Cisco Cloud Benefits for the Modern SME


Cisco Cloud Benefits for the Modern SME

By enabling enterprises to operate, deploy, and utilize technology with improved economics and greater agility, cloud computing is compelling businesses of all sizes to explore the cloud environment. Indeed, cloud computing evolution is one of the best advances witnessed in the computing history. According to the predictions made by Deloitte, more than 15% of on-premise expenditure will be replaced by clouds by 2020. And since we almost approaching 2019, this prediction seems to be so on point. Since the numbers speak of both the quality and value of the new infrastructure, it's not wrong to say that even a small business is big in the clouds.

Why Cloud is Such a Hype for Modern SMEs

With the revolution in the cloud, organizations are experiencing IT cost evaporation. This is another reason why most small and medium enterprises (SME) are planning a move to the cloud. The cloud computing technologies provide SMEs with the opportunity to access services and applications that otherwise would be unaffordable. With the amount of flexibility and the pay-as-you-go option for cost structure, the structure definitely becomes an affordable, desirable, customizable, and convenient option for many SMEs.

The benefits of moving to the Cisco cloud computing makes it an attractive deal for businesses of all sizes. In the effort to keep up with the IT trends, SMEs are investing money on upgrading their technology and software and still fail to find practical and cost-effective solutions. Unfortunately, they also fail to recognize the importance of the human resource to make moving to the cloud a success. From a tech perspective, SME business models look for strategies that help them achieve their business goals without compromising on their current technology environment. Also, saving cost is a major goal. The Cisco cloud helps the business achieve that and much more. In fact, it has opened more than a few doors in the modern SME sector. However, without Cisco training and certification such as CCNA and CCNP, this could be a little challenging to execute.

As mentioned earlier, the human resource is often overlooked when investments are made for improvement. With the limited budget and resources that SMEs have to deal with, it is important to make a wise decision on where to spend the money. And if you are really looking forward to earning better resources that lead you to desirable results, training your team is the best bet.

To gain all the benefits of Cisco clouds mentioned in this article and more, it is important that you have a trained and certified team, which is prepared to make the cloud transition smooth, easy, and secure. The new knowledge and skill set will help the organization utilize its best resources and invest in tools and equipment that really makes a difference. In short, it is crucial that you offer Cisco training to your team to prepare them for the big move you are about to make towards the cloud.

Cloud Benefits for the Modern SME

The myriad ways organizations are using the potential of the cloud speaks of its versatility and importance in technology. Here are the top ways SMEs can benefit from the cloud.

Availability and Reliability

By moving your current network to the cloud, your data becomes more available for authorized use. The data is now online and always available for your access. The cloud works as the offsite location to create a data backup, which can be utilized to instantly get the access back in the event of a server outage. Also, this helps reduce downtime, which translates into a more effective, productive team.

Disaster-Proof System

Whether it's a natural disaster that flooded your entire office or a digital device left on the table, cloud computing is the best solution for SMEs models to help mitigate the risk of losing data permanently. The cloud platform works as your host for data storage, enabling you to work through equipment breakdowns, power cut, and other crises. This ensures that you are back in the game in no time.

Unlimited Storage

Save money without creating more storage by yourself. Your Cisco cloud provider will do that for you and that too with an unlimited storage option.

Cloud-based networks do not impose any physical restrictions on storing data. Use a suitable storage plan and get it upgraded as soon as you are out of space. The system is simple and works quickly and does not even require you to make hefty investments in additional hardware.

Secure Data

The Cisco cloud infrastructure ensures maximum protection of your data. Send and receive files from the cloud in an encrypted format to prevent it from theft and breach.

The Cisco platform is highly efficient in detecting viruses and infected files. These are highlighted automatically and fail to back up, offering stronger prevention from getting the infection across the entire network. You can save loading up your information security team as the cloud network provider will take care of that for you.

Lower Cost

As mentioned earlier, funds and resources can be a tough call for small and medium-sized businesses. Investing and implementing enterprise-level technology for maximum benefits can be a little impossible for businesses under the model.

This makes cloud service providers play an important role, by making technology and its associated benefits available to SMEs at a fraction of cost. This enables these businesses to compete at a lower cost.

Effective Network Management

Cisco computing service takes complete responsibility for maintaining, upgrading, and monitoring your network on a daily basis. This eliminates the need for you to perform tasks and manual updates. The Cisco platform automatically rolls out the issues and fix the problems quickly before it causes more widespread damage.


Cisco certification ensures a team of trusted IT professionals who can maintain your network and other business operations on the cloud. With a dedicated team working with the Cisco cloud platform, the business can divert its focus on what it does best for growth and success.

An organization makes better use of its teams as they are free to handle other strategic goals, supported by the systems and tools to help them boost the performance and productivity at work. 

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