QuickStart Helping Proactive Professionals Switch Careers: From HR to Cybersecurity


QuickStart Helping Proactive Professionals Switch Careers: From HR to Cybersecurity

With QuickStart bootcamps, we provide a learning experience that is thorough enough to help our students and enrolled professionals become experts with in-demand skills in specific IT fields. We have also helped professionals graduating in fields that are entirely different from IT gain success with their late recognized career ambitions. Sometimes even a shift in demand for a skill or field-of-work can trigger a change of mind. In these cases, most professionals are new to those chosen skills. This is where learning partners need to provide an experience that not only delivers knowledge but also an experience that eases the career shift and prepares candidates with real-world expertise. 

Omer Libich Rates QuickStart’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp at 8.5/10 

Omer Libich is our satisfied student who took a cybersecurity bootcamp program with QuickStart. Omer has been an HR professional. As a part of his job, he identified the IT skills gap in terms of jobs and talent available as a brilliant opportunity. He decided to pick cybersecurity as his new career and chose QuickStart’s cybersecurity bootcamp.  

Summed up in one line, Omer said, My overall experience was fantastic. I really enjoyed the bootcamp and what I learned.” 

QuickStart partners with top tier universities in the U.S. to offer bootcamps in cybersecurity, cloud computing, web development, data science, data analysis, and digital marketing. One of the main reasons why Omer chose QuickStart was its affiliation with Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  


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A comprehensive bootcamp program is designed to offer benefits in the critical aspects of learning. While pinpointing some elements that would really make an impact on overall learning experience, Omer rated the following elements out of 10, and shared the reasons supporting his rating: 

  1. Curriculum – 8/10
    “The curriculum helped me pass the certification exam for CompTIA Security+ I wish there were more, but for a bootcamp it’s necessary to pick and choose.” 
  2. Instructor – 10/10
    “A cybersecurity veteran, Drew Gansmiller has seen it all and was easily able to answer any question that I had. I attribute my success in the program to my mentor, definitely!”
  3. Platform – 8/10
    “The learning platform was easy to navigate, and informal learning was something I really took advantage of.” 
  4. Career Counselling – 8/10
    “Once Amy (student counselor at QuickStart) was brought on-board she got up to speed very quickly, reached out to everyone concerned, and managed career counseling great!”

The importance of real-world projects can never be underestimated in cybersecurity since they are essential to grasp the nature of what is being learned. QuickStart bootcamps include challenging projects that are the key to mold knowledge into practical, implementable skills. Our projects are carefully designed to offer learning without overcomplicating it for those new to the concepts. Omer’s words tell us a similar story: 

“One of the project assignments was to code a port scanner in Python. This was bigger than anything I have ever coded before and I learned more by working with my own code than I could ever imagine.” 


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Every student has his own learning journey, and everyone takes away something different from our bootcamp programs. We ask our customers to share some tips and tricks they discovered along the bootcamp journey that helped them get the most out of it. Omer identified a few key areas that helped him stay on track and maximize the bootcamp results. Here’s what he shared: 

  1. Keep up with the mentor sessions – twice a week is a big commitment, but it’s the only way.
  2. Reach out to your peers in the program. This isn’t a competitive program and so you’re not working against one another. Your classmates can be a great resource!
  3. Labs, Labs & Labs – if you’re not in the video courses you should be in the labs, this is where you’ll get the most ROI on your time.

Explore all the QuickStart bootcamps and take your first step towards starting or switching into a new career in IT. CompTIA mentions the role of technology as a prime factor to reach business objectives for 74% of organizations in the U.S. It also mentions “implementing new systems or work processes to enhance efficiencies” as the top strategic priority for more than 55% of organizations. Many more facts point towards IT being a favorable career in the next decades. Connect with our mentors to get started in a bootcamp.   

Connect with our experts to learn more about our bootcamp programs and take the first step to start, switch or advance your IT career today!

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