Create A Website From Scratch Using Django


Create A Website From Scratch Using Django

With each passing day, we are seeing an influx of new websites in the virtual space. There are many solutions out there that can make web development easier. Catering to the need of quicker web development, web frameworks like Django are becoming increasingly popular. If you are on a deadline or want to create your websites in the shortest amount of time possible, you can employ this web framework and hasten your web development tasks.

Django is a Python Web framework that facilitates quick development and has a clean and pragmatic design. By learning Django, you can get into the IT industry and earn a great salary. According to Indeed, the average salary of a Python Django Developer is estimated at a respectable $116,018 per year. The pay package by itself is reason enough for web developers to learn Python Django from scratch and master it.

The following is a step by step procedure that can be utilized for creating a Django website from scratch:

1. Create Your First Django Project (iFriends project)

a)       From the command prompt, go to the directory that you want to use for storage of the code for the iFriends project.

b)      Build a directory called iFriends as the root directory for the project.

c)       Go to the iFriends directory.

d)      Use “python startproject iFriends” as a command for creating the iFriends project

2. Start the Development Server

3. Configure the Database

4. Construct the Database and Give Rights

5. Configure Django for Accessing the iFriends Database

6. Synchronize the iFriends Project to the iFriends Database

7. Install an Application

8. Add the Data Using the API

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9. Set up the URLConf File

You can use the example mentioned below for setting up the file in step number 9:

a)       Open the iFriends\ file in an editor.

b)      Search for the urlpatterns setting, and add the iFriends.People.views.index pattern:

urlpatterns = patterns('',

(r'^People/$', 'iFriends.People.views.index')


c)       Save the file.

10. Creating a Simple View

Once URLConf file is configured, you are required to add the views to the application. The application's views are saved in the file. When the Django server gets a URL request, it parses and finds out the function that needs to be executed for generating the web view.

Once the view is created, you can view the web page through the development server.

-          Open the iFriends/People/ file in an editor. The file is empty at first.

-          Use the editor for adding the following code to the file:

From django.shortcuts import HttpResponse

From iFriends.People.models import Person

def index(request):

html = "<H1>People</H1><HR>"

Return HttpResponse(html)

-          Save the file

-          Use cmd prompt to change the root directory for the project

-          Now use the command below for kick starting the server:

python runserver

-          Access the URL. Performing this step will show you the page that you have created.

By following the aforementioned example (courtesy of codeproject), you can develop a sample website that can be the stepping stone for higher learning.

Advantages of Django

There are many advantages of Django, which is the reason why most people learn Django from scratch. Some of the advantages of Django are as follows:

Fast And Secure

You can take your idea into development in the shortest time possible. When you use Django, there is less chance of committing common security mistakes like cross-site request forgery, clickjacking and SQL injection.

Versatile And Scalable

You can manage scientific computing platforms and content easily while using Django. With this web framework, you can handle heavy web traffic easily as it is quite scalable.

Comprehensive And Fully Loaded

It comes with a lot of extras that can help you handle all aspects of different tasks without any need to go to a different platform. Creating a website using Django is easy and can appeal to any business.

Learning Django for a Rewarding Career

There are many companies looking for skilled employees trained in Django. You can learn Python Django from scratch and empower yourself to reach new heights in your career. Start your 30-day free trial with QuickStart today!

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