The 5 Personalities of a Leader


The 5 Personalities of a Leader

Very few of us are born leaders. Mostly, it takes time and experience to cultivate the leadership skills needed to be successful in our careers and personal lives.

So how do we develop these skills?

Well, a leader wears many hats and we must first examine the roles required to efficiently lead a team.

There are 5 important personalities of a good leader:


Just because one idea may be the loudest, doesn’t mean it is the best. Respected leaders encourage quiet colleagues to speak their mind. Often they can contribute valuable input, but they lack the confidence to share it with others.

Let them know you’re listening!


Conflict between members may be legitimate, but it can destroy the effective functioning of the group.

If the leader can mobilize the group to help two opponents explore their differences, the two can then become more objective about these differences, thus allowing the emotional tension within the group to dissipate.


No one can handle it all on their own. Effective leaders know how to recruit a valuable team and utilize their unique strengths.

Your team members will appreciate your trust and respect you for your ability to delegate.


Never stop asking questions. Keep the conversation open-ended and challenge the members of your team to provide all the information they can.

Be curious and push the boundaries.


In order to be a great leader, you must constantly look for ways to grow and build upon your existing skills. Don’t assume you know everything.

Continue to educate yourself about your industry and listen to those around you.

Through relevant training, you can enhance your skill set and find new ways to reach your goals.

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