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10 Front-End Web Developer Portfolios to Inspire You
April 05, 2024

10 Front-End Web Developer Portfolios to Inspire You

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career in web development, investing time and effort into building a compelling portfolio can significantly boost your chances of landing your dream job. Here are 10 stand-out portfolios to help inspire your own professional software developer portfolio.

ITIL foundations certification
mar 20, 2024

ITIL 4 Foundations Certification: Why It's Valuable For IT Professionals

An ITIL 4 certification provides globally recognized expertise in IT service management, enhancing your career prospects, increasing your earning potential, and improving your organization’s internal efficiency.

Is an IT bootcamp worth it?
mar 13, 2024

Is an IT Bootcamp Worth it? Benefits of IT Bootcamp Training for Career Switchers

IT bootcamps are made for aspiring professionals looking to develop skills in cybersecurity, software development, cloud computing, data visualization, and other information technology basics.

what skills does a software engineer need
December 21, 2023

What Skills Does a Software Engineer Need? 12 Essential Skills for Success

Discover the essential skills required for a successful career in software engineering. Explore programming languages, problem-solving abilities, DevOps practices, cybersecurity awareness, and more.

What is software engineering
December 15, 2023

What is Software Engineering?

Discover the essential principles of software engineering, explore popular programming languages, and earn a meaningful career through the right blend of certification and bootcamp education.

Do I need a degree to become a cloud engineer?
October 24, 2023

Do I Need a Degree to Become a Cloud Engineer? To Degree or Not-Degree

While you might not need a degree to become a cloud engineer, you will still need a combination of skills and hands-on experience in fields like information technology, cybersecurity, networking, programming, and cloud security to be successful in this industry.

Cloud engineering skills
October 18, 2023

10 Must-Have Cloud Engineering Skills for IT (Plus 15 Additional Skills!)

Skills in virtualization, DevOps, networking, containerization, and scalability — plus soft skills like communication and problem-solving — are fundamentally important for cloud engineering professionals working in IT.

What’s the Difference between Cloud Engineers & Cloud Architects?
October 16, 2023

What’s the Difference between Cloud Engineers & Cloud Architects?

In the rapidly evolving IT industry, cloud technology stands tall as a game-changer. The growing importance of cloud services has led to a burgeoning demand for adept professionals specializing in cloud roles. 

If you're considering diving into this promising field, QuickStart’s cloud engineering bootcamp and certificate courses offer a comprehensive curriculum, alongside practical exposure, to hone your cloud technology skills.

Cloud Engineer Vs. Cloud Architect

At the heart of cloud technology are two critical roles: cloud engineer and cloud architect. Their functions may overlap, but they hold distinct responsibilities.

What is a Cloud Engineer?

A cloud engineer is integral to driving business growth a

Cloud engineer job outlook and salary
October 13, 2023

What is the Job Outlook & Salary for a Cloud Engineer? A Peek into the Cloud

Cloud engineers enjoy a quickly evolving field and average nearly an $80,000 salary, potentially more if they work in in-demand fields like healthcare, IT, or federal fields.

What does a cloud engineer do?
October 11, 2023

What Does a Cloud Engineer Do Each Day? 5 Key Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers handle responsibilities like managing cloud resources, collaborating with cross-functional teams, optimizing cloud infrastructure, and implementing critical security measures.

How to Become An AWS Certified Developer
January 03, 2023

How to Become An AWS Certified Developer

Well who doesn’t want to advance in their career? But not many are aware of the facts that there are a plethora of certifications and trainings available online that can give the boost your career needs. The prospect for IT professionals grows many fold when they do any special certification to enhance their skill set. Amazon, known for offering everything to its consumers, is also offering a wide range of online certifications that can boost the career of any IT professional. Amazon’s cloud products are being used worldwide by many organizations and thus acquiring the technical expertise to develop, deploy and use such products in a corporate organization can benefit IT professionals in their career. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform that is offering everything including content delivery to migration of database and has become a one-stop solution for many companies who wish to enhance their performance and productivity.

Top 15 cloud computing bootcamps with highest paying job guarantee
July 26, 2022

Top 15 Cloud Computing Bootcamps With Highest Pay Job Guarantee

The market for cloud computing is expected to rise from $67 billion in 2015 to $162 billion in 2020, resulting in immense demand for cloud technology specialists, contributing to some of the highest-paid positions in IT. With cloud services predicted to become a $300 billion organization by 2021, cloud computing has become a core component of the business digital transformation strategy. As the cloud continues to dominate the business environment, the interest of work seekers and employers in cloud computing roles has also increased, according to a report from the job search platform Indeed on Thursday.

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