The Top Trends of App Development in 2017


The Top Trends of App Development in 2017

Until smartphones, there was a time when the role of a phone was only to make or receive calls. The rapid advancement in the mobile phone industry is a testament to the creativity and efforts of app developers who changed the face of technology. When the smartphone industry was in its infancy, app development was focused on accomplishing important tasks like ticket booking and bill payments. However, with increased usage of smart devices and number of users, there has been a flood of apps through iTune Store and Google Play Store.

On top of creating apps for fulfilling a need, developers are designing apps that are creating new needs in the ‘smartphone and smart device’ user base segment. Virtual reality and fitness monitoring were never associated with smartphones; however, with the development of new apps, these features have become a must-have for most users. Every app development company worth its salt is coming up with innovative new ways to connect with new users.

App Development and Increase in Revenue on Multiple Platforms


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In light of the information displayed above, it is evident that app development is on a rise. The year 2017 is expected to close at significantly increased revenue for smart devices than the previous year. Apart from phones; tablets and other mobile devices have also seen an influx of a large number of apps. Android app development and IOS app development will be at the forefront in the year 2017.

The trends in app creation that will alter the landscape of the industry and bring in more revenue in the year 2017 are listed below:

1. Enhanced Security Features

Mobile Apps are not known to be highly secure. With increase in hacking instances, there will be an increased fortification of security features. As people are increasingly involved in monetary transactions over their phones, security will become a major cause of concern and secure apps will be more in demand than the ones with a lower level of security.

2. Increase in Number of Cloud-driven Mobile Apps

If a study by Cisco is to be believed, cloud-based apps will drive 90% of total mobile data traffic by the year 2019. Cloud based apps will also help in safeguarding the data by storing them in external servers. Programmers will have to create apps with cloud computing in their mind which will make the task of app creation a lot more challenging.

3. Boom in the Number of Wearable Apps

Nowadays, people do not mind wearing a product if it offers certain benefits. Fitness tracking watches that keep track of fitness activities that you perform throughout the day is a defining example of that. A lot of companies will shift their focus towards the creation of apps that will drive the mobile devices.

4. Revolution of Market through Augmented Reality Apps

Gaming industries have been blessed with apps like myNav, SkySiege, iOnRoad, and Pokemon Go. These augmented reality apps will surely be on the rise in the year 2017.

Upgrade in Skills Required for Keeping up with the Trends

With new and improved apps coming into the market, the demand for skilled programmers and designers will surely rise. Whether it is coding for apps that require an increased level of security or designing augmented reality apps, the challenge for the programmers will only increase.

In order to meet the demand of programmers with an evolved skill set, the companies will be on the lookout for employees with the right expertise. To fulfill the demand, the programmers and developers should enhance their skill set and meet the requirements of the rapidly growing app development industry.

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