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  1. Accelerate Your DevOps Transformation Through DevOps Certification Training

    Accelerate Your DevOps Transformation Through DevOps Certification Training

    If your company is gearing up to get hands-on experience with tools like Terraform, Chef, Kubernetes, and Prometheus, you might want to consider developing a transformation strategy for your teams and managers so they can make the transition into DevOps as swiftly as possible. You’ll find many consultants who have done this for huge IT companies to guide you through the process, but what you need to ask yourself is, “Is it enough?”

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  2. Who is a configuration manager - job role, responsibilities, and salary

    Who is a configuration manager - job role, responsibilities, and salary

    In this drastically evolving world, having a profession of your choice is a luxury not everyone has. If you love IT and have what it takes to thrive in the IT world, consider configuration management as your field. Configuration Manager is a job designation that comes with a potential to change your future. It is ideal for IT professionals who want a good salary package and a stable career path.
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  3. Cloud, DevSecOps and Network Security, all together

    Cloud, DevSecOps and Network Security, all together

    The advent of technology, along with bringing efficiency in our lives, has brought upon us cyber warfare as well. The threat of cyber-attacks is multiplying with each passing day. It has just been a few days since we saw Dawn of 2020 and to date, 61 cyber security incidents around the world have already been disclosed, bringing the total tally of breached records to 1,505,372,820. (Source)
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  4. comptia certification, comptia certification path, comptia

    CompTIA Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths

    CompTIA is a globally recognized, certification body that has developed multiple courses to deal with skill and learning gaps in the modern-day IT domain. Individuals looking forth towards advancing their career in the IT industry can opt for CompTIA Certifications courses online and either brush up their core skills or aim for specialization in a niche-specific to their

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  5. dev containers, containers for developers

    5 Ways Containers Benefit Developers

    Containers have become the latest buzzword in the IT industry these days, bringing forth numerous advantages that have made the business world stop and take notice. Conventionally,

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  6. sql, database programming language

    The Best Way To Learn SQL

    Brushing up your skills and knowledge related to any programming language is an incredibly valuable skill to have in today’s world as all programs, software, and apps are built on them.

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  7. itil, itil certification,

    Why You Should Consider an ITIL Certification

    Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is best described as a framework or baseline for industry-wide best practices in IT services. The ITIL framework is used in

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  8. Windows server 2016 and security

    Windows server 2016 and security

    In today’s competitive technology driven world it has become important for every organization to minimize the possibility of risk. Microsoft has made risk mitigation easier by designing a group of operating systems known as the Windows server. Windows server 2016 is the re-equipped version of Windows

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