CompTIA A+ Prep Networking 101


CompTIA A+ Prep Networking 101

This Article will discuss which networking path aspiring CompTIA professionals should take in their preparation for CompTIA A+ certification.

To become CompTIA A+ certified IT professionals have to pass the following exams.

  • Exam 220-901
  • Exam 220-902

These two exams test the fundamental knowledge of candidates about different computer protocols and how data transfer works as well as IPv4 AND IPv6. Preparation for these two exams covers the abovementioned aspects as well as many others that will be discussed.

A+ Networking Fundamentals:

The A+ Networking Fundamentals course helps validate a candidate’s knowledge and expertise in the technologies that are prevalent in today's extensive and innovative IT environment. Individuals with this certification have a better chance of landing various IT positions:

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst

There are a plethora of concepts and skills related to Networking that are tested. CompTIA A+ Certification Training covers various key elements of networking essential for an IT professional to manage any Network.

Some of the concepts covered by various CompTIA A+ Certification Training are as follows:

  • Networking Cables, Connectors, and Tools
  • Networking Network Protocols
  • Network Wi-Fi
  • Internet Connections and Routers
  • Network Devices

Options for CompTIA A+ Training:

CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification and is suitable for IT professionals just starting out. Experience of 9-12 months is recommended, as having the basic familiarization with Networking platforms is certainly beneficial for the preparation. There are numerous CompTIA A+ Training options available for individuals seeking validation for their Networking skills.

Since CompTIA A+ is such a fundamental certification, it is well known and recognized all over the world, there are CompTIA A+ Courses and CompTIA A+ Classes available in IT institutions all over the world. What is perhaps even more convenient is that candidates can also access these training online through CompTIA A+ Online Training available on IT related websites.

CompTIA A+ Courses, whether CompTIA A+ Classes or CompTIA A+ Online Training, are designed with specific targets in mind. These courses focus on the concepts being covered in the corresponding exams. Moreover, these trainings are constantly evolving themselves and bringing innovation to their teaching methods keeping in line with the changing dynamics of the IT industry and regular updates of the certification curriculum.

Topics covered in CompTIA A+ Certification Training:

Let us now discuss various sections most CompTIA A+ Certification Trainings are divided in. Each of these sections covers a number of related elements essential for the deployment, maintenance, and growth of any Networking environment. The first section usually focuses on familiarizing individuals with the key elements in any Network. It begins with an introduction to Networking hardware. Networking hardware consists of a range of stuff, such as the different types of cables, connectors, and other equipment needed. CompTIA A+ Courses focuses on explaining the use cases of each piece of equipment and understand the applications of hardware at one’s disposal.

The next section refers to more technical things, such as the ways data is transferred in a computer network and what protocols are used. This section of CompTIA A+ Certification Training covers Open Systems Interconnection, TCP/IP, Internet protocol suite, Public vs Private APIPA, and various other protocols.

More specifically, the preparation courses and CompTIA A+ online training also provide in-depth knowledge and insights on IPv4 vs IP6 as well as DNS, DHCP, and TCP vs. UDP.

The next section that CompTIA A+ courses focus on perhaps the most specific aspect of every network; Wi-Fi. Most CompTIA A+ classes discuss the various Wi-Fi standards, types, their origins, the security features they offer and other things to analyses when setting up a network. There are numerous technical aspects of Wi-Fi, such as speed, distance, frequency, signal modulation and integrating an efficient Wi-Fi.

The next section talks about the existing internet connections and routers available. CompTIA A+ Courses talk about connections such as the following:

  • Dial-up connections
  • DSL Connections
  • Cable Connection
  • Fiber Optic Connection
  • ISDN Connection

Moreover, these IT training also provide knowledge on Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) as well as installation of SOHO Networks and practical application of all that has been learned in this section.

The next and perhaps the final section of CompTIA A+ Certification Training is focused solely on Network Devices. These network devices refer to hardware essential in setting up any network. This hardware consists of a component such as the following:

  • Connecting Devices
  • Hubs
  • Bridges
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Access Point
  • Modem
  • Firewall
  • Patch and Panel repeaters
  • Ethernet Over Power

All these components are essentials required to set up an efficient Network. CompTIA A+ certification training provides and an excellent way for aspiring candidates to sharpen their knowledge and skills on this subject.

Points to be noted:

CompTIA A+ certification is an entry-level certification that required individuals to pass two separate exams, 90 mins each. These exams are designed with certain testing criteria in mind. The testing criteria for these exams focus on testing candidates' Technical and Professional skills in relation to the particular CompTIA A+ certification they opt for. CompTIA A+ courses are an excellent way to equip oneself with the necessary skills required to ace the exams. With the wide variety of excellent training courses available, the candidates have numerous options to choose from. With the ease of access to these courses on the internet, opting for these courses is easier than ever before.

With CompTIA A+ courses being so widely accessible at an affordable price, there is no reason why one should not opt for one. CompTIA A+ courses provide detailed insights on every aspect of a computer network. So, for candidates who opt for these training will not only be able to score well but also have profound knowledge about every aspect of networking which will surely aid them in their practice. With the incredible value proposition, it is hard not to recommend these training courses for aspiring Networking professionals.

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