What Is AZ-500? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview of Azure Security Certification Exam


What Is AZ-500? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview of Azure Security Certification Exam

Cloud-based resolutions have been in very extreme demand within the past few times, and there is not any chance that they would be slow down in the upcoming time. Because there is an increase in the frequency of big size and well-established companies, educational institutes, as well as even big towns being affected by inadequate security-related attacks and practices. An individual must be familiar with the ways to suitably and proficiently secure the substructure of Azure cloud and that is what necessary for the companies as well.

Here, in this guideline you will know more regarding MS Azure - Security - Engineer - Associate certificate and which kind of examination you will take to accomplish it. There’s unquestionably not any reason to have uncertainty on anything which is coming with the label of “Microsoft” that is involved with it. MS - Azure has been considered a strong challenger to topmost players within the public-cloud landscape. Prominent names in the most popular Fortune 500 companies choosing MS Azure like their preference for the transformation of a cloud.

There is a high demand for the certificates of Azure among cloud experts, and that is increasing significantly. The Azure - Security - Engineer - Associate certificate is following MS’s departure from furthermore comprehensive certifications. The examples of these certificates are MS Certified - Systems - Administrator (M-C-S-A), the MS Certified - Systems - Engineer (M-C-S-E).

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer

An applicant for the Azure security certification must possess subject-matter proficiency to implement security controls as well as threat protection. Moreover, they manage access and identity and also protect data, apps, and networks within hybrid and cloud settings as part of the end-to-end substructure. Accountabilities for this kind of role encompass maintaining the posture of security, identify, and remediate susceptibilities by making use of so many security tools. Furthermore, they implement threat protection and respond to security-related incident growths.

Azure - Security - Engineers are frequently serving as the amount of a bigger team committed to cloud-oriented security and management or else hybrid settings as part of the end-to-end substructure. An applicant for this certificate must possess great expertise in automation and scripting; a detailed knowledge regarding virtualization, networking, and cloud N-tier design. Moreover, there is a need for strong knowledge of cloud products, skills, and facilities for Azure, along with different MS services and products.

Target Audience

As it is suggested by its name, this certificate possesses “security” that is being written everywhere, mainly Azure security features and offers. Because it’s an Associate-level certificate, a vital examination is covering an extensive range of security-related technologies and topics. Being an applicant for the Azure - Security - Engineer certificate, one must have subject- matter skills that implement threat protection and security controls. On the other side, they manage access and identity and protect data, applications, and networks within hybrid and cloud settings as part of the end-to-end substructure.

Tasks for this kind of role is including maintaining security posture, identify and remediate weaknesses by utilizing numerous security-related tools, implement threat protection, and respond to safety incident rises. Being an Azure - Security - Engineer, you will be frequently serving as a part of a bigger team loyal to cloud-oriented security and management or else hybrid settings as a part of an end-to-end substructure.

An individual must own strong expertise in automation and scripting, a piece of detailed knowledge about networking, cloud N-tier planning, and virtualization. However, there must be strong know-how with cloud abilities, products, as well as services for MS Azure, and more MS facilities and products. If a person owns a strong Information Technology security background then it becomes an utter must-have to entirely figure out and apprehend such kind of topics.

Applicable Exams and Costs

A single examination of AZ-500 is needed to attain the Azure - Security - Engineer - Associate certificate. It’s essential to have knowledge that MS has taken up practicing substituting and retiring examinations at a quite fast pace as compared to previous times. Because cloud seems to be ever-evolving, MS is updating live examinations commonly.

The cost of this examination is $165/€165. MS is also offering a student concession, in case, you are verifying your theoretical status while booking the examination. They use anyone exam out of them: school electronic mail account, school account, Global Student - Identity - Card, and confirmation code. On the other hand, one would also be supplying credentials that authenticate your suitability for the student concession.


Even though there’re not any precise prerequisites on account to achieve this certificate further than clearing the exam of AZ-500. Moreover, it’s worthy to consider that kind of experience along with the necessary skills is a crucial aspect towards an effective experience. To clear the AZ-900 examination and accomplished the equivalent Azure - Fundamentals certificate, when it’s not obligatory, would assist you in preparing for this kind of level as they present numerous technologies covered in this exam of AZ-500.

The fundamentals for MS Azure - Security - technologies examination is dealing with some of the elementary-level concerns. Even though it’s not obligatory, an MS Azure - Fundamentals certification is fortunate to test your understanding of Azure fundamentals. However, certain preconditions are noteworthy to get appeared for the certification examination of AZ-500.

  • An applicant must own strong skills in automation and scripting along with virtualization and networking.
  • The AZ-500 certificate examination also demands applicants to possess a piece of detailed knowledge about N-tier design.

