Enhance Data Security and Compliance with NetApp Training


Enhance Data Security and Compliance with NetApp Training

NetApp is a global company that offers high-performance solutions to corporations for data security and compliance. Nowadays, data may be stored on an in-house server that you control directly, or on a cloud server that is managed by a third-party vendor. In either case, ensuring the security of your data and compliance with your systems is paramount. Thankfully, NetApp training is commonly available so that your staff can get the necessary training to use these resources to their maximum benefit. This includes providing support for multiple networks, disk drives, block and file protocols, and file management.

Creating an Integrated Data Fabric

One of the core elements of NetApp’s vision is to create a data fabric that is part of the service they deliver to clients. As a business, this is important because it can change the way that data is managed, stored and protected on servers and cloud networks. In fact, all of NetApp’s tools have been built with this vision in mind. It is basically a single cloud service which brings together and synchronizes all the data created by the company. With these tools, your data will be completely secure regardless of where it is stored on the company network.

Better Storage Management

While NetApp offers a robust customer support program, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy if you provide NetApp training to your IT staff. Firstly, they will be able to exercise better storage management which will help you to reduce your data storage costs. For example, NetApp products like SnapProtect and SnapDrive offer the benefit of creating high volumes of data backup without involving a great deal of human involvement. The process can be managed remotely by your own IT staff. It goes without saying that adequate training in the use of these systems will lead to quicker returns on your investment.

Greater Data Protection

NetApp products offer the opportunity for you to protect your data integrity by ensuring that the data you write cannot be corrupted by any person. WORM file locking is one such technology that can help you to use your data sources as evidence in any litigation. Similarly, there are many other products that help you prove your compliance with the laws and regulations. You can also ensure regular surveillance of your data systems in order to track any movement of data and how it is being accessed. All of these features can help you, and your staff increases your data retention rates across the organization.

Ensuring Data Confidentiality

NetApp products and services are in full compliance with data security laws and regulations, which enables you to implement rules and policies about data confidentiality without any hassle. The data cannot be tampered with; thanks to the highly secure protocols of NetApp products. If your company faces any legal issue, then retrieving the necessary data becomes extremely simple and you can easily prove that all precautions were in place to prevent unauthorized access to data. Not only this, with a minimum level of NetApp training for your staff, you can also guarantee the safety and security of all intellectual property stored on your data systems.

Integrating Applications Easily

One of the main benefits of using NetApp products is that they allow you to integrate multiple applications together so that you can save bandwidth and server space. For example, by using the Virtual Storage Console, your IT department can integrate various tasks into your SOPs and workflows so that they can be controlled by a single administrator. Similarly, SnapManager lets you integrate multiple ERP functionalities likes SQL and SAP together. Obviously, none of this can be achieved without proper training, which is why NetApp training is highly recommended for your staff.

Cloud Compliance

Ensuring compliance with the cloud infrastructure and protocols is a significant issue which NetApp helps to resolve easily. The ONTAP system is the most popular data storage system from NetApp which provides support for cloud storage. Transferring data from a proprietary server to a cloud-based system poses several challenges. Thankfully, with some NetApp training in the use of ONTAP, your staff can make the changeover easily while ensuring compliance with all the established systems and procedures. The need for conversions is minimized which dramatically improves the quality of data exchange between your proprietary data center and the cloud system.

Regular New Products

One of the good things about NetApp is that they are continuously adding to their product line by bringing out new products almost every year. Moreover, they regularly update existing products to bring them at par with the changing technologies. This is good for companies since they can enjoy a long run on their investment since their systems will remain compliant with industry norms for several years, enough for them to derive maximum profitability from their NetApp resources. This also means that the staff needs to be trained and updated on the new products and versions from time to time.


Investing in providing some NetApp training for your IT staff can bring long term dividends for your company. When your staff becomes proficient in the use of NetApp systems you will experience a radical improvement in your data security and your compliance issues will be minimized. These are the two most critical issues for any company that manages large volumes of data as part of their business. With the rising costs of data breaches and non-compliance, this training should be a mandatory part of your resource development strategy. 

To find out more about NetApp training and its associated benefits, get yourself enrolled in a program right away! 

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