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Can We Take ITIL Foundation Exam Without Training

Can We Take ITIL Foundation Exam Without Training

Anybody working in the information technology field has doubtlessly heard about the ITIL® Foundation certification, Practitioner certification, or one of the numerous different assignments that one can accomplish with ITIL certification training.

ITIL is a globally recognized set of guidelines giving a structure to the productive delivery of IT administrations. This incorporates measures for IT change requests and ITIL change management, delivery management, issue resolution, reporting, and the sky is the limit from there.

The ITIL certification is the proof of credibility for the individuals who have insight into the ITIL domain. Holders of this certification must show their accomplishment in an assortment of ITIL capabilities that are balanced, prevalent in quality, and exhibit the most elevated potential abilities in ITIL best practices. This is an exceptionally respected accreditation that will help you in your very own improvement just as your IT profession and advance your insight in IT management administrations. Another motivation behind acquiring this credential is to prepare the candidate for the ITIL Master Level, which is the last stage.

Axelos took the responsibility of ITIL in July 2013. Several ITIL ATOs (Accredited Training Organizations) are accessible to provide training, and ITIL certification exams might be controlled toward the finish of an instructional class or by an EI (Examination Institute), a considerable lot of which work straightforwardly with the Accredited Training Organizations.

ITIL offers five diverse certification levels:

  1. ITIL Foundation
  2. ITIL Practitioner
  3. ITIL Intermediate
  4. ITIL Expert
  5. ITIL Master

Know that ITIL utilizes a credit framework for the Foundation through Expert levels, in which every certification acquires a specific number of credits. At last, a sum of 22 credits is needed to accomplish ITIL Expert certification. (The ITIL Master has its arrangement of prerequisites). In this blog post, we will only talk about ITIL Foundation certification.

The ITIL Foundation certification is solely focused on the rudiments of ITIL and most beginners kick off their ITIL journey with this certification. This basic-level certification demands no prerequisites, and anybody with a passion for IT knowledge can appear in this exam. ITIL Foundation certification exam prep can be refined through homeroom or distance learning choices, just as through self-study. There is no requirement for you to take on a training workshop before you sit for the Foundations exam. The Foundation exam comprises of 40 MCQ’s that needs to be answered within an hour with an evaluation of 65 percent, needed to breeze through the exam.

Even though the certification covers all the five practice territories of the ITIL service lifecycle, including how the distinctive lifecycle stages are connected, an IT expert who finishes the ITIL Foundation level will probably need to finish the Practitioner or Intermediate certification before having the option to fit the bill for administration management positions.

How Might I Get Ready For The ITIL Foundation Exam?

Generally, people ask “can we take the ITIL foundation exam without training?” Well, it totally depends on your aptitude regarding ITIL, if you’re a novice and have no information howsoever then you should take on a training course. Various approaches are there to get ready for this exam. The one you pick will depend upon your budget, your prerequisites, and your experience. It's not required to have any sort of experience before you take your ITIL Foundation exam.

Study strategies include:

1- Utilizing free reference material from the web: there is a ton of free reference material available, yet a great deal of it is outdated and erroneous, so be cautious. You can download the ITIL Foundation prospectus and free example exam from the AXELOS’s official site to ensure you're on target. Be especially cautious about which exam you are getting ready for, the ITIL v3 or ITIL 4 exam.

2- Utilizing a book: there are various books accessible to assist you with finishing the ITIL Foundation exam. Authorized books for ITIL v3 are mentioned below:

  1. ITIL Lifecycle Essentials
  2. ITIL Foundation Essentials
  3. ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide
  4. ITIL Foundation Handbook

3- Taking an instructional class: you can prepare online, either virtually or vis-à-vis in a classroom. Pick the training provider cautiously and ensure they are recognized. In case you're focusing on a homeroom, watch that your coach has insight and information to rejuvenate the material. In case you're contemplating online, to access the course you need to request demo access and discover what backing is accessible for you.

The success rate for the ITIL v3 Foundation exam is roughly 95%. In case you're all trained, the exam ought to be genuinely straightforward. Use test exams to check your status – you can download it without spending a penny from the AXELOS’s official site or ask your training provider for it. There is no information available for ITIL 4 yet.

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Is ITIL Exam Difficult?

A typical inquiry posed by those thinking to appear for the ITIL test is, "How hard is the ITIL exam?"

Similarly, as with a certification test, it's a family member. It relies on how much exertion you've placed into planning for the test.

According to experienced individuals, if you concentrate appropriately, finishing the ITIL exam isn't excessively troublesome. Yet, in case you're not concentrating enough or not considering the correct ITIL certification test resources, you may fall flat or score short of what you wish for.

Not everything you discover online relevant to the ITIL cert exam will set you up similarly. A few individuals said the inquiries on the genuine ITIL test were not quite the same as a training test. Other individuals said it was those that they considered.

AXELOS offers training resources available on its official website to be purchased, which may offer you a superior possibility of breezing through the exam than appearing for free ITIL practice exams.

The exam questions for ITIL Practitioner cert will be not the same as those on an ITIL Foundation exam. You'll additionally discover diverse test questions for ITIL v3 and ITIL v4 certification.

Be certain when looking into example test questions for ITIL certification that you study the RIGHT test inquiries for your variant and certification level.

We wish you all the luck!

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