Develop And Manage Data Centers With Greater Efficiency With Cisco Training


Develop And Manage Data Centers With Greater Efficiency With Cisco Training

As the new year approaches, data center technicians have started looking for new methods that they can use to make their data center more efficient. Today data centers are functioning as a hub for all technological advancements. Whether it is about data transfer and distribution, content delivery, or just overall organization support, data centers have become extremely important to run a successful business.

IT consumerism and cloud computing have to lead to an increased demand for data centers. This is the reason why data center technicians and administrators are constantly looking for ways in which they can improve data center infrastructure density, performance, and augment multi-tenancy abilities. As more systems and tools find their way into data centers, optimization of data center infrastructure will become crucial to maintain and deliver high quality of services. Following are some of the ways that you can adapt to maximize your data center efficiency:

Virtualization And (SDx) Software Defined Technologies

What a hypervisor can do today in the modern world is far more efficient and ahead of what it could achieve some years ago. Modern technology allows you to drastically enhance your performance workload by directly integrating with APIs, and the technology around security, networking, data centers, and storage have improved even more so.

This modern advancement is one of the reasons why we are now able to function with multiple layers and work with increased efficiency. With virtualization we are now able to create networks with vast expands and have the ability to span over multiple data centers in numerous countries. Hardware no longer limits the abilities of IT infrastructure, and therefore, software-defined technologies are now able to offer a variety of data center solutions for various levels.

Cloud Computing

Hybrid clouds are gaining popularity for a reason, it is because they are a great way of increasing the efficiency of data centers with an integrated cloud model. Organizations are now transferring their data center networks to the cloud for a variety of reasons. There is so much competition for space in the cloud for data centers that it has created better pricing, improved offerings, and much more and because of this creating a link between a public and a private cloud system has now become a lot easier and efficient.

Today data center managers do not have to worry about physical infrastructure because data centers can now expand over multiple cloud models. This type of system allows you to keep a segment of your data center in-house while extending all the other segments into the cloud. The fundamental benefit of software-defined technologies, cloud automation, and enhanced distribution system management is that now you can use the cloud as a tool to enhance the efficiency of your data center.

Improve Power Consumption

Data centers are now being built in some interesting climates, with improved bandwidth data centers now have a far reach, and therefore, businesses are moving towards accepting the idea of building data centers in isolated locations. There are now places that are building data centers that are entirely run by geothermal power and hydroelectricity, which means that the data center will function on an entirely green power supply. Plus this also means low cost of pr electricity per kilowatt. This is a pretty attractive offer when you compare it to the prices that are being offered in Germany, USA, and the UK.

Apart from building a new data center, the other ways in which you can improve power consumption is to critically examine your current network and closely inspect areas where you are losing power. For example, the wattage that is being lost when your servers are not in use. A well maintained and monitored data center can only run on good power management.

Focus On Environmental Factors

Environmental variables of a data center are not easy to monitor and control. Hot or cold spots can result in inefficient airflow and can become of the reason of energy drains. To optimize data center efficiency, there are some factors that you could focus on. For example, aisle control, flooring, (raised vs. Slab), placement of racks, server density, and much more.

Another way of managing a data center with greater efficiency is to work on decreasing its operational cost. The lesser the money you spend on maintaining and running the data center, the more money you will save to be spent on infrastructure enhancement and improvement.

How Can You Improve Your Data Center Efficiency with Cisco?

The technology environment is becoming more complex by the day because of evolution and market dynamics. There is an increased need for minimizing its cost and complexity and also supporting the innovations in applications and infrastructure. Cisco offers a perfect balance of security, analytics, and automation, combined with guidance from experts to help you accelerate the process of your data center optimization.

This is one investment that you want to make if you want to increase your data center efficiency. Cisco provides innovative tools, best practices, expert guidance, and proven experience to help you create a scalable, secure, and flexible IT environment. To utilize the tools offered by Cisco you need a team of individuals with Cisco training and certification such as CCNA certification and CCNP certification

They provide tools that will help you enhance your Organization's agility, and the only way in which you can take maximum advantage from these services and applications is to hire an IT team with Cisco certification. As the new year approaches, it is high time that you think about making an investment towards getting your staff Cisco training so that they are qualified and prepared to tackle the challenges of an ever-growing market. Cisco training will help your staff to use Cisco tools to their maximum capacity and create a data center with greater efficiency to help your business grow and gain a competitive edge.

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