Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Cloud+ Certification


Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

If you are interested in Data Center jobs, and thinking about the right way to land one, then CompTIA Cloud+ is just for you. Obtaining this certification exhibits that you have what it takes maintain as well as optimize the services of cloud infrastructure!

Many businesses these days have been implementing cloud strategies in order to cut costs, be more agile, identify and make use of new business opportunities, and make decisions for various business divisions. When you hear the terms hosted application, service migration, virtualization, and middleware, you automatically think of cloud computing and this is where CompTIA’s Cloud+ Certification training comes in. It helps in training It Professionals and imparting the knowledge needed to excel in this area of Information Technology. CompTIA Cloud+ also covers the business as well as operational aspects of running the cloud, which is a basic requirement for solution providers. It is imperative to know the impact cloud implementations will have on the processes and their modifications, along with their respective outcomes.

The Cloud+ Certification by CompTIA was introduced after October 2013, which is aimed to be undertaken by experienced professionals, validates a candidate’s virtualization as well as cloud computing skills.  

What to Expect?

Ever since its introduction, the Cloud computing industry and the market has grown phenomenally, and so has the demand for CompTIA Cloud+ Certification. This certification should be undertaken by those IT Professionals who have had 2-3 years of industry experience, particularly with networking, storage, and data center administration. The CompTIA Cloud+ is considered to be the holy grail for all those seeking a professional career in data center jobs. It covers a range of topics that help develop the skills, enhances the skills, and hone the abilities required by a system administrator to effectively perform in data center jobs. With the passage of time, cloud-based infrastructure services have become a highly significant part of an organization’s IT system, and this the CompTIA Cloud+ prepares the candidates for a career in which they can excel.

As the certifications provided by CompTIA are vendor-neutral, therefore, this is the only qualification which covers more than one specific vendor, or one particular function, such as networking or security, rather it provides comprehensive information regarding all facets that need to be considered and covered in cloud computing so that the return on investment of cloud infrastructure can be optimized.

The candidates who opt for this certification must clear one exam in order to obtain it. CV0-02 tests the candidates appearing in the exam about multi-cloud and hybrid solutions, cloud technologies, cloud solutions, and the various methods of incorporating cloud-based technology solutions in the system operations.

CompTIA Cloud+ Essentials

All those interested in the cloud will find that Cloud+ Essentials is the certification that will form the foundation for their career. In today’s fast-paced world, having cloud computing and virtualization skills for IT Professionals has become a necessity. Having certified with CompTIA Cloud+ shows the industry that you are capable of deploying and maintaining cloud technology and thus, helps you in entering a rapidly evolving industry with immense growth opportunities. With more and more businesses migrating to the cloud, it is expected that the global market of cloud computing with reach an estimated $277 billion by the year 2021 according to IDC (International Data Corporation), showing a compound annual growth rate of 21.9%. This is one of those fields in Informational Technology which has been growing at a phenomenal rate and offers lucrative remuneration for all who hold this certification.

According to Simply Hired, cloud administrators can expect to earn an average of $75,000, whereas, cloud developers can earn up to $118,000, while cloud architects can earn up to $130,000 per annum. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for network and computer system administrators will show a growth of 6% from 2016 – 2026, with the average pay being $81,100/- per annum. It is also expected that the demand for such professional will continue to grow over the years.

After obtaining this certification, candidates will be able to understand and deploy IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model of cloud computing. All of the standard methodologies, utilized for securely deploying and maintaining cloud technologies are part of this credential. Auditory, visual, as well as practical learning, is involved in this course. In CompTIA Cloud+ Certification, students will learn the process of executing, troubleshooting, and maintaining;

  • Delivery models of cloud services along with cloud services
  • Virtualization and virtual machines found in ca loud environment
  • Storage technologies and their provisioning in a cloud environment
  • Optimization and configuration of networks
  • Techniques used for resource management
  • Enabling Virtual Machines via hardware resources
  • Concepts for storage and network security and the best practices being used in a cloud environment
  • Methods for disaster recovery
  • System management procedures and policies
  • Availability solutions
  • Diagnosis of performance and improvement

The overall program is inclusive of a step by step learning guide, along with a syllabus that helps the candidates makes their own plans and learn at their own pace. Additionally, this is an instructor led course, for which CompTIA provides video lectures, written notes, as well as textbook readings. One key point to note, is that each individual is required to complete the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification, 6 months from the date of registration. While the course does not have mandatory pre-requisites, it is recommended that before opting for this certification, candidates should have the CompTIA A+, as well as the CompTIA Network+ credentials. If a candidate is not certified with these, then equivalent industry experience is required in order to obtain this certification. Once the program is complete, candidates are encouraged to set the exam dates at their own pace, depending on the time and place suitable for them.

The CompTIA Cloud+ Certification prepares you for a highly rewarding career in IT, and serves as a medal of your capabilities. It will not only help you in stepping up your professional game, but will also ensure better career growth prospects.

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