Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller
Cybersecurity Instructor

Christopher Miller has 7 years of experience in the STEM and IT field, particularly with high school and colleges. Working with FIRST, an NGO that designs accessible, innovative programs that motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills – he has spent the past 3 years with AmeriCorps VISTA member where he instructs teachers in low income and underrepresented areas on how to build and run new self-sufficient programs.

His responsibilities as an instructor includes working on robotics. Teaching, designing, wiring, building, troubleshooting networking issues, and programing robots. Know more about him and his insights by following this blog.

How to choose your cybersecurity career path?
June 28, 2022

Networking vs PenTesting: Choosing Your Cyber Career

Cybersecurity professionals do work in every aspect or section of private and government institutions to ensure that the digital data remains secure at all times and that the infrastructure itself is not susceptible to any dedicated cyber-attack, breach, or security vulnerability. It is their job to sit before computer screens all day, to run tests, and performing penetration to ensure that the system is free from any vulnerabilities.

What Skills Are Needed For Cybersecurity
June 23, 2022

What Skills Are Needed For Cybersecurity?

Are you eyeing for a career in cybersecurity? Does cybersecurity attacks intrigue you? Cybersecurity is a sought after, quickly developing field with a requirement for qualified professionals, offering reasonable pay rates, openings for work in a variety of fields, and a relentless yet challenging workplace.

How Much Do Cybersecurity Experts Make
mar 14, 2021

How Much Do Cybersecurity Experts Make?

As for the cybersecurity market, much of it is behind the growing opportunities. We forget how this can mean great opportunities for professionals. By 2021, the cybersecurity market is expected to reach $ 170 billion. Data from the recent survey showed that cybersecurity professionals earn about 9% more than other IT professionals, but there is still a shortage of qualified professionals in this field.

Top Cybersecurity trends to follow in 2021
February 04, 2021

Top Cybersecurity Trends to Follow in 2021

A big transformation on digital networks we have faced in 2020 that damage almost all the sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing and services organization, trade, and many others. This big transformation of digital technology has created an enormous impact on the protection value, which suggests that the safety of networks and knowledge are often effective within the future. Companies must consider major changes when they head into the new year as they work to build and improve their cybersecurity risk control programs.

How To Get Into A Top Cybersecurity Bootcamp In 2021
January 26, 2021

How to Get into a Top Cybersecurity Bootcamp in 2021

In the present technology-driven world, cybersecurity challenges flourish, yet a 2019 review uncovered that over 80% of businesses do not have an adequate no. of trained cybersecurity specialists. People who might want to enter this quickly developing field might need to consider upgrading their aptitudes with a cybersecurity boot camp. Some boot camps cover the subject in a summed up manner, some boot camps are barely centered around a specific part of the field, and some even get ready alumni for certification tests. Quickstart is here to assist individuals with distinguishing the right bootcamps that best fit their expert objectives and requirements.

November 22, 2020

Top 15 Cybersecurity Bootcamp With Highest Pay Job Guarantee

Cybersecurity Bootcamp students complete an intensive training program. Usually, students use this training to launch themselves into new cybercrime detection and investigation careers. Cybersecurity boot camps usually last 10-30 weeks, and significant numbers of participants are drawn from both online and in-person boot camps. Online programs usually run longer than in-person programs, and most online students often work to complete their studies. However, the program covers the same material.

How to Earn the Best Cybersecurity Salary in a Booming Market?
September 12, 2020

How to Earn the Best Cybersecurity Salary in a Booming Market?

Speaking clearly, there is a clear scarcity of able cybersecurity professionals in the world, there are various opportunities that are still to be sought afar and various empty vacancies that need to be filled. But amid all this what is the truth about cybersecurity salaries? Cybersecurity engineers were rated as the highest paying individuals from the cybersecurity domain and there was about a 16 percent increase in the hiring of IT professionals than the non-IT personnel.

The ethical hacking guide for beginners; fight the crime right way
September 11, 2020

The Ethical Hacking Guide for Beginners: Fight the Crime Right Away

Ethical hacking also known as penetration testing refers to the act of intruding or penetrating multiple IT systems and networks to explore hidden vulnerabilities and other possible points of the breach. The ones that can be used and exploited by an illicit hacker to gain access to these sensitive systems. After gaining access these hackers can use the information causing loss of important data, financial losses associated with the data, and other major damages from where the chances of rebounding to control the ramifications start to shrink.

Need a Quick path to become a Cyber Security Professional; check out online boot camps
September 10, 2020

Need a Quick Path to Become a Cybersecurity Professional? Check Out Online Bootcamps

When you are working in cybersecurity you come to realize that the technology is changing at a rapid pace, innovation is helping the industries build better infrastructure and let go of the legacy systems that are used to slow them down. It also means that dedicated posts are getting opened every now and then and companies require professionals that have the right skill set to fill in that job post. That is why it is so enchanting career, you are always bumping into different opportunities but in order to take the leap for them you would have to continuously upgrade your skillset and that means enrolling yourself into a particular cybersecurity certification.

QuickStart Helping Proactive Professionals Switch Careers: From HR to Cybersecurity
September 02, 2020

QuickStart Helping Proactive Professionals Switch Careers: From HR to Cybersecurity

With QuickStart bootcamps, we provide a learning experience that is thorough enough to help our students and enrolled professionals become experts with in-demand skills in specific IT fields. We have also helped professionals graduating in fields that are entirely different from IT gain success with their late recognized career ambitions. Sometimes even a shift in demand for a skill or field-of-work can trigger a change of mind. In these cases, most professionals are new to those chosen skills. This is where learning partners need to provide an experience that not only delivers knowledge but also an experience that eases the career shift and prepares candidates with real-world expertise. 

How to get first jobs in cybersecurity?
August 17, 2020

How to get first jobs in cybersecurity?

There are many opportunities for professionals who are willing to give cybersecurity a try. In the last year or so the hype to protect important data-based assets is over the top with enterprises and business organizations so they are hiring more cybersecurity professionals than ever. The market is huge and palpating for cybersecurity but the question that you should be asking is how you should begin with cybersecurity for all that matter. And that is the very foundation of the argument for this whole article. Following are some of the key elements that you must have in your mind when looking to land your first cybersecurity job;

How to Take Part in a Hackathon and Win It
August 15, 2020

How to Take Part in a Hackathon and Win It

Hackathon is a kind of competition or an event in which the participants have to build any software or hardware of their choice in 24 hours. The participants may be teams or individuals from all over the world who are efficient enough to take part in this event. These Hackathons consist of a specific theme that may lie between solving a particular problem of delivery to improving the whole community altogether

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