Benefits Of CCNA+CCENT+CCDA Triple Certification For SMEs


Benefits Of CCNA+CCENT+CCDA Triple Certification For SMEs

Cisco training is the gold standard as far as IT training is concerned. Cisco is the leading provider globally of certified training programs in all areas of IT networking. These certifications are graded so that even someone with no formal training or work experience can start their journey to become a networking professional. CCENT, CCNA, and CCDA are some of the popular courses which you can take to get a good entry-level job in the IT field. There are many benefits of getting a Cisco qualification due to their global recognition:

  • The courses cover practically all there is to know about IT networking
  • The certification is accepted in organizations around the world
  • These certifications help you get promoted faster in your career
  • As a certified networking professional, you can command higher salaries in the market

You can take these courses separately. However, it is possible to take all these certifications through a single, intensive training program. There are many benefits of taking these triple certifications, especially if you are looking for a networking job in an SME organization.

If you aim to work as an IT networking professional in an SME, you should know a few things about SMEs. These are small or medium-sized organizations with limited resources and budgets. They mainly rely on their ability to adapt rapidly to new opportunities in their environment. Usually, they have only one or two people managing the IT department.

As an IT professional in an SME, you should be ready to design a flexible network that can address important issues like security, bandwidth, and uptime for your organization. These companies do not offer huge salaries or quick promotions, but you can learn a lot by being responsible for all the network operations of your company.

Benefits of CCNA certification

CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate is one of the most popular entry level courses in IT networking offered by Cisco. IT professionals can opt for this course as the first step towards becoming a networking professional, but many take the more basic CCENT course first.

CCNA helps people working in the IT department of various companies develop professional-level skills in key areas of networking, such as:

  • Data center management
  • IT security systems management
  • Network design
  • Cloud infrastructure design and management  
  • Wireless networking
  • Internet of Things

To get a CCNA certification, you need to clear two exams according to your chosen area of specialization. You can then pursue a career as a network security engineer, network engineer, or network administrator.

Benefits Of CCENT Certification

CCENT or Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician is a foundational course for those with little or no formal background in IT networking. Its purpose is to impart basic knowledge, concepts, and skills that can help you design, set up and install a small network in any SME.

With a CCENT certification, you can easily get an entry-level job in the networking department of an SME. Once you have completed CCENT training, you can further enhance your skills by taking the CCNA and CCDA certifications. Some of the key benefits of a CCENT qualification are:

  • Introduction to networking terminology
  • Basic concepts of network design
  • IT security and troubleshooting
  • Wireless networking

The good thing about CCENT is that you do not need any work experience to take this certification. Once you clear the ICND1 exam, you can apply for network technician and other entry-level networking jobs in any SME organization.

Benefits of CCDA certification

CCDA is Cisco’s Certified Design Associate qualification that helps you become a professional network designer. With the skills you learn in this course, you can design and expand the IT network of your company in line with international standards. These are some of the benefits of the CCDA qualification:

  • Designing enterprise networks
  • Measuring and improving network performance
  • Expanding network resources and services according to business requirements
  • Establishing security protocols
  • Designing wireless networks

If you want to be a network designer or engineer or administrator, CCDA is the best Cisco training you can take to start your career. You can either take this course without any prior qualification or take it after completing the CCENT certification.

Why Should You Go For A Triple Certification?

In most cases, SMEs have limited resources to set up and run an IT department. Even though their needs are not as large as those of big companies, they need competent professionals who can manage the IT network. For these businesses, hiring one employee with multiple qualifications is more attractive than hiring three different employees.

Thus, the CCNA+CCENT+CCDA triple certification will make you a very attractive candidate for SMEs. It will be easier for you to negotiate a higher position and pay in an SME where you may be the only person responsible for the IT network. SMEs will find it easier to work with a single person as it will give them the skills they need without paying heavy salaries.

Final Word

By taking the CCNA+CCENT+CCDA triple certification, you will learn all the core concepts and skills of networking in an integrated way. All the modules will be taught in an integrated way so that each concept builds on the previous one. You will develop diversified skills and knowledge which will help you understand the concepts more clearly and put them to practice immediately.

You will save time and money by not having to repeat concepts you have already learned in a prior module. Moreover, you can prepare for the three exams simultaneously which can save you a lot of time and energy, especially if you are already working somewhere.

Your first steps to becoming a networking professional are the most critical. A triple certification is the best investment of your effort and money so that you can jumpstart your career without wasting precious time. So without further ado, get in touch with our experts today and learn more about this rewarding Cisco certification.

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