection Administration 9.3


Everything You Need to Know about ONTAP Data Protection Administration 9.3

After the latest update, the ONTAP Data Protection course 9.3 software has improved even more. Now it is your best bet to learn ONTAP SnapMirror, SyncMirror, SnapVault, NDMP technologies, SVM DR, and more with a great level of proficiency. Additionally, you will also be trained to carry out processes like restoration, replication, and protecting mission-critical data within the organization that you are serving. Restore and backup operations are taught with the help of OnCommand System Manager and NetApp storage system CLI.

Candidates opting for the ONTAP Data Protection Administration course also covers ONTAP MetroCluster, disaster recovery, and high availability recovery software solution. With an additional course like this one under your belt, you are likely to land on better career opportunities if you are looking in the market. However, if you are already working, you can expect a promotion to be able to utilize your latest skills and knowledge in the best possible manner. As a part of the administration, your duties will not be limited to data protection only. Read on to find out what else ONTAP Data Protection Administration course has to offer.

ONTAP Data Protection Administration In-Depth

The course covers advanced working knowledge of various NetApp features. However, the focus will be on data protection only. The knowledge and skills will be based on the NetApp's Clustered Data ONTAP 9.3 storage operating system. For any candidate looking to learn more about data protection solutions and its latest features, this is the ideal course for you.

This is what you can expect to learn under the Data Protection Administration ONTAP 9.3 course:

  • Establish and manage NetApp snapshot copies
  • Creating policies for the snapshot copies
  • Recovering and restoring snapshot copies' data
  • Implementing backup solutions for the SnapVault
  • Establishing and managing SnapMirror connections
  • Recovering and restoring using SnapVault Software
  • Re-syncing operations in case there's a SnapMirror failover
  • A clear understanding of NetApp protection technology and the associated solutions like integrated data-protection that are supported in ONTAP.
  • Carry out storage virtual machine disaster recovery operations and setup
  • Design, manage and implement the replication of ONTAP SnapMirror
  • Usage of the OnCommand System Manager for setting up and restoring operations
  • Understanding and utilizing SyncMirror software to protect data at the aggregate level

The five-day course is broken down into two different parts. The first three days are dedicated to ONTAP Cluster Administration while the next two will be about ONTAP 9.3 Data Protection administration. You will be provided lectures and exercises to learn the basic administration to be able to maintain and configure a cluster.

Course Outline

By the end of the course, the candidates will be able to describe ONTAP and how it fits into the Data Fabric and NetApp Cloud strategy. The candidate will also be able to identify supported ONTAP configurations.

There are seven modules in this course. These include:

  • Module 1 - ONTAP Integrated Data Protection
  • Module 2 - NetApp Mirroring Fundamentals
  • Module 3 - Implementation of SnapMirror Relationships
  • Module 4 - Disaster Recovery for Storage Virtual Machines
  • Module 5 - Disk-to-Disk Backup with SnapVault Software
  • Module 6 - SyncMirror and MetroCluster Software
  • Module 7 - NMPD and Tape Backup

ONTAP Data Protection Administration Course - The Right Audience

While anyone can opt for this course, the most relevant audience will include:

  • Freshers trying to establish a career in the IT industry, specifically in the storage domain. The candidates may include anyone willing to acquire practical skills and knowledge on NetApp cDOT data protection administration.
  • IT professionals, who are already a part of the IT workforce, but are willing to gain additional skills and knowledge about NetApp's data protection technology and the ways to implement it.
  • System/Storage Administrators who have already worked on different storage products and are looking to make career advancement with NetApp storage.
  • System/Storage Administrators who do not have any experience in NetApp cDOT but are willing to learn more through the lab exercises.
  • Network engineers looking for career advancement.
  • Channel partners
  • NetApp customers
  • System Engineers


Having certain skills or experience can be a huge plus for candidates looking to get the NetApp ONTAP Data Protection Course.  Experience in cluster administration makes understanding the outline of the modules easier while having good know-how about data protection fundamentals makes the entire course easier. ONTAP Data Protection Administration 9.3 is one of the most deployed versions of ONTAP data. The distinctive features and explaining concepts makes the course more precise and clear for the candidates. Also, it gives you a great insight into the cDOT operating system and makes you a proficient user. After completing your course, you receive a certificate that validates your technical skills and knowledge. You are authorized to flaunt your achievements and showcase them to your potential employers for better career opportunities. In case you have been looking for professional advice in this regard, connect with our experts who are more than happy to serve you. 

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