Blockchain Job Outlook For 2019 And Beyond


Blockchain Job Outlook For 2019 And Beyond

If you refer to the annual report released by LinkedIn, one of the most demanding jobs suggestions that have caught a lot of attention is for Blockchain developers. Interestingly, news also confirms that even Facebook is investing in popular Blockchain technology and is working on a project and looking for more staff to get the job done. So regardless of how some companies continue to abandon the idea of adapting digital currencies and the Blockchain technology, it is more widely accepted and utilized.

The soaring demand for Blockchain developers in the 'emerging job reports' cannot be ignored either. It is believed to be one of the most rapidly growing employment position since mid-2018 and does not seem to stop any time soon. According to another report, the position for Blockchain developers has been recruited 33 times more than it was in previous years. In short, if you have been thinking about the Blockchain job outlook this year, then there's some good news for you!

Top Blockchain Jobs You Can Apply for Today

It's no surprise that Blockchain technology has now revolutionized the employment sector too by offering more jobs to people. Another report, Blockchain employment will have a demand that will only continue to rise, bringing more jobs to the market. If you have been planning on beginning your career in this field, then considering Blockchain training is the best decision you can take right now - both in terms of market opportunities and pay scale.

Here are the top jobs you can look out for in 2019 and beyond in the Blockchain employment sphere.

Blockchain Project Manager

As the name suggests, the project manager will be responsible for managing everything associated with Blockchain development as per the business needs. The professional will be the mediator between the Blockchain app developers and the business. They will communicate the development process, encourage the team to deliver great results, mitigate the challenges, and utilize the resources and budget in the best possible manner. Since it's a managerial position, the candidate may need more than just Blockchain certification. In addition to the technical expertise, you are also expected to have the ability to convert technical information into simple language and vice-versa, which means that you must have great know-how of Blockchain technology. Additionally, you should also be great at handling large-scale projects, delivery process, budget, deadlines, etc. By becoming a part of the Blockchain boot camp, you can learn all these and more.

Blockchain App Developer

Most of the tech companies, finance firms, and government agencies around the world are investing in Blockchain technology - thanks to the growing hype. This is leading to a growth in demand of app developers for the tech since businesses are looking for relevant developers to offer them customized solutions. Additionally, there are a number of freelance opportunities too if you have the Blockchain development skill. With training, you become technically capable of working with SQL, C#, C++, C, JQuery, XML, CSS, HTML, and other similar technologies. This expertise will instantly improve your chances of finding amazing career opportunities in the field and help you set up a lucrative profession.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

The person at this position will be responsible for maintaining and determining the quality of Blockchain networks. The key is to research and keep a check on all Blockchain-related techniques and tools for manual testing as well as automated testing. A Blockchain quality engineer's job also includes web engineering and support mobile engineering. With training under the belt, a candidate develops a sound knowledge of performing, maintaining, and developing Quality Analysis test standards. Moreover, the capabilities also enable them to write, define and execute new test automation strategies for better performance. If you think you have what it takes to be a Blockchain quality engineer, go ahead and gain your certification and apply for the post now.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

A number of organizations and government agencies are already on board with Blockchain technology. However, on the other hand, there are some organizations still wondering how to get started with it. Employing Blockchain-based solutions can be daunting for some organizations, especially at the legal front.  This is where they seek help from a Blockchain legal consultant. As a legal consultant, you will be responsible for offering legal advice to the business about Blockchain technology employment and incorporating the techniques into the current business model. They are equipped with information to help businesses with how to build legal contracts and partnerships, launching Blockchain-based solutions, and dealing with various acquisitions and merger activities.

Blockchain Web Designer

Various brands and startups are also using cryptocurrencies for traditional transactions and processes. This leads to a higher demand for designing pages and websites that let the clients, customers, and other involved people become familiar with the brand, and it offers. Having a career as a Blockchain web designer can be an exciting opportunity in the field with great demand and payback. Training will help you gain the expertise required to become a professional Blockchain web designer by offering you practical knowledge of CSS, HTML, and various designing tools.

Final Word

If you are looking for lucrative opportunities in the Blockchain job market, they are definitely looking out for you too. However, the best way to stand out in the crowd is to prepare yourself accordingly. With Blockchain certification, you definitely have the edge in the market and an upper-hand in deciding the role you want to play in the Blockchain market. If you want to make a great fortune in this field, get in touch with us today and learn all your available options. 

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