8 Advantages of CCNA Certification for Potential Networking Professionals


8 Advantages of CCNA Certification for Potential Networking Professionals

Cisco certifications have now become a parameter and grading metric to filter new employee prospects in IT firms around the globe, regardless of their operating scales. These certifications benefit both parties: the employees and the employers (the firms). Many candidates have seen immense positive growth in their careers after receiving Cisco Certification CCNA. This particular certification is the gateway to other complex Cisco training modules and certificate programs such as CCNA and CCNP. Employees working in different IT firms who aren’t CCNA Certified have reported that they feel the need of being CCNA Certified in order to keep up the pace.

8 Advantages of Getting CCNA Certification for Potential Networking Professionals

Enhanced Learning Curve

During the pursuit of getting yourself CCNA certified, you are able to enhance your knowledge and develop a sound methodology of understanding the core concepts of Cisco networking. Despite the fact that you possess years of experience in the field of networking, you definitely need to enhance your skillsets to outdo the competition.

As the old saying goes, nothing can substitute experience, but certifications are also very important to keep a candidate updated with the latest technological developments taking place in the IT industry.


Once you get CCNA certified, you get that perfect entitlement and a recognition that you can include in your resume while applying for a vacant job position in the Cisco networking domain. This certification is valid for three years, which means you get to make the most out of your CCNA certification for years to come.

Boost in Career

The weight of  is assigned based on the certifications. As a potential networking professional, you could climb up the ladder quicker than your teammates by becoming a CCNA certified expert.

Raise in Salary

Your appraisal might be due soon. So, it’s better that you add the CCNA certification to your list of achievements. You could expect to see almost a double rise in your salary.

A Mediating Step

Many other Cisco certifications require you to clear the CCNA exam first, and then you are only able to complete the entire Cisco program. A valid CCNA certificate means you are eligible to get enrolled in other Cisco training courses.

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Respect amongst the Staff

Acquiring the CCNA credentials assures you that you are respected by other staff members working in your organization. This moves you ahead in your career path.

Less-Extensive Outline

Networking professionals often get confused as to which platform is better: Microsoft or Cisco. The Cisco certification programs do not contain extensive outlines, which makes it easier for a desirable candidate to pursue the course. You can also continue to pursue Microsoft certification programs simultaneously with your CCNA training sessions. Once you get Cisco CCNA certified, the track becomes clear for you to proceed with other professional-level certifications in the networking domain. Acquiring the first certification is always a complicated and cumbersome task, but as soon as you take the initial step forward, you get the ability to manage the expectations accordingly.

Global Acceptance

The CCNA certification is globally accepted in different countries around the world. Networking experts with CCNA certificates are able to negotiate for a greater pay scale in contrast to those who lack the certificate. In recent years, a greater number of CCNA jobs have become available in the market. For a candidate to acquire one, it is an eligibility criterion that he/she possess the CCNA certification.

The level of knowledge acquired through CCNA certification program can be utilized for learning new networking modules and cyber-security courses that result in boosting one’s career.

Advantages of Cisco Certification CCNA – In a Nutshell

  • Employers give first priority to CCNA qualified experts in comparison to unqualified networking professionals. This is an upper hand for you if you are a CCNA qualified networking professional.
  • New prospects come underway and new job opportunities are built for a candidate who completes the CCNA certification program. Renowned IT firms look forward to hiring CCNA certified experts and also offer great incentives to retain them in the long-term.
  • The CCNA certificate program assures that the respective candidate is knowledgeable enough to operate even the most severe and complex networking systems. The candidate is further able to adapt the working environment in all types of IT firms regardless of their operating scales.
  • CCNA certification is a building block towards other Cisco networking courses.
  • The candidate is able to outperform other networking engineers on the basis of the updated form of knowledge.

The CCNA certificate program has evolved into becoming the most in-demand IT networking course. This certificate course is built with the prime idea of developing core analytical skills and problem-solving skills that are required to operate within the field of IT and networking. Having a CCNA certificate validates that the candidate possesses the right skillsets to sustain the position of different networking job roles, such as network engineer, support engineer, network system administrator and network security associate. Of course, a standalone CCNA certification won’t suffice if you want to outperform your competitors, but a CCNA certificate does ensure that you are on the right track. The CCNA certification benefits go even farther than that. You’ll get motivated towards acquiring further networking skills to boost your career by moving ahead of the learning curve.

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