Everything You Need to Know about AWS Solutions Architect Associate Level (CT001AC)


Everything You Need to Know about AWS Solutions Architect Associate Level (CT001AC)

The AWS Certified solutions for Architect Associate certification is an ideal way to jumpstart your cloud career. This certification has held the #1 position in cloud certifications for two years. And since the average salaries for an AWS certification cross 100,000 dollars a year, it is definitely a highly lucrative option for anyone interested in working in the IT profession. If you are considering to get your own AWS Solution Architect Associate certification, it is like taking your first steps towards a more established career. However, if you are still trying to make your mind, we have all the important information available here to help you make up your mind. Cloud computing is a dynamic industry, and it's essential for professionals in this field to chase the latest tech trend. The industry is evolving at an impressive pace and sticking to your traditional and old-school techniques can harm your career. With certifications like these, you gain the latest knowledge and skills required to keep up with the growing pace. Ignorance in the department will make your skills irrelevant very quickly.

What's AWS Solution Architect Associate All About

Pursuing AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification is a great way to become familiar with the core AWS services and its ecosystem. Also, you need to have this certification in case you plan for specialty or professional exams. The certification is mainly designed for candidates with some experience in designing distributed applications. Having a prior capability of managing, designing, and implementing applications with the help of AWS tools and services can be a big plus, especially to pass the exam. There were changes made to the exam in the first quarter of 2018 to add more AWS best practices and services to the list. The format for the exam includes multiple choice question and answers, and you have 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete the exam.

With this particular AWS certification, you will have the following covered:

  • Basic and advanced network technologies and their role in Amazon Web Service
  • The performance of AWS applications and how to establish a connection between the AWS platform and client interface
  • how to build reliable and secure applications on the AWS platform
  • In-depth knowledge about the deployment of hybrid systems - those with AWS components and on-premise data centers.
  • The exam basically focuses on the design of scalable and available systems - which may require familiarity with the concepts and infrastructures of the AWS platform.
  • Deployment and implementation of in AWS.
  • AWS-based disaster recovery measures, data security practice, and troubleshooting.

The Benefits of Getting AWS Solution Architect Associate

The certification doesn't only validate your technical skills but also offers you various tangible benefits to showcase your achievements. This takes your career to the next level by presenting you amazing opportunities that you can only utilize after attaining AWS expertise.

Here are the top benefits you cannot ignore:

  • You instantly become a part of a global community with AWS certifications. This also means you can now access their LinkedIn community.
  • You are also offered invitations to regional Appreciation Receptions. Additionally, you have the authority to access AWS certification lounges for different events.
  • After completing certification, you receive a digital badge that does not only validates your certified status but also gives you an opportunity to flaunt your achievements.
  • You also have the authority to use the certified logo as a part of sharing your achievement.
  • Gain access to the AWS Certified Merchandise. The number of products you can gain tends to increase with the number of certifications you gain.
  • You also get a practice voucher after each exam to appear for free practice exam for other AWS certifications you wish to acquire.

Needless to mention, the career benefits and opportunities you gain as a part of your building your AWS certifications are outstanding too.

Course Objectives and Prerequisites

The key is to offer useful knowledge related to AWS infrastructure and design patterns. The focus is on allowing those skills on the AWS development level. This means that after completing the certification, the candidates are able to utilize the AWS platform for infrastructure services and design patterns. These skills are necessary to pass your AWS Solution Architect Associate exam. Your next focus should be on the prerequisites. Not all of the following are necessary but can play a significant role in how well you are able to do in your exams and professionally.

  • Previous experience with IT industry-related work.
  • A degree relevant to the IT field.
  • Previous experience with Linux or Windows system administration (although not necessary).
  • Basic understanding of cloud computing and databases.
  • Basic understanding of cloud infrastructure for designing applications.

AWS has various features that enable it to lead the pack in every aspect. Whether you are looking for a career as a database admin, AI developer, web developer, or Big Data analyst, the Amazon platform becomes much easier to use if you have a certification.

Learn about your options and get professional guidance today by contacting one of our AWS experts.

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