7 Business Benefits of O365 Training for End Users


7 Business Benefits of O365 Training for End Users

Microsoft's Office 365 cloud suite regularly receives updates and enhancements. IT pros and enterprise users who want to get the most out of the business apps need to keep up with the changes, and online training courses are a great way to stay up to date.

Understanding and implementing these success factors are integral to a successful Office 365 rollout. Identifying key stakeholders and obtaining support from executive sponsors in crafting your vision will create a solid base to align a rollout from. Identifying business scenarios will help align your business objectives to Office 365, setting the path for end-user engagement. It is then important to provide Office365 training and certification such as Microsoft 365 Device Management and Microsoft 365 Compliance Management; to ensure ongoing usage. The best way to begin your organization’s Office 365 journey is to leverage Office365 training for end-users, courses designed to help your employees and team members move to Office 365 smoothly and with confidence to realize business value faster.

The Importance of Office 365 Training

Anyone who’s used a computer in the past 10 years is pretty familiar with the Windows XP and Office2003 interface. But it doesn’t mean that you can expect them to be comfortable with the new tools like Yammer, OneDrive, and SharePoint etc. Sudden introduction with Office365 and its huge range of apps, will result in a sharp dip in performance as your employees struggle to process all the new upgrades. Don’t do that to your workforce. Just the change from the menu structure of legacy Office, to the new ribbon interface of Office 365 is enough to put off some people from using the new apps. So, support your people and get them the training they need to better cope with the transition to Office 365. You’ve already decided to give them the latest in productivity software, why not provide them with the right preparation and experience to make the most of these tools?

The right training can help promote awareness and ensure user readiness as an organization gets ready for new technology rollouts. By adopting Office365 end-user training, you can take a powerful step towards better efficiency, collaboration, and productivity. This will help enhance the benefits provided by Office 365 in the following ways:

Office 365 Helps to Grow End User Collaboration

Microsoft Office 365 is great for teams because it practically revolutionizes data sharing and collaboration on files. There is no longer a need to pass documents back forth manually using emails or any other methods. The Teams feature in Office 365 makes it possible to collaborate seamlessly and do it online.

PowerShell Can Empower Office 365 Administration

Repetitive administrative tasks can take up a considerable amount of time and energy, but with PowerShell for Office 365, many such tasks can be automated for good. Adding licenses to user accounts, configuring properties and many such tasks can be programmed. There are plenty of Office 365 training courses for end-users that can teach that.

Use OneDrive to Access Cloud Drives Via Mobile Devices

It is possible for you and your end-users to save, access and edit important files, from anywhere in the world. That is as far as these files are located on the OneDrive servers. The OneDrive app, used in tandem with Office 365 applications are developed by Microsoft specifically for mobile devices. Once you have had the training to use these features in OneDrive, browsing, sharing and deleting files directly within the app is a breeze.

Shared Business Processes Accelerated

This is perhaps the big advantage of Office 365 training that all the other points are building up to.

Office 365 gives you the ability to deploy electronic form-driven solutions to gather vital business info from suppliers, partners, and customers. And all of this can be done without coding tailored applications. Employ the various Office 365 apps to collect accurate data, authenticated by built-in data validation rules. The collected data can then be fed into back-end systems to eliminate errors and redundancy that usually result from manual data re-entry.

Share without Revealing Sensitive Information

All Office 365 apps are built keeping the end-users' security in perspective, without hampering the productivity in any way. Take, for example, the interactive Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheets that can be accessed from a web browser using Excel Services, running on SharePoint. That is just one way SharePoint can facilitate your employees. The proprietary information in these documents is well-protected. 

Employees make Better-informed Decisions

Using the facilities available with SharePoint and other Office 365 apps, it becomes possible for employees to create live and interactive business intelligence portals that can collect and exhibit critical information from various sources. These portals use integrated BI capabilities including web parts, scorecards, dashboards, KPIs and several data connectivity technologies.

Work Faster at a Single, Integrated Platform

Open, scalable features along with complete support for Web services and the number of interoperability standards give Office 365 an edge over other similar services. It integrates well with legacy systems and other existing solutions, while also giving you the flexibility to incorporate other non-Microsoft IT investments.

Office 365 Training: Get Enterprise Grade Capabilities at Your Fingertips

These are exciting times, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that can now take advantage of new communication and collaboration tools without all the traditional server-side heavy burdens placed on IT administrators. Implementing cloud solutions like Office 365 is a powerful step and a precursor to a new way of working in an organization. As employees become increasingly remote and use a plethora of smart devices to access work, Office 365 can open up new possibilities for them. And with the right Office 365 training for end-users, it is possible to harness the advantages for your business. It will give your employees a powerful edge, giving you one-up over the competition, as they collaborate, innovate and work together from anywhere in the world, using a platform that is easy-to-use and gives them unprecedented control over their work. Connect with our Office365 Experts for more information.

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