Top Jobs for SharePoint Server 2013


Top Jobs for SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration tool. It has been integrated into a lot of Microsoft products and has been used for over a decade. The versatility and the ease of configurability make SharePoint such a hot commodity in the IT world. For greater control of share point functionalities and behavior, it has been provided to organizations in the form of SharePoint Server. 

SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint Server is not updated frequently; however, it has access to a large set of features and customization capabilities. There are three editions of SharePoint Server: Standard, Enterprise, and Foundation.  

SharePoint is made up of the following key components:

a)      Sites

b)      Communities

c)      Content

d)      Search

e)      Insights

f)       Composites

Every version of SharePoint server comes armed with the aforementioned features. However, SharePoint 2013 has a few key features which put it in the list of the best offerings by Microsoft till date.

  1. Clean, simple, easy-to use interface
  2. Better Mobile Experience Than the previous Versions
  3. Better Browser Compatibility
  4. Stable and Secure

Because of all these new amazing new features it has become the darling of the IT world and has been used increasingly in different organizations around the globe. Its popularity has made it the tool for securing highest paying jobs.

Add SharePoint 2013 to your Resume for Better Jobs

Microsoft claims that SharePoint has 190 million users across 200,000 customer organizations. With such a large number of user base and endorsement by so many companies, it is definitely a great tool for securing a job in the IT industry.

SharePoint 2013 is extensively used in the following industries:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Telecom
  3. Healthcare Services
  4. Automotive
  5. Construction
  6. Education
  7. Retail/eCommerce

With a SharePoint 2013 certification and experience in any of the aforementioned industries, you can get a job and do better in your career. If you are already in any one of these industries, a SharePoint certification can help you secure that coveted promotion for which you aspired for a long time.

There are many jobs available for a professional with knowledge of SharePoint:

  • Software Engineer: A job as a software engineer designing, developing, testing and deploying SharePoint/Web/Mobile solutions.
  • Business Application Administrators: A job administering line-of-business projects along with internal business customers.
  • Enterprise Content Manager: Managing the content of the whole enterprise using SharePoint.

Apart from the above mentioned jobs, you can also fast forward your career by completing training for SharePoint 2013.

Prerequisites for a course in SharePoint

If you want to pursue a SharePoint 2013 course, you need to have a certain experience and knowledge. Below mentioned experiences are considered to be pre-Requisites for a course in SharePoint

  1. Deployed and managed applications natively, virtually, and in the cloud
  2. Administered Internet Information Services (IIS)
  3. Configured Active Directory for use in authentication, authorization and as a user store
  4. Managed an application remotely using Windows PowerShell 2.0
  5. Working knowledge of network design, including network security
  6. Experience in managing software in a Windows 2008 R2 enterprise server or Windows Server 2012 environment
  7. Connected applications to Microsoft SQL Server
  8. Implemented Claims-based security

Challenges before a SharePoint Professional

Microsoft keeps on bringing in newer versions and fresh updates to their software frequently. What is new today may be obsolete by tomorrow. Due to the nature of the software industry and rapidly changing requirements for a SharePoint professional, it is important that a person enrolls in a course that future proofs him/her against any forthcoming changes. This is where QuickStart comes into the picture.

QuickStart: A Boon for SharePoint Professionals

With an experience of around three decades in IT technical and developer training, QuickStart is the place to be for any SharePoint professional. It is a globally recognized institute that solves the problem of a frequently updated curriculum by allowing you to take an updated course within 9 months. Any course taker who has received training within the past 9 months can avail huge discounts while training again for an updated course.


QuickStart is better than its competitors as it provides personalized training and total satisfaction to its trainees. All SharePoint professionals are provided with quality training which helps them in landing a prestigious job or a promotion.


QuickStart is best for those individuals who would like to have an option for a refresher course at no extra cost. You can take a refresher before an interview and be well prepared for the final test.


A full refund policy at QuickStart is provided for your peace of mind. In case you have paid for the course and are unable to take it because of some recent developments or an emergency, you can ask for a full refund.

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