7 Prime Ways AWS Certification Will Help Potential Developers in 2019


7 Prime Ways AWS Certification Will Help Potential Developers in 2019

Choosing to make a career as a cloud-based developer is one of the best choices in 2019 as the market for cloud-based services and apps is ready to enter a rapid growth phase. An AWS certified developer makes a starting salary of $116,800 which is an impressive beginning to a career. AWS training for app developers includes the AWS Certified Developer qualification and the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer qualification, both of which can help you make the career leap you always wanted to in 2019.

Here are 7 ways in which these AWS certifications can help you stand out from the competition as you search for your dream career this year. 

1. Becoming A Cloud Developer

The year 2019 is mainly going to be about cloud networking and management. Even though cloud computing has been a buzzword over the past several years, the field is poised to take off in 2019 thanks to the availability of supporting technology.

AWS certification covers cloud management and ensures that the professional possesses all the necessary knowledge to manage cloud networks seamlessly. Everything from technology, security, and cost right up to the conceptual level is a part of the AWS training. Thus, if you are looking to make a career in cloud development, then AWS certification is the way forward. It is not only effective, but also the fastest way to get started on a career jumpstart in 2019. 

2. Acing The Developer Career Path

If managing a cloud-based network is not your preferred career choice, AWS training can also help you develop a career as a developer. With the requisite AWS certification, you can become an expert, professional developer of cloud-based apps. The course will cover all the basics of cloud app development. Not only this, but you will also learn the most effective techniques of deploying apps on the cloud and ensuring that they remain operational at all times.

This includes removing any bugs in the app from time to time. This is one of the best courses where you can apply your knowledge and experience of app development on the AWS ecosystem.

3. Skilled Use Of Developer Tools

AWS offers some unique tools for developers that you can use to make the most functional, user-friendly and economic apps for users. The AWS training will give you the chance to polish your skills in the use of these tools so that you can build competitive apps in 2019. Some of these tools offer exceptional functionality such as the Amazon S3 which is the simple storage service that lets you economize on server space.

Other developer tools include AWS OpsWorks, Git, Elastic Beanstalk and others that you will find unparalleled offer utility in developing the most exciting apps.

4. Coding With Ease

If 2019 is the year when you finally up your coding game, then AWS training is the first thing you should go for. AWS developer certification will help you develop the expertise so that you can select the best AWS services out of the complete suite for the app you want to develop. It will also teach you the techniques you need to apply when developing a robust code for your app. You will also learn how to use the correct SDKs for efficient management of AWS services through the app.

5. Getting Global Recognition

One of the perks of being a developer in 2019 is that you can be employed anywhere around the world. New markets for cloud-based apps are emerging globally which means your career choice can take you to any part of the world. AWS training and certification is the best way to get a globally recognized certification for your skills and abilities.

Your skill set will be identifiable to employers around the world which will increase your chances of landing your dream job and making rapid career progress. Not only that, but you will quickly be identified by peers holding similar qualifications and will learn through a growing peer network.

6. Mastering Development Operations

AWS training includes a good mix of beginner and professional level certifications that will help you choose the best skill set for your chosen career. If you want to grow as a developer in 2019, then the AWS certification will help you master the complete range of AWS solutions available to users. You will ensure their deliverability, management, and security for maximum benefit to your organization. It will teach you how to function and manage a completely AWS-enabled environment. The best developer jobs in 2019 will be open to those with relevant AWS training and certification.

7. Application Lifecycle Management

AWS training for app development helps you learn the techniques of lifetime management of the app instead of simply basic troubleshooting. While debugging is important, lifecycle management helps you view things from a strategic perspective and think of alternative uses of the apps you develop. Through this understanding, you will help your organization earn the maximum return from an app by marketing it for new uses and industries. You will also become a proactive developer by planning to harvest the app and planning a replacement as it matures.

Final Word

AWS certification training for developers is available at the beginner and professional levels. You can choose the relevant qualification depending on your current level of experience and knowledge. However, once you have acquired the certification, you can be assured of a promising career in the app development industry.

The market for cloud computing continues to grow and high-quality cloud-based apps will remain a dominant part of this market in the years to come. Thus, as long as you continue to work hard, 2019 may be the year when your career as an AWS certified developer takes off. 

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