Planning the IT Workforce with CompTIA


Planning the IT Workforce with CompTIA

CompTIA is a leading IT company founded in the year 1982. The Computing Technology Industry Association is a charitable organization that provides professional certifications for information technology. The company provides certification to 120 companies around the globe. CompTIA certifications are categorized into four levels. The four levels are basic, professional, master, and specialty.

Careers and Organizational Benefits to Expect from the Certification

CompTIA offers various IT related certifications to IT professionals. Below is the list of the top CompTIA certifications career and organizational benefits they offer.

CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ Certification is categorized under the core certifications. The certification is designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of hardware and its mechanisms, networking, and networking protocols. It helps you to learn, develop, and join mobile devices like smartphones, learn about troubleshooting related to hardware and software, learn to use multiple operating systems like Windows and Linux, etc.

Careers to Expect from CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ Certification offers a variety of career paths. Some of the job roles with CompTIA A+ Certification are listed below.

  1. Help Desk Technician
  2. Data Support Technician
  3. System Support Specialist
  4. Technical Support Specialist
  5. Associate Network Engineer

Organizational Benefits from CompTIA A+ Certification

The rapid change in the IT industry has led companies to hire candidates who have can provide various benefits. Candidates with these certifications are more capable. The competency of the employees helps to increase the number of pleased customers, which eventually leads to high profit. CompTIA certified individuals are productive and efficient than uncertified employees.  

CompTIA Network + Certification

The CompTIA Network+ Certification is categorized under core certifications. The certification is designed to provide insight into information technology infrastructure and network procedures. The certification assists the IT experts in developing, organizing, handling, and troubleshoot networks.

Careers to Expect from CompTIA Network + Certification

The career path with The CompTIA Network+ certification is wide. The job roles offered to the IT experts after the completion of CompTIA Network+ certifications are numerous. Listed below are some of the job roles for certified The CompTIA Network+.

  1. Network Support Specialist
  2. Help Desk Technician
  3. System Engineer
  4. Network Analyst
  5. Computer Technician

Organizational Benefits from CompTIA Network + Certification

The CompTIA Network + certified employees offer several benefits to an organization. The certified employee creates and manages an organization network efficiently. They also resolve the troubleshooting of network which leads to improving the overall performance of the organization,

CompTIA CySA + Certification

CompTIA CySA + Certification stands for CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst certification. The certification is developed to assist companies to combat cybersecurity with behavioral analytics, protect from malware, and recurring advanced threats. The CompTIA CySA + Certification assists in identifying threats with the help of tools and analytics. The certification intends to explain the management of different cyber threats.

Careers to Expect from CompTIA CySA + Certification

The job roles offered with CompTIA CySA + Certification covers the security analyst jobs. The top five job roles offered to employees after CompTIA CySA + Certification are mentioned below.

  1. Security operations center (SOC) analyst
  2. Vulnerability analyst
  3. Cybersecurity specialist
  4. Threat intelligence analyst
  5. Security engineer

Organizational Benefits from CompTIA CySA + Certification

One of the benefits of hiring a CompTIA CySA+ certified employee is the high-level of knowledge and expertise that the employee entails. These skills and knowledge prove to be an asset for the company and help in securing their network and data. Another benefit that it offers is that these employees can help in training the other staff members and broaden their skillset, and lastly, the certified employee has the relevant information regarding the international security policies; this increases the organization's reputation in customer’s mind.

CompTIA Linux + Certification

The CompTIA Linux + Certification is categorized under infrastructure certifications. The certification is designed to guide the employees regarding the Linux operating system. As the demand for the Linux operating system is increasing, the need for Linux experts is also changing. The certification will assist in using Linux in the cloud platform, cybersecurity, mobile and web apps, and management of mobile and web applications. 

Careers to Expect from CompTIA Linux + Certification

Once you get CompTIA Linux + Certification, numerous career paths are opened. Below mentioned are a few job roles that you can get with CompTIA Linux + Certification.

  1. System Administrator, Computer/Network
  2. Linux Systems Administrator
  3. System Engineer
  4. Development Operations Engineer

Organizational Benefits from CompTIA Linux + Certification

Linux certified professionals are highly skillful who provide exceptional services. The certified employees solve complicated problems efficiently, evaluate the technical skills of the staff, and train the teams with the knowledge they possess, which results in yielding the productivity of the staff.

CompTIA Training at QuickStart

CompTIA certifications are divided into three categories. All three categories tend to develop different skills. The three categories are core, security, and infrastructure. QuickStart provides CompTIA training for all the categories. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the certifications that QuickStart provides.

CompTIA Core Certifications 

The core certification path is designed to assist beginners. It focuses on developing basic skills regarding CompTIA products. The core pathway consists of four certifications, which are mentioned below.

  1. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
  2. CompTIA A+ Certification
  3. CompTIA Network+
  4. CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Infrastructure Certifications

The CompTIA infrastructure certification is designed to develop a network infrastructure concept. The certification is beneficial for managers as it caters to mid-level resource in the networking area. The CompTIA Infrastructure Certification pathway consists of three certifications. Here’s a list of the three CompTIA Infrastructure Certifications.

  1. CompTIA Linux+
  2. CompTIA Cloud+
  3. CompTIA Server+

CompTIA Cybersecurity Certification

The CompTIA Cybersecurity Certification is designed to increase the security among the networks and data of the organization. It also focuses on dealing with the troubleshoot networks and protects the data and networks against all kinds of threats and vulnerabilities. The CompTIA Cybersecurity Certification is designed to benefit the job roles from mid-level to expert level resources. There are two types of certification offered in this domain.

  1. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) Certification
  2. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner+ (CASP+) Certification

For more info on CompTIA and its certifications, chat with our experts on QuickStart.

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