IT is the economy-savior in COVID 19; Here is why


IT is the economy-savior in COVID 19; Here is why

Covid-19 the pandemic that is keeping the world on its feet. It is a virus that started from Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei, a province of China. And within a few months, it has covered almost the whole world. This virus has caused a frightening situation in the world as we are regularly losing precious lives. The countries that are most harmed by the virus are China, Italy, the USA, and the UK. But it is raging through to the other countries as well. A lot of countries are in total lockdown to maintain social distancing that seems to be the only way to stop this virus, right now. The loss of precious lives is not the only problem caused by Covid-19. There is a financial crisis everywhere in the world due to this virus. Recession is a problem that is as big as the loss of lives.

The long-lasting period of decline in the economy of a country, or in general is called recession. Some factors direct towards the recession are employment, manufacturing, retail sales, and income. Recession can strike any economy in the world due to different reasons. For now, the world is facing a recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A virus that can spread by touch has caused a lot of countries to shut down. Business activities are other to none, and people are getting unemployed due to that. Countries that are still in the developing phase cannot take this so they will crash down. Even countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. To get out of this phase of recession, we will have to get rid of this virus. Meanwhile, there are some ways we can try to save the financial crisis that we are facing as a whole.

IT Sector to the Rescue in Economy Crisis

The economy is in a critical condition due to the pandemic of Covid-19.  There are no business activities in the international market. We cannot imagine the amount of loss this pandemic has caused to the global economy. The Health crisis is the reason every business is closed, playing its part in the downfall of the economy. The only ray of hope that we are seeing to uphold the economy is coming from the digital world. The IT industry has a solution that is to work from home. In this way, they are letting their employees work from home, completing the daily tasks, and keep the flow going.

In the time of the pandemic, when everything else is closed, and nobody knows how to earn and support the economy, the IT industry is playing a heroic role. It is an alarming situation for the business world. And as we look at the IT industry, all digitalized still fully functional even when offices are closed. Their employees are working from home, and all they need for that is a laptop and an internet connection. It also gives out a clear message to other businesses that digitalizing their businesses is the only option. Because that is the only way they can survive and uphold the economy of their country, precisely like the IT sector.  The IT sector is the only business sector that is moving the economy right now.

Future of IT Jobs in Times of Crisis

The world is under the threat of Covid-19 right now, and we all are living an uncertain life. Everything from our way of living to work-life is disturbed due to the pandemic. In this time of crisis, we see only the IT sector surviving, and all other sectors are having a hard time keeping their positions. There has been a situation of social distancing lately, which has forced us to work from home, and it is working well for the IT employees. Let's see how the future of IT jobs and other jobs would be in this time of crisis. Some factors will be applied to the job market now. Some of those factors are stated here.

  • Deeper Dependency on Technology

When humans are advised to keep a distance from each other, it is the technology-driven social platforms that are keeping them connected right now. People who did not use technology a lot are now using it to fulfill their needs. In the future, our dependency on technology will grow more, because it is going to be a big part of the business world as well. For a future perspective, joining an IT Bootcamp and learning some skills would not be a bad idea.

  • Enhanced Value on Learning and Development

Due to these uncertain situations, the future of the new generation will be changed. They will have to start their careers sooner than the previous ones due to the unconventional educational backgrounds. That is where L&D will have to play their role by giving them a proper amount of training regarding the job.

  • Uncommon Career Paths

Career paths of the future generation will be a little different than now due to the situations right now. Their unconventional studies will give them a hard time. But any smart one who will go for IT certifications can survive the hard times like that. IT Bootcamp is the best and quick option for anyone who wants to pursue in the IT industry.

  • Demand for Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

In the future, there will be a high demand for leaders who are intelligent and emotionally strong. Now that we know life is uncertain and anything can happen anytime, organizations would look for leaders who can lead no matter what the situation is.

As we have discussed earlier, how there is only the IT sector that is upholding the economy of a country and no other business can do anything, keeping in mind the digitalization. The safest path for the starters to go for is IT right now. It functions seamlessly in any condition because it keeps evolving itself with time, which is very important. That is all from us. Stay home, stay safe.

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