Top Enterprise Advantages of ONTAP 9.4


Top Enterprise Advantages of ONTAP 9.4

Be it a small-scale young business or a huge company, the challenges posed on the business community to constantly live up to the ever-changing standards of the clients and facing the increasingly tough competition make it impossible for a company to survive without any hiccups in performance. While it is impossible for an enterprise to always run smoothly, efficiency can yet be greatly maximized by using proper tools and operating system

In order to reduce cost, damages and system breaches, you need to make sure that not only do you have trustworthy and competent employees (possible those with some sort of certification, example NetApp Training), but also use glitch-free secure software; which are efficient, inexpensive to setup (saving short-term cost), and cheaper to upgrade (preventing long-term expenses).

One such operating system for data storage and management is the new ONTAP 9.4. We believe that for the following reason, this system would not only help you set up your business but also maximize profits. Here is why:

Efficient Data management

Perhaps among the most unique and rewarding features of ONTAP is the Virtual tier system. This feature allows the user to compartmentalize data by assigning a specific amount of space to a specific application. This can be helpful at multiple levels as not only would this allow the user to customize settings according to their needs by allotting appropriate space as per the requirements of the applications, but also allot ‘free space’ in the system, that could be used as a backup space in emergency situations in times of data overflow or data transfer from other operating systems.

Smooth running

It is highly necessary for business enterprises to have smooth running systems in order to provide employees with NetApp training with adequate support to manage data and perform different tasks. Along with saving a lot of time, smooth running operating systems also prevents employee burn out, as they would have to spend lesser time troubleshooting the systems.

Preventing employee burn out can help companies in two ways. Firstly, the employees are able to manage a larger amount of work in a smaller time, resulting in a rather competent performance. Secondly, having competent employees would reduce an enterprise’s need to employ a larger number of workers, thus they save money by having to pay fewer people.

Environmentally friendly

When we say that ONTAP is the technology of the future, we mean it in many ways. With the growing concern about climate change in the world, being environment-friendly policies make up an important component of every big industries and business. Managing your data storage ONTAP 9.4 would align with your company’s environmental policies as the system uses less machinery and hardware to store humungous amounts of data. This is made possible due to the advanced technology that ONTAP uses to compress a large quantity of data, enabling the use of smaller space, which in turn conserves power while using the operating system. Thus, saving electrical resources would not only help the climate but also help your business to save up on the electricity bills.

Inexpensive and cost efficient

If you have had the NetApp training, you would realize that elaborating on all the ways as to how ONTAP 9.4 can be cost-effective is beyond the scope of this article. However, we have managed to list and summarize some of its features that would help small scale and large-scale enterprises to save money- either directly, or indirectly by minimizing operating time, glitches, and data loss. These features are as follows:

Data compression: As mention earlier, this helps in managing larger data in smaller disk space. However, it does not only help in reducing hardware usage but also saves up money. This is done by reducing the need to invest in large storage spaces, and also by using lesser electricity to run all the hardware.

Snapshot: Taking snapshots meant that you are able to generate multiple copies of data, not only immediately, but also free of cost. Along with this, due to the snapshots taking a fairly minute amount of space, this again saves up storage space, consequently saving more money.

Data Deduplication: Data deduplication is a complex feature to create, as it requires vigorous trial and error. However, not that it is perfected, it can make the user’s life much easier by preventing storage wastage by avoiding glitches in the primary, backup and archive folders, that might result in redundant copies.

FlexCone: This allows the user to make multiple editable copies, requiring less storage. This is ideal if you want to back data or software which are in trial stages, which means you can improve debug them while saving time.

RAID-DP: NetApp RAID-DP is another feature that contributes to the smooth running of ONTAP 9.4. This feature provided double layer protection by firstly preventing double disk failures that might cost data loss, and secondly, it does so by maintaining the normal speed of devices and any shutdowns.

Thin Replication: Software like SnapVault and SnapMirror minimize chanced of data loss due to system glitches or shutdown, by making a timely backup, and by lowering the storage used as SnapMirror filters the data and stores the utmost important information.

Exceptional Security

With the increasing security threats and misuse of technology, perhaps the biggest concern anyone- individuals or businesses have today is about data security. Businesses can be a victim of this by having their information compromised and leaked out on the internet by their competitions, or have their information hacked and be used as a bait for ransom. However, hiring an individual with sufficient NetApp training to run the system can significantly reduce the chances of these occurrences, due to the advanced security features of ONTAP 9.4.

Easy Upgrade

If you are a new enterprise, and not sure how much storage space you need, it would be a relief to hear that ONTAP 9.4 makes upgrading storage space hassle free. Thus, if you run out of storage space, instead of having to transfer your entire data to another system with larger storage, you upgrade your existing storage space. While the ONTAP 9.4 might be a complex system to run, an employee with adequate NetApp certification training would find no difficulty in smoothly running the system and benefitting your corporation. 

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