4 Reasons To Move Your Apps To Microsoft Azure


4 Reasons To Move Your Apps To Microsoft Azure

Scalable and full of potential, Microsoft’s cloud services are all set to reach new heights in 2018. More and more organizations today have a multi-cloud strategy and are using Microsoft's Azure infrastructure and/or platform services. Azure is chipping away at Amazon Web Services, which is the leading platform that offers cloud services. But enough about what others are doing, you are here to see if Azure is a suitable platform for you web apps, so let’s get to it.

1. Flexibility Offered By Azure SDK

The Windows Azure software development kit provided by Microsoft comes with an Azure environment you can run on your computer. This allows you to work locally in your office premises during the phase of developing and debugging an application, and once the work is complete, you can switch over to the cloud platform.

2. Universally Accepted Windows Platform

The fact that Windows is used for Azure platform makes it possible for you to write applications in the coding languages you've used for your Windows apps. It allows you to use familiar tools like Visual Studio, along with ASP.NET and other familiar Windows technologies.

3. Tremendous Scalability

It is very easy to scale with Azure as it allows you to increase the number of apps from 10 to 100 and still run them reliably on the cloud. The high scalability of this platform makes it startup friendly. People with new businesses that have started on a small scale but are expected to grow later, can choose Azure without worrying about scalability.

4. Better Security

If your security concerns have been stopping you from moving your operations to the cloud, you can be rest assured that your business will be safe when using Azure. It comes with revolutionary .NET Access Control Service, which provides an easy way to integrate identities. In this service, the applications use Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) tokens to verify the credentials of users requesting access, which eliminates the possibility of unauthorized logins into the system.

Apart from these reasons, there are some other aspects of Azure cloud which make it a better option than other platforms:

  • - Better cost benefits and pricing models
  • - You do not need to supply your own VMs

Empower Your Workforce with Microsoft Azure

If you are already using cloud services from a different vendor or want to move your business to the cloud for the very first time, you would need dedicated professionals with thorough knowledge of this amazing platform. In case, you already have developers or IT pros with decent knowledge of Azure who wants to become solutions architects, you can get them architecting Microsoft Azure training for enhancing their knowledge. With the right guidance, they should be able to ace the Architecting Azure Solutions exam and effectively manage Azure for your cloud apps.

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