How to Improve Employee Motivation Through Technology


How to Improve Employee Motivation Through Technology

One of the biggest challenges business managers face today is keeping their employees motivated and engaged at work. There are several reasons why workforce motivation is important. Firstly, it helps companies to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Moreover, it can lead to improved productivity levels and can help business firms to achieve higher levels of output.

Therefore, to ensure employee motivation, managers and team leaders need to set their company's goals in such a way that it connects with the career goals of their employees.

To keep your employees motivated and engaged at work, it is also important that you provide them with appropriate technological tools, resources, and training that can make them feel that you intend to improve their professional skills and capabilities by introducing effective procedures and incorporate innovative solutions in their workplace. It also improves the operations of an organization and enhances its infrastructure, allowing employees to be motivated to give their optimum and deliver their best.

There are endless benefits of incorporating technological tools and introducing digital transformation in an organization. However, many businesses fail to fully benefit from it due to not providing appropriate training and technical support through various entry-level certificate programs by QuickStart, which provides an ideal learning platform for IT professionals.

To come up with creative ideas to motivate employees is certainly not believed to be an easy task.

Here are some useful ways to help managers to increase employee engagement and build a motivated workforce:

File Sharing Applications

File sharing applications like Google Drive and OneDrive are a secure, quick, and easy way to share large files across different types of gadgets and devices.

Such applications play a significant role in motivating staff to complete tasks by reducing the unnecessary stress and time involved in sending, receiving, and organizing large amounts of files and folders.

Apart from making it quicker and simpler to organize and share files and attachments with other users, file sharing applications also helps users to keep track of coworkers' progress that helps to improve collaboration among them.

Unlike conventional onsite file-sharing systems, cloud-based file sharing applications allow the users to view files remotely through smartphones and other devices which helps to speed up the work execution, making the employees more engaged and productive at work.

Automated Human Resource Management Systems

Many business organizations have HR software, but fail to use it to its full potential. An efficient HR software can help managers to track and evaluate staff performance and collect the required information to provide productive feedback. An HR software also helps managers to identify an employee's strengths and weaknesses.

On the basis of this information, a manager can change the tasks or department of an employee to facilitate the employees to put in their best and deliver optimum performance to help the business achieve its goals and increase productivity. By enrolling employees in appropriate certification programs and providing reliable training by QuickStart such as the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+, employees can either start a career in IT or go for a change in a career path with greater confidence and motivation.

Since the process of evaluation of an employee's  performance becomes quicker with the help of automated HR software, managers can instantly provide an employee with feedback about his performance on a particular task or project which helps to improve their motivation and morale as they are constantly being directed in the right path. 

Mobilization of Applications

There is no doubt about the fact that mobilization of applications is an important employee motivating tool. Through proper training by QuickStart and obtaining a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, using mobile applications can help employees to work on important tasks and projects even if they are not physically present in the office.

Training by QuickStart to use such mobile applications can give your staff the ease and flexibility that they need to complete important tasks remotely. Using such software and applications in the offices that are mobile-optimized can be extremely beneficial for accessing important project files when employees are not in the office premises. Adequate and reliable training to gain access to official data and files while on the go, can facilitate coordination and cooperation between workers, enabling employees to effectively work as a team and meet deadlines and save up on time.

Online Collaborative Portals

Apart from mobile-optimized tools and applications, using team collaboration portals like Slack and G Suite can also help your employees to stay updated about different projects. Such online portals help to boost communication and interaction within the organization through online meetings and conference calls.

By offering sound and reliable training by QuickStart through certificate programs such as CompTIA A+ to use such technological tools and resources, your employee feels that they are a prized asset for the organization. This helps to keep them motivated and engaged and also gives a chance to improve their performance and productivity levels in the workplace.

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