6 Benefits of Web Applications Skills


6 Benefits of Web Applications Skills

With the growing technology and user base, the internet has found itself a host of web applications based on the latest standards. Although the purpose of each and every web application is vastly different, there are a few key skills that are a must for creating a successful web application. These skills cover all the areas related to web application development.

1. Application Security

The biggest threat to the web applications and the users registered with them is the security breach that has the potential to leak sensitive information about millions of people. For a web application to be successful, you need to guard it against the common vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), etc.

More and more web application firms are investing huge sums to secure their applications against intrusions. Acquiring the skill set for providing optimal security and holding off attacks can pave your way to a career with an esteemed organization.

2. Responsive or Adaptive Application Design

With the invent of smartphones, creating web applications that can alter their appearance according to the size of the device they are being used on is rising. These adaptive or responsive web applications are designed to alter their appearance, style and even functionality according to the screen size or the type of device.

Gone are the days when different websites were built for different platforms. If you possess the skill to design a responsive/ adaptive web application, you are sure to have a fulfilling career in web application development.

3. UX or User Experience Design

A successful web application is not just pretty design and useful functionality. Your application should be able to deliver an overall experience to the user. As a developer, you should be able to optimize the animations, speed, interactions and communication of your web application. Better the user experience, higher the user engagement.

Almost every day we come across web applications that deliver an immersive user experience. The number of such applications is growing day-by-day and so is the demand for developers with fluent UX design skills.

4. Integrating APIs:

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are used by developers to use the data from other services and applications in their own. This way the developers doesn’t have to create their own functionalities and can reuse the code made by others. Most important of all, it lets the web applications co-exist and, for example, let users login into several web apps using a single email account.

5. Scripting with JavaScript:

From the basic pop-up functionality to the advanced data exchange capabilities, everything can be done through JavaScript that is the most commonly used client side scripting language. JavaScript has found itself another use with the advent of JQuery. And if you are a fluent coder in JavaScript, you can easily learn the above mentioned skills and create opportunities for a successful career.

6. Web Application Architecture:

The architecture sense of a liner application has become history with more and more users trying to use web applications, expecting to have minimal response time. To accommodate the changing needs and numbers of the users the web application needs to be flexible, scalable and must have the ability to integrate itself with other web applications and services.

The most popular web app architecture is the MVC model that divides the whole application in three parts Model, View and Controller. It is commonly used by development frameworks such as ASP .NET, Spring, CodeIgniter and more.

MVC architecture makes scripting, designing, security and inter-application communication easily achievable. Expertise in implementing the MVC architecture can help you improve the other required skills too.

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