Why Network+ Certification Continues to Grow in Importance


Why Network+ Certification Continues to Grow in Importance

But despite this tremendous increase, it is still hard to get a well-paid IT job. Employers demand hands-on skills and technical knowledge in IT jobs.

Information Technology certification training is one of the best ways to increase your chances to get a high-paid job. Obtaining an IT certification can, in addition to proving your technical skills and knowledge to an organization, also level-up your career.

Today, IT experts working in all industries work in a digital-technology based environment. The organization also understands the need for the continuous learning process to prove their skills for employers. That’s where CompTIA certification training comes in.

Among many IT certifications, one of these stands out the most and is in constant demand is Network+ certification. Individuals interested in network security, computer network, Cisco technology, should opt for this certification.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of Network+ and why it is high around the globe. Let’s start with the basics.

What is CompTIA Network+ Certification?

CompTIA is well-recognized globally for TI certifications. For new IT professionals, CompTIA offers the IT experts globally approved and recognized certification.

Nearly two million IT professionals and beginners have earned certification from CompTIA. Among its most sought after certificates, Network+ takes the top place. Network+ certification of CompTIA offers the core knowledge and skills. This certification covers important areas like cybersecurity, different concepts of networking, networking security, and infrastructure. This certification course also offers knowledge and troubleshooting methods using networking tools.

CompTIA Network+ certification is designed for IT professionals at the beginner level like network administrators, network support experts, etc. This means that an individual interested in this certification doesn’t have to have a computer science degree to pass the Network+ exam.

Furthermore, CompTIA highly suggests that IT professionals interested in this certification should first get CompTIA A+ certification to create a solid foundation for Network+ certification.

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Importance of CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Network+ certification is considered the best CompTIA certification for both advanced and entry-level Information technology experts. Network+ certification is important if you are interested in a network support position.

It is also said to be a complement to A+ certification of CompTIA, as it teaches not only the basics taught in A+ certification but also teaches advanced skills relating to managing troubleshooting, installing, and managing Infrastructure.

Among other CompTIA certification training, network professionals choose to do Network+ certification before any other IT certification. Here’s why:

  • Strengthen your Resume; Individuals with a certification in Network+ in their resume are given preference over others by the employers.
  • Having a CompTIA Network+ certification increases your credibility among peers. Certified network professionals have proven knowledge of computer networks and can solve network problems.
  • This certification not only helps become the best choice among other candidates applying for the same job, but it also helps land you in a high-paying job that sets high demands and requirements for certain job positions.

Furthermore, if you prefer to continue your education and want to renew your CompTIA Network+ certification, then you can make the best use of CompTIA offer to continue an education program.

Besides, this certification helps you prove your skills that are highly respected among IT professions. Since CompTIA Network+ is considered an industry standard, it is the best choice to build career information technology. It is also a desired credential by many employers for IT support and managerial roles.

Furthermore, getting CompTIA Network+ certification is the best way to shape your career. According to a survey report, hiring managers use Network+ certification as the criteria during the hiring process.

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Network+ and other IT certs

Network+ is vendor-independent like all other CompTIA certifications. Therefore, the basics learned with hands-on skills can be used for other IT products.  Similar certification programs are MTA by Microsoft and CCNA.  While CCNA is somewhat similar to Network+ certification, it is specifically applicable to CISCO products, whereas Network+ certification applies to products.

Career Opportunities for Network+

If you are looking to develop your networking career and want to gain the fundamental knowledge of computer networking and Network+ certification is right for you. The CompTIA is worth your money, efforts, and time for individuals looking to land a competitive job with good pay as well as who want to boost their careers.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is acknowledged by the U.S Department of Defense and ANSI as well as this particular certification is highly valued by big names in the IT industry. 

Beginner IT professionals with Network+ certification can start their job as computer technicians, network administrators, and network support experts. IT professionals with prior experience can get jobs at IT systems managerial positions.

Furthermore, if any of you are interested in the following job roles, then Network+ certification is best for you.

  • Computer Support Specialist: Specialists with this job role offer support like software download and installation of hardware as well as technology solutions to users.
  • Help Desk Technician: Help desk technicians offer technical support and provide solutions for problems either over the phone or online. As they are well-aware of different types of networks, security systems, hardware, and more, it is easy for them to offer assistance with any technical problem and can analyze the issue. The average per hour salary of help desk technicians is $18.
  • Information System Manager: They organize and manage IT projects for companies. Many of these information technology projects are networked-based, so the know-how of networking would be useful for this job role.
  • Network Administrator: Network administrators deal with day–to–day maintenance of their employer’s network. They are the most accessible member of the IT team as employees facing issues relating to the network can directly approach them for the solution.

The network administrator earns $69,720 average salary per year. Other job roles include network architect and network engineers.

In general, CompTIA Network+ certification is a good way to build a career. Network+ certification training is independent of the vendor but is also a significant credential for high paying IT network jobs. Network + lays the foundation for your network process. When looking for computer network professionals, most employers require a CompTIA Network+ certificate from applicants

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