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Is There Room for More Social Networks in Your Life?

Is There Room for More Social Networks in Your Life?

With over 2.5 billion active social media users in the world and a plethora of social networks, is there room for more? You are on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more, so do you really need a social networking platform dedicated to IT professionals focused on peer to peer learning? Let’s find out.

Why People Are Bored with Current Social Network Trends

There was a time when sharing pictures and posting opinions was considered a fun activity. Now, these activities have become boring, and mundane for a large segment of the population, which is why the top social media platforms are always coming up with new things every other day.

The reason why I have started losing interest in social media is that there isn’t anything unique being offered anymore. Even the top social media platforms are busy copying each other’s features rather than coming up with their own. For example, just last year, the market leader, Facebook, launched a story feature, one that had already been introduced by Snapchat.

Why are they doing this? Are they out of ideas? Or is there nothing left to add to a social network to make it interesting again? While these questions need to be answered by their R&D teams, we believe it’s time to focus on professionals now.

Why More Social Networks Can Still Work Out

You may be wondering with a social network like Facebook, which has more than 2 billion monthly active users, why is there still a need for new social media platforms. We believe that it’s time for more networks that promote mutual learning, which allow users to further step into the digital world.

Unlike the mainstream social media platforms, there is a need for a place where topics related to professional industries, career, and life lessons are discussed. A platform where all the experts and learners gather, share insights, and increase knowledge base is one that has the potential to grow within the industry, today.

Networks that offer lifelong learning opportunities for professionals to interact, integrate and work together to create new projects and collaborate for mutual benefits are what’re needed now.

A platform that allows users to rate each other’s work with reviews and share their blogs within your social circle, for constructive criticism and improvements will be particularly popular. You can’t imagine the number of problems that can be solved in a place where you could find some of the top professionals in the world offering their help, and sharing their expertise amongst fellow industry members.

Yes, we have LinkedIn, Fiver, and Upwork, but one thing that all these networks lack is consultancy. We simply need more social networks that offer consultancy services to clients/users looking for help.

How Such a Platform (aka ExpertConnect) Will Impact the Common Trend

The market trend of physically hiring the services of a professional consultancy firm is still a common practice. Even though it’s a traditional method, people just can’t get over it. A few people have adopted using social networks to reach out to advisors, but there simply aren’t as many reliable platforms that connect both parties as you’d like.

Though there are platforms such as Expert Connect, which allow users to find and reach out to reliable industry consultants and communicate with them for help, there is definitely room for more.

How People Can Benefit From Social Networks Offering Consultancy

Many people would love to use social networks to gain current market insights and solutions to problems associated with their particular industry. Customers can then connect with experts and receive better advice to make well-thought-out, profitable decisions.

Note: Always look for these qualities in a consultant before finalizing one for your problems.

Financial Advice

There’s a vast majority of the population that’s almost clueless when it comes to investing money, managing their savings, and maintaining their books. Consultancy platforms can offer users solid financial advice from industry experts, readily available for guidance purposes. A place that enables users to review experts, browse profiles and then select the consultant that best fits their needs for immediate assistance has ample opportunity for success.

Legal Advice

While financial concerns are perhaps one of the greatest issues that plague people, legal problems are also a cause for trouble for a number of us. With legal advice and expertise so expensive, it’s not very readily accessible to the ones that need it the most. A social platform that offers instantaneous connectivity to reliable, and credible legal experts, would work wonders and be thoroughly profitable for everyone involved.

IT Knowledge and Solutions

Despite the world being so digitized, credible IT support is hard to come by, even today. A social platform with industry experts as its members that continually share about, update on and use the latest technology innovations would exponentially benefit users from around the world – especially those within the business sectors. With the rise in cyber-attacks, such a platform would not only allow users to locate an IT expert, but also consult with one in order to ensure   data security and IT infrastructure stability before one becomes the next target of cybercriminals.

One such platform that offers a few of the above mentioned interesting and highly helpful features is Expert Connect. Launched in early 2018, it’s a budding platform in its infancy that offers leading professionals from varying industries around the world to interact with one another in a social environment, and benefit mutually from their collective experiences and expertise.

A progressive step towards peer to peer learning, this particular social network and others like it can become recognized in the industry by introducing revolutionary new ideas, solving queries and addressing concerns shared by other members.  


Overall, people are fed up with social networks offering similar features as others on the internet. The only way audiences will digest another platform is if it features something new, different, progressive and beneficial for everyone involved. Or else, it may have the same fate as Google Plus when it tried to compete against the social media giant, Facebook.

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