Microsoft Azure Big Data Fundamentals: Are They Worth It and Why


Microsoft Azure Big Data Fundamentals: Are They Worth It and Why

As the very notion of computing has seen a phenomenal change with the emergence of cloud computing, this cloud-based computing allows data and computer processing to be shared among users on various devices. The idea of cloud computing has completely transformed the way data is processed and shared. Access to data shared by a limited number of computing devices has been made easy for users globally. Due to cloud computing, organizations can save as well as process all data in storage centers of a third party.

This enables these organizations to reduce costs as it avoids the extensive expenses of IT framework. As more and more IT professionals are taking to cloud computing, this is one of the most lucrative fields in the job market.

Why go for Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a cloud-based computing service provided by Microsoft in the year 2010. Microsoft provides the services of various popular app services, web hosting, file storage, virtual machines, and data management to name a few. Microsoft Azure has these services hosted in over 30   regions as its data canter spread out across the globe.

Through its Azure Portal, Azure assists in matters related to running cloud-based computing as well as in Big Data processing, which includes but is not limited to streaming analytics, machine learning as well as AI services. Microsoft Azure provides assistance in dealing with and handling large amounts of information in cloud-based computing through various tools.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

Let's start with:

More Convenient Data Retrieval

One of the most substantial advantages of Azure cloud computing for any organization is machine learning. With continual use, Azure machine learning becomes more and more effortless to operate and its performance increases. Be it retrieving old files and documents through keywords or name identification, data retrieval becomes more convenient for an organization.

Cost-Effective For Organizations

Another remarkable advantage of Microsoft Azure is its virtual networks as well as virtual machines. Instead of making massive investments in powerful computers with the latest hardware to run the data, an organization may use virtual machines as they use cloud computing to perform the same task. This could save an organization a hefty sum of money spent on updated computers.


Easy To Access Data Anywhere And Anytime

Yet another advantage of using Microsoft Azure is its services of various mobile apps along with Office 365. This makes it convenient to get easy access to important data through a smartphone while on the go. Such cloud applications free their users from the restrictions of being near a computer at an office. One may use any device at any time to obtain any important file.

Easy To Use

Another major advantage of opting for Microsoft Azure is that it is quite easy to learn and use. Since Microsoft has dominated the field of computer operating systems for decades, users are quite familiar with the basics of Microsoft. This makes the features of Azure not quite alien and easy to pick and adopt. Familiarity with previous Microsoft tools also makes it more convenient to learn the mechanisms of Azure. This, in turn, makes it easy to pick up concepts of Azure Automation as well as Operational Insights without much effort.

Unlimited Data Storage Facility

The reason why an IT professional would opt for Microsoft Azure is clear. Microsoft Azure enables its users to store their data for an unlimited period of time. Instead of being forced to delete data which is either not in use or is dated, no matter how valuable the information is, simply due to a shortage of space, users can now store and save it for an unlimited period. Lengthy records of information on human resources or sales history or even supply chain management can prove to be beneficial for making decisions for an organization’s future. Microsoft Azure makes it hassle-free for its users due to its Bid Data management.

Options For Customization

Another factor that gives its users an edge over other organizations is that it allows its users to personalize and individualize its clients’ experience. Whenever a client visits one’s website or buys their goods, one can collect vital stats and data about them and use it to grow their business.

Through its Big Data management, Azure allows its users to personalize its customers’ online experience according to their tastes and shopping or surveying patterns, and to recommend them other products and services accordingly. In the long run, this feature allows the users of Azure to predict inventory requirements and manage costs and budgets effectively.

With so many advantages, it is evident that obtaining a certification in Microsoft Azure can largely increase an IT professional’s chances of being hired by an organization for cloud computing. Recently, a strong upsurge in demand for Microsoft Azure holders has motivated more and more IT professionals as well as entrants or trainees to opt for this course. Due to strategic changes and innovations that Microsoft is coming up with, for cloud-computing through Azure, it is witnessing remarkable growth in business. One major reason behind this growth is Microsoft’s Big Data related services due to which organizations find it more convenient to store important data and large files in the cloud. This enables organizations to save up on expenditures to a large extent.


As cloud computing is the future of computing systems, data science training is rapidly becoming the first choice of various top IT firms due to the astonishing rate at which it is growing and expanding, leaving its competitors behind. 

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