Basics to Be an Azure - Security - Engineer

As soon as you start preparing for the Azure - security - engineer - associate certificate, one must own an idea regarding the fundamentals. On the other side of the table, the initiating aspect for every enthusiast Azure - security - engineers is nothing but Azure basics. The certificate of MS - Azure - Fundamentals seems to be the best tool for applicants to attain information regarding the elementary ideas in Azure.

The MS - Azure - Fundamentals of the examination of AZ-900 improve the assurance of an applicant to attain role-based certificates of Azure. A detailed note of a particular audience for the certificate examination of Azure Security engineer is also necessary. You will simply be finding out that this job is best suitable for you or not that is of security-engineer.

  • Experts - who are involved in the execution of safety controls, management of access and identity, data security, networking, and applications will be selected within this career pathway.
  • Applicants who have previous experience within the resolution and identification of susceptibilities via safety tools and implement threat security are the best ones
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At this time, since you are made aware of the MS Azure AZ-500 certificate examination in a detailed way. Let’s move towards the Azure AZ-500 examination preparation. These are a few of the proven phases to make sure the topmost preparation for the AZ-500 certificate examination.

Always Start with Official Website

While you’re deciding to take an initiative to start the preparation of the AZ-500 examination, your most basic phase is to visit the authorized certificate page. You will be exploring all the compulsory detailing of the examination, just like eligibility standards, price, preconditions, and objectives of examination there. Most importantly, you will be finding updates timely about the exam, in that way keep your preparations on the right track.

Have Detailed Knowledge of the Exam Objectives

Another crucial phase, while you’re preparing for the AZ-500 examination, is to know the objectives of the examination in a detailed way. Amusingly, you will make use of the AZ-500 studying guideline to reflect on every examination objective systematically with understandings in subtopics in every objective. Most significantly, your insight regarding the examination objectives wouldn’t only assist in your preparations and also give you the guarantee to qualify for the examination with no trouble.

Enroll for Training Courses and Practice Tests

The significance to choose the relevant online learning course supplier for the AZ-500 examination is also obvious in the examination preparation of AZ-500. To tell the truth, reliable names in the field of online certificate training must be on your top preference when you are in a search of online learning courses for the examination of AZ-500. The training of Azure AZ-500 by experts and competent specialists offers furthermore edge to applicants with their pieces of training. This kind of training should be tracked by the practicing tests of AZ-500 on account to assess your level of preparation and prepared them for the examination.

Whitepapers Can Help a Lot!

Moreover, another topmost essential matter of fact for applicants while they prepared them for the exam of AZ-500 is; select perfect learning sources. It’s very significant for every applicant to get accessibility whitepapers as well as different learning sources that will assist to learn each topic for the examination systematically. Books that are being recommended on Azure - Security can also be considered as a very accommodating source for applicants.

Practicing papers will be considered as a great number of sources. Always remember that if you are testing yourself more so eventually you will get better results as well. Thus, you should start your practice today. The entire sample test, practice tests, and mock tests are planned in a manner that you will be encountering the actual examination setting.

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer

Thus, now you have to get at your pieces of training for the examination of AZ-500 at this instant! There’s not any barrier that holds you back. While you are starting your preparation, ensure that you own a program that you put up with any situation. The major aspect of effective preparation is constancy, and an individual is required to keep maintaining the entire phase of preparation.

Moreover, applicants are not supposed to let the AZ-500 examination training collapse their mental health as well as physical health. As a result, applicants must be following a healthy routine for diet, everyday activities, and exercise. What is more, applicants must also keep participating in online settings, studying groups, as well as different online training communities to attain trustworthy understandings from other hopeful applicants.

Core Reasons to Choose Azure Security Jobs

The significance of certification is conclusive since it offers a strong indication of your skillset in Azure - security. The certificate examination is recognized as an MS Azure - Security - Technologies examination, whereas its code is; AZ-500. This examination is a perfect model for security experts with the information to implement threat protection as well as security controls. The AZ-500 certificate examination is also considered a perfect instrument to convey your devotion towards Azure security.

As a difficulty of Azure facilities and product upsurges, the requirement of the security on Azure is also evolving alongside. Applicants would become capable to build upon their current information about the system - security on account to know more regarding cloud security. On the other side, an individual will attain an option to learn more regarding the newest Azure facilities and features by choosing a role-based certificate.

The Azure - security - engineer will frequently turn out to be part of teams involved within the administration of cloud security. The job of security - engineers in such kinds of teams is typically an executive one. Accordingly, applicants will be finding out better job roles within a company as a security - engineer. An azure security certificate is extremely demanding by noteworthy companies to take care of cloud security. Thus, azure certificates in the domain of security engineering will save a good career pathway for the applicants!

On the other side, the factor of money is also considered as a noteworthy aspect to rush towards the exam of Azure AZ-500. Specialized individuals are the ones who attain additional incomes as compared to non-certified applicants. The specialty of Azure-holders experts is separating them from other individuals and makes forecasts for high salaries. Certified specialists can portray a detailed level of understanding and proficiency in Azure security abilities.

