5 Features of HTML5 You Need To Know as a Web Developer


5 Features of HTML5 You Need To Know as a Web Developer

Many developers have enjoyed html5 while creating websites with its new feature that makes developing sites easier.

Since it is the fifth, and currently the latest HTML standard, many developers still aren’t familiar with it. You could take the web developer boot camp and learn how to use it with all its new and better features. We have gathered six key elements that will surely convince you to start learning about HTML5.

1. HTML5 Is SEO Friendly

One objective every web developer dreams of achieving is a good search rank on the top search engines. The process of improving your rank is called search engine optimization (SEO). The good news here is that HTML5 is SEO friendly and automatically improves your optimization process. That doesn’t mean you can expect your site to be given the first position directly. However, this HTML standard attracts web crawlers to come and inspect your site. Only after inspection, your site will be indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

After it gets indexed, you can work on its SEO with the help of HTML5 and push your site to rank on the first few pages.

2. HTML5 Supports Geolocation Tracking through an API

Have you noticed the small pop-up that comes up almost every time you open a website on your mobile that says, “…Would like to Use Your Current Location?” This is actually the geolocation feature made possible by HTML5. With this feature, web developers can efficiently analyze from where their site is being used and which demographic is showing more interest in it.

3. It’s a Blank Canvas for Gaming

All game developers are surely in for a treat. You can easily create your own game with the help of HTML5 and upload it online. A programmer, Josh Goldberg used this feature and quite cleverly recreated the Super Mario classic game playable online. However, he forgot to discuss it with the real producers of this game, Nintendo, and it eventually got shut down. Though the game got taken down, nearly 2.7 million Mario lovers actually got the chance to play this epic adventure once again, online. There are still many games you can find online that are made with the help of HTML5.

4. No More Cookies Thanks to Local Storage

With HTML5, all your cookies are now stored locally within your browser. This has increased the storage from 5 MB and has also released the pressure on the servers. It also improves the level of encryption as all the cookies of the user stay within their local system.

5. Video And Audio Feature

Web developers had always wanted to utilize audio and video on the web for quite a while, as far back as the mid-2000s, when we began to have a bandwidth capable of helping any sort of video. In the good old days, local web systems, for example, HTML, weren’t able to implant video and sound on the websites, so eventually, third-party apps like Flash and Silverlight became popular in dealing with such multimedia content.

However, with the multimedia feature, you can now easily play all your audio and video files on your website. Through JavaScript, your data can be manipulated, and you don’t need to go for third-party apps like Flash and Silverlight anymore.

To become an expert at HTML5 programming and utilize it to its maximum potential, you should enroll in the web developer boot camp at QuickStart. The first session will teach you everything there is to know about this HTML standard.

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