Everything you need to know about CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification


Everything you need to know about CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification

The tech sector is evolving at a phenomenal rate and organizations need to keep up with the changing pace of information technology. What steps can they take in order to bridge the gap between their non-technical employees and the IT skills gap that is prevalent in their industry? The answer is simple. They need to equip their employees with the knowledge that is obtained from a simple certification like IT Fundamentals+ by CompTIA. This is one of those certifications which has gained immense fame over the past couple of years, as it serves as the basis for many professionals to obtain basic IT knowledge.

It encompasses information which provides an overview of the IT field and what it entails, and thus, helps a professional decide whether or not a career in IT is suitable for them. While it helps individuals gain skills for entry-level jobs, it also enables non-technical professionals to understand the basic IT skills, needed these days to progress through their careers. It also serves as a basis for preparing for other professional and advanced level certifications.

IT Fundamentals+ certification training, which is being offered by CompTIA, has developed a reputable name for the comprehensive information it provides the students. It provides core knowledge regarding IT skills, just like other certifications like A+, Security+ and Network+ provides. Because it covers topics related to cybersecurity, networking, software as well as hardware basics, it helps individuals prepare for a digital workplace. With experts stating that technology spending is likely to increase by 90% in the upcoming years, it has become essential for individuals to obtain the skills and knowledge provided by It Fundamentals+ for optimal utilization of technologies.

Why Choose IT Fundamentals+ Certification Training?

For those people who are new to the IT Profession, yet want to pursue their career in this field, IT Fundamentals+ provides the starting point to them. This credential has been designed to include information which is vital for entry-level IT Professionals or advanced end users. It includes functions and features of widely used operating systems, along with an understanding of the process of establishing connectivity within the network, security awareness, and the best practices which can be used for Web browsing. The certification does not require prior educational or job experience, therefore, for those individuals who wish to explore what to do with their career or those who are interested in IT but not sure which specialized field to opt for, IT Fundamentals+ provides them clarity on what they can do.

Since this is an entry-level certification, which tests the knowledge of a student about PC components and their functions, along with the student’s competency in other 6 domains related to technology.

Training for IT Fundamentals+ Certification Exam

For those thinking of enlisting in the exam for IT Fundamentals+, CertMaster is the right platform for them. CertMaster Practice for IT fundamentals is an amazing tool which provides certification training and assesses the knowledge of a student in order to help them gain knowledge and prepare for the exam on It Fundamentals+. For novice students, it is a great starting place, because this tool can be used to reinforce the concepts by testing the knowledge possessed by an individual. Thus, any gaps in the individual’s knowledge can be eliminated.  

However, this is not the only tool available for studying, there are different official guides available which help in preparing for this certification’s exam. The official study guide provided by CompTIA for IT Fundamentals+ can be accessed via the CompTIA store. IF a student is extremely confident about his or her ability to pass the test and only wishes to know what to expect in it, then the CompTIA Store has all the information he or she needs. It consists of practice questions that test the knowledge they have on CompTIA IT Fundamentals+, by covering a wide range of topics. It provides a good idea to the students of the kind of topic/ subjects which will be covered during the exam. The practice tests, along with the study guide come in a bundle, which also consists of the exam voucher. In order to ensure that all the areas of the test have been covered by the student, it is always a good idea to use exam objectives.

Additionally, CompTIA also has different partners offering instructor-led courses for IT Fundamentals+. QuickStart provides the IT Fundamentals+ course and also offers other certification courses which are being offered by CompTIA.

Career Outlook and Salary

With each passing year, IT Jobs evolve, and IT is becoming integrated into the daily lives of people. Professionals now need to have basic IT skills in order to perform their day to day tasks with ease. CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification helps professionals as well as novices to better understand the subject matter, and continue progressing in their careers.

According to Tazneen Kasem, The Product Management Director for CompTIA, “Tech wages on average are 107 percent higher than the average national wage (US. Bureau of Statistics). Even though IT Fundamentals provides basic knowledge and is not an advanced level certification like some of the other certifications offered by CompTIA, it provides an overview of the tools used in the IT industry, which is perfect for candidates who are tech savvy but haven’t reached the advanced level yet.  

Those who are able to obtain the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification can add different skills to their arsenal, which is advantageous for them as it will enable them to manage any IT tools that are employed by their organizations. It will also help them in preparing for the future which is expected to be driven by technology. The knowledge can also land them a job as an IT manager which has an average earning a potential of $90,000/- per annum.

Who can enroll in IT Fundamentals+?

Following are some of the people who can enroll in IT Fundamentals+ by CompTIA.

  • Students who wish to pursue a career in IT
  • Professionals from different fields wanting to enhance their knowledge of IT
  • Sