How DevOps Can Help Your Business


How DevOps Can Help Your Business

DevOps is a term coined by the amalgamation of the two words ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’. It is a software development and delivery process that focuses on communication and collaboration between product management, software development, and professionals who are part of the whole operation. By building a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, it is aimed at automating the process of software integration. It focuses on improving automation and measurement of system metrics.

Why DevOps is Useful?

By using the DevOps process, a software company can:

  • Lower failure rate of new releases
  • Shorten lead time between fixes
  • Improve the frequency of deployment
  • Take the Product Quickly to the Market
  • Get more time for recovery when a new release fails

With such amazing benefits, DevOps process can surely benefit any organization. This is the reason why it is increasingly used for developing new businesses.

Add Value to Your Business with DevOps

DevOps integration targets product delivery, continuous testing, quality testing, feature development, and maintenance releases. This improves reliability and security and provides faster development and deployment cycles. With use of DevOps, companies have reported significant benefits, including:

  • Greater number of satisfied customers
  • Better product quality
  • Reliable releases
  • Improved productivity and efficiency

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, the increased ability to build the right product by fast experimentation is what attracts business developers towards DevOps.

How DevOps Can Help Your Business

DevOps has a broad scope that centers around the cultural change that need to be fostered to facilitate the collaboration between teams involved in delivering service. It also puts emphasis on automating the process of software delivery. When it is practiced comprehensively by the whole organization, it helps a business grow at a consistent rate.

Challenges of Implementing DevOps

Benefits from DevOps can only be extracted after executing it throughout the organization.

The challenge for many teams is that it is not yet commonly used within many network operations. Continuous delivery through DevOps is just not possible without employing it comprehensively. In order to gain the most from DevOps, a business owner has to train all its employees. By learning and following this process collectively, the challenges of implementing DevOps can be overcome.

Increased Interest in DevOps and Factors on which it depends

DevOps adoption for the past five years clearly shows that it’s risen from 54 percent in 2013 to 78 percent in 2017. Adoption rates are consistently higher in enterprises than in SMBs.

Previous surveys have shown that the adoption of DevOps practices is correlated with IT performance, which itself is linked with organizational performance (in terms of profitability, market share, productivity). Some significant factors that were identified in these surveys were lean management practices, application architecture, and the role of IT managers, diversity, and employee burnout.  

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