The Biggest Advantages Of Cisco Certification For Network Engineers


The Biggest Advantages Of Cisco Certification For Network Engineers

Becoming a network engineer is a great career choice in today's technology-driven business environment, and Cisco certification is one of the best ways to go about it. CCNA certification and other more advanced Cisco certifications are one of the sure shot ways of launching a successful career as a network engineer. Following are some of the biggest advantages of CCNA and other advanced Cisco certifications along with a lot of reasons why you should seriously think about earning a certification if you want to pursue a career in networking.

A Networking Leader Will Certify You

Cisco is a pioneer of a number of networking solutions, and it still is a market leader in a lot of ways, with the most extended installed base and the biggest share of the market in the industry. An overwhelming amount of recent internet data is transferred through pathways build upon products created by Cisco infrastructure. Therefore, if you have Cisco training and certification such as CCNA and CCNP, and are qualified to handle Cisco tools and products, then your skills will be more in demand and immensely marketable.

Certifications Are A Stepping Stone Towards A Networking Career

Ever since Cisco started awarding certifications, certified individuals have been in demand by employers all around the globe. In today's age, Cisco skills have become one of the most demanded skills in the hiring criteria. To have an intimate knowledge of networking protocols and infrastructure and how they relate and function together have always been a relevant skill and now this requirement is intensifying even more so. Cisco training and certification provides you with this expertise and knowledge which ensures your success in the networking arena, even if technologies continually evolve and grow.

Increase Your Career Options

With Cisco training and certifications, your networking career can have endless possibilities. 7 out of 9 organizations today are looking for individuals with Cisco certifications when they are promoting or hiring, according to IDC. With a number of certifications that are offered by Cisco, you will be able to move upwards in the networking ladder making your way through entry-level, professional, and eventually expert levels.

In case you don't want to do one certification after another, you can apply your basic Cisco certification to areas such as security, wireless, data centers, cloud, network programmability, and collaboration. These are the areas that are taking it forward. With any Cisco certification, you will be qualified enough to go in any direction that you want. 

Cisco Certification Will Prepare You For Fast-Changing Digital Era

Network infrastructure is changing due to increased transformation in businesses through digitalization. Tasks that were accomplished manually in the past are now being directed towards software-driven infrastructure that works with analytics, virtualization, automation, cloud computing, and the capabilities of the architecture to be more extensible and open. Network architects and engineers are the most important people who will define the role that it plays for businesses shortly.

People who are working in networking presently need to accept these changes and also work towards making this shift. Cisco has now introduced DNA (digital networking architecture) to make the most of the abilities of today's network, and therefore they are committed to helping you towards making this shift by offering a variety of certifications.

Certifications Help You Stay Up-To-Date With Current Technological Advancements

In addition to keeping up with latest technological trends like Cisco DNA, Cisco also stays up-to-date with the changing trends in the IT landscape to incorporate relevant technological advancements that can have an impact on your networking career and the demands of your job as a network engineer. Cisco continually updates and revises its curriculum. For example, they recently added QoS (quality of services) applicability and elements in their courses, wireless controllers, network and interactions of a firewall, and access points are some of the many new technologies that you can now learn through Cisco certification.

Certifications Give You An Edge Over Your Competition

By getting CCNA certified you make it clear to your employer that you are serious about your career as a network engineer and want to excel in it. Employers, all over the world, notice and appreciate this kind of commitment. According to IDC, 82% of employers believe that certified individuals will help their organization become more innovative and believe that Cisco certifications are more credible and in tune with the latest technological innovations.

Cisco Certification Will Increase Your Training Options

There are many ways in which you can learn new skills and Cisco makes sure that you have all the options. You can choose from instructor-led training, hands-on practical experience in labs for icnd1 and 2 elements, or virtual online classroom experience. You can choose self-paced learning and learn in your own time and practice exams until you feel that you are ready to take your test. In addition to all this Cisco also offers a lot of resources that you can use to enhance and increase your knowledge.

Improve Your Paycheck

Networking engineers make good money, one reason being the shortage of talent in the world and therefore your Cisco certification can increase your chances of increasing your pay and landing you a great job. In 2018 CCNA certified individuals were the most sought after by employers and can easily demand 5 to 10 percent more than people without certifications. Many companies and now offering recognition and rearwards to employees with Cisco training and certifications.

Conclusion - Value of Recertification

With Cisco certification, you can choose to recertify whenever you want to, and you can be sure that all your effort will not go to waste and will still be recognized industry-wide. This is because Cisco monitors all its certifications continually to keep pace with the changing it infrastructure. Once you commit to certifications and recertify, when need be, you ensure that you are up-to-date and know all there is to know about a certification that you worked so hard to obtain.

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