Create Dynamic Presentations with Office Sway


Create Dynamic Presentations with Office Sway

PowerPoint has proven itself to be a wonderful tool for students and professionals, but let’s be honest, there’s only so much you can do to make your presentation unique and engaging. The platform can be limiting for those looking to add pizzazz to their proposals.

But have no fear!

With the release of Office 365 came Microsoft’s newest multimedia presentation tool, Sway.

This addition to the Office family is more than just a presentation program. In Microsoft’s words, Sway is a platform for “digital storytelling.” By combining text, videos, photos, and more, presenters have the opportunity to create a “Sway” (their term for a presentation) quickly and efficiently.

You can easily insert content from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, OneNote, OneDrive, Flickr, and even from your own device! Also, when you import documents from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, they are embedded right into your Sway.

With the availability to include all this content, Sways have the potential to be interactive and dynamic.

As the modern workforce becomes more mobile and spread out, companies must rely on innovative communication tools to collaborate effectively. Information now comes to us in a variety of forms, from videos to spreadsheets, and Sway allows users a comprehensive way to present this data.

You don’t need expert design skills or digital savviness to make your presentation look polished. The automatic design tools are useful for those without the time to add style to a sales pitch or proposal.

While you can still present Sways offline, they are saved via OneDrive, so you can access them online. You can also use a link to share them with coworkers.

So if you’re looking to upgrade from a basic presentation to something much more compelling, consider using a Sway for your next meeting.  

Or you may prefer the simplicity of PowerPoint, but want to learn how to utilize the program’s advanced features.

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