Basic Skills for Azure Security Professionals

Applicants must always emphasize the elementary level skills of Azure security engineers as soon as they start learning the examination of AZ-500. These are some of the rudimentary abilities which you will need on account to turn out to be security - engineer on Azure.

  • Understand the essentials to implement security controls.
  • Basic level of understanding about substructure management and cloud security.
  • Proficiency to maintain security posture.
  • Applicants must also possess skills in identifying and accessibility management.
  • Capability to secure apps, networks, and data.

Role-specific Skills

Security engineer skills that are role-specific are also serving as key additions among the skills of Azure - security - engineer. These kinds of skills are compulsory to bring about the patterns of the role-based certificate model. These are some of the role-precise abilities for Azure - security - engineering experts.

  • Promising effortlessness in automation and scripting.
  • Wide-ranging understanding regarding cloud facilities and features.
  • Extensive understanding of Microsoft Azure services and products.
  • Detailed information regarding networking, virtualization, and N-tier design.
  • Experience working with hybrid and cloud settings along with end-to-end substructure.

Cloud Computing in Different Industries

The domains of Cloud Computing as well as other associated technologies are significantly modifying the mode of business which is done in almost every industry zones. Cloud - computing has expanded an enormous power in the most recent couple of years, setting off transformational variations, and quick procedures across subdivisions.


Cloud computing is opening up a lot of chances for banking experts to get linked with their consumers as well as users in a direct mode. The numerous digital facilities will assist them in maintaining and building consumer relations at any time and everywhere with the help of the cloud. Facilities such as storing, organizing, and reaching the info have been supposed to turn out to be easy for both the consumers as well as bankers. Deployment and integration of banking services and systems have also turn out to be unified with the help of cloud computing that results in a reduction in the effort and time of consumers


The industry of healthcare possesses extremely crucial, modified info that turns it more stimulating to keep controlling, accessing, and handling that kind of data. That is the phase where the influence of the cloud arrives. Cloud - computing is modifying the way medical specialists, hospitals, and health centers are delivering quality, lucrative services to their patients. Moreover, the cloud has transformed the healthcare industry, turning it out well-organized through a reorganized line of attack, and also improve the experience of a patient by offering services at considerably lesser costs.


The advantages of cloud computing are being acknowledged in educational institutes and businesses all over the board. There is a great range of organizations that are presently making use of some kind of application that is based on the cloud. The instant advantages: cloud-based apps minimize substructure and Information Technology costs, upsurge accessibility, and allow collaboration.

Cloud-computing has theoretically transformed how education is working, both in the form of the customary classroom setting as well as in online courses. Moreover, it has provided candidates a chance to keep studying by joining a virtual seminar room at any the time, everywhere, and with every kind of device.

Job Description of Azure Security Professionals

  • A security engineer is required to support the execution and development of cloud security designs on the platform of Azure cloud.
  • Closely working with higher management staff to develop the newest security approaches and strategies.
  • Work as teamwork with external customers and sources and also with internal sources.
  • Inclusive documentation of the applications to benefits the customers.

Why Azure?

In previous times, the whole idea of computing has view a paradigm that is shifting to cloud computing. This computing model internet-based offers data as well as joint computer processing to different kinds of devices and computers on demand. One of the skills that will meaningfully upsurge the chance of a candidate to get employed in the field of cloud computing is a “certificate in MS Azure.” The opportunities for those who are the owners of MS Azure certificate have radically increased in the most recent couple of years, owed to the increasing demand:

  • According to the most recent report of Microsoft, around one thousand newest users sign up to Azure every day. For that reason, 365,000 newest organizations adopt Microsoft Azure annually!
  • Microsoft Azure is being utilized by nearly 57 percent of Fortune five hundred organizations.
  • With the help of Azure, the commercial cloud income of Microsoft has upsurge by 104 percent, with a yearly running rate of 6.3 USD billion in profits.
  • MS Azure has attained official authorization from the government of the United States.


To cut it short, a wish to turn out to be an Azure - security - engineer is all in your hand! You only need to keep following the correct pathway to your concluding objective. Your whole passage will not become easier, and it is the things -which turn out the goal more desired. Applicants can take an initiative with the authorized AZ-500 certificate page on the site of Microsoft. You will find complete info regarding the certificate examination noticeably in conjunction with choices for the training.

On the other side, applicants can also select professionalized online certificate training suppliers to enhance their mode of learning for the examination. Furthermore, another significant aspect -which will support your pathway, is referring to the practicing tests. For Associate-level accreditation, attaining the Azure - Security - Engineer - Associate certificate, while stimulating, will get you the credit to show that you’re a subject-matter proficient person within this domain.

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