AWS Certification for the Future-proof Developer


AWS Certification for the Future-proof Developer

Are you looking for an IT certification to help you progress your career? You’ve reached the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about AWS Certification to safeguard your future as an IT professional.

What is AWS Certification?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, the IaaS solution offered by Amazon. AWS specializes in cloud computing infrastructure, offering a wide range of cloud solutions for personal, business, and government use. AWS enables businesses to manage data and applications effectively on-the-go, ensuring round-the-clock availability and seamless connectivity on every device. So whether individuals work from the office or the home or even wishes to work from the beach on a dream vacation in Hawaii, Amazon Web Services make it possible. Businesses these days have realized the importance of cloud and the possibilities associated with it. Cloud not only ensures every individual within an enterprise has access to the required data at all times, but it also reduces the cost of infrastructure management and productivity losses due to legacy systems. Naturally, companies of all sizes are willing to jump on the bandwagon to ensure competitiveness within the market place.

Why AWS Certification?

There are several cloud solutions available in the market. AWS has direct competitors from Microsoft and Google as well. But AWS training, in particular, come with unparalleled benefits. Firstly, as with every other certification available in the market, AWS Certification allows individuals, especially IT professionals, to be seen as an authority in their field of interest. It validates their skills and knowledge, convincing businesses and recruiters to trust their systems in the hands of these qualified professionals. Experience, though representative of how well an individual understands the intricacies of cloud, does not necessarily represent an individual’s synchronization with changing trends.

Besides this most obvious benefit, AWS Certifications have a lot more to offer. There is a global community of like-minded individuals who have acquired similar certifications; this is where exchange beyond borders occurs. Access to this community and other global events comes packaged in the AWS certification. Also, IT professionals can benefit from seasonal discounts on examinations and acquire study material and practice tests for free. The official AWS Certification merchandize also becomes accessible once you’ve enrolled in the examination.

Last but not the least; AWS Certification can land you your dream job at your dream compensation package without resistance. There aren’t as many AWS Certified professionals in the market as there is a demand for them. So if you’re one of them, there will be some of the finest companies chasing you for consultancy all the time.

The Popularity of AWS Certification In Business Communities

Although other cloud solutions are being offered by competing conglomerates, the AWS is widely popular in the business communities. The top three main reasons why this so includes:


AWS offers pay-as-you-go on-demand cloud solutions available by subscription. In particular, this ensures businesses working on a tight budget can still utilize the power of the cloud to achieve greater goals. There is something for everyone.


Businesses can upscale and/or downscale their requirements with time without having to invest in infrastructure development/maintenance. AWS is perfectly scalable according to the needs of all businesses, irrespective of their size. Also, this ensures there’s little to no downtime for upgrades or acclimatization.


AWS is well-secured, having adequate checks on every aspect of operations to ensure data protection for businesses at all times. The data centers are kept well hidden and technologically protected so users can have the peace of mind they’ve invested in. Strict monitory and regulation have made it possible to secure AWS IaaS for every user.

So as AWS becomes widely used in businesses, the demand for AWS Certifications will rise accordingly, benefiting those who have obtained the certification. In all honesty, this is the perfect time to plan for AWS Certifications.

AWS Certification for Developers

AWS Certifications offers several examinations. Each of these is aimed for a different specialization and requires a different set of skills prior to enrollment.

The AWS Certified Developer Associate program is built for developers. Before individuals can enroll themselves in this course, it is imperative to have cleared the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or the AWS Technical Essentials certifications. This ensures the applicant is adequately equipped with the knowledge and understanding of cloud technologies in general and Amazon Web Services cloud solutions in particular. The developer will then be required to write codes, utilizing the AWS infrastructure and software to access AWS applications from their current set of external business applications. This demonstrates the developer’s ability to execute the AWS protocol and achieve the desired set of results while keeping the industry’s best practices in mind.

The examination consists of multiple choice and multiple answer questions that need to be completed in 130 minutes. It requires between 80 and 120 hours of self-study, 3 days of hands-on development, and 4 hours of exam readiness quiz to familiarize oneself with the concepts of AWS architecture and services. The examination validates an individual’s understanding and fluency in utilizing AWS for business efficiency. Once the developer clears the AWS Certification for Developers, they can then prepare and enroll for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer as well.

Staying Afloat

Here’s the thing: all IT certifications are adequately representative of your skills and knowledge at that given point in time. And as the IT industry evolves, such proficiency may be lost, particularly if the individual makes no effort to read the whitepapers or study the ins and outs of the industry. This is why AWS Certifications mandate the applicants to recertify themselves every two years to maintain their position as the industry leader. This examinations costs 50% lesser and is shorter too. Alternatively, individuals can pursue the Professional level examination for the same specialization they have a complete Associate level for.

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