5 IT Skills You Can Learn Online


5 IT Skills You Can Learn Online

Today perhaps more than ever, aspiring and working professionals can learn a variety of IT skills online. Whether you're watching instruction videos, consuming on-demand lessons or consulting online industry experts, you can access all sorts of cloud-based IT training.

Below, reference five of the most in-demand information technology skills you can learn online today.

1. Web development

Web development remains one of the highest in-demand IT skills today. As organizations continue to rely on websites and digital storefronts in larger volumes, your team will need one or more web developers who can create and maintain online assets. If you're interested in using your technical web development skills to solve creative challenges, As an IT professional, if you are interested in using your technical skills to solve creative problems, web development is one of the most valuable skills you can learn online today.

Despite its importance, web development is not an easy skill to learn. Furthermore, web development best practices constantly evolve, particularly in light of changing search engine protocols. This means aspiring web developers and IT professionals will need to dedicate time, on an ongoing basis, to learning the latest in web development.

Fortunately, there are many resources online that can make your web development education simple and straightforward. This principle skill set will help you boost your knowledge and make you a vital resource in the world of applications and website creation.

2. Coding (programming languages)

As an IT professional, coding is likely one of your primary objectives. Beyond your capacity to build new programs through coding, the coding education process can also teach and encourage self-sufficiency, problem-solving, network troubleshooting and a variety of other soft skills.

Coding will help you boost your career in a variety of different ways, even if you're only learning foundational coding. Between coding languages like C++, HTML, Java and SQL Python, you can build virtually any required technical platform with the right amount of time and the right amount of experience. as it opens up a world of new and exciting options.

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3. Microsoft Excel

An under-the-radar skill you'll need as an IT professional is Microsoft Excel navigation. This spreadsheet software application is highly popular and is used by almost all businesses across the globe. Microsoft Excel helps establish productivity both at an individual and organizational level. The application can be used in almost every business function, including in the IT department. It helps you analyze and unlock the potential of your data for decision making. Plus, it can help you make graphs and charts very quickly to help you visualize important information. Various online and on-demand courses are available for you to learn this application, which will help you build your IT career as you track tasks, consolidate workflows and analyze data faster.

4. Project management

Most tech industries in recent years value project management, particularly as technology grows more complex and IT team needs change. The best way to elevate your company's project management potential is to leverage be upgraded with these skills is to learn to use handy project management tools and software online. Whether these tools are for team collaboration (like ASANA) or centralized management of projects (like Mavenlink), a know-how of these tools will help you understand and break down your efficiency levels to optimum.

Learning such tools through self-paced courses online will help you in planning projects and make you aware of tracking and time scheduling, resource allocation, documentation and filing, communication and collaboration. This type of software is easy to understand and will help you add value to your skill set.

5. Mobile application development (Android and iOS)

The demand for Android and IOS application development is growing fast in the digital world. If you have this skill set, you are likely to have one of the highest paid jobs in your industry. The IT industry is ever growing, and mobile application development is important for the present moment and the future. As the world becomes more mobile, knowing how to develop applications will be a nice addition to your resume. Compared to the past, application development can be learned through on-demand, self-paced courses online.  By taking such courses, you can open up more opportunities for yourself. You will also be able to remain abreast with the fast-moving mobile world of applications today.

Apart from these skills, it is important for you to keep increasing your knowledge. Set a routine in your schedule and keep doing various online courses so that you are never out of your depth and are always hands-on with the evolving digital trends and skills. Learning useful and basic IT skills won’t go to waste.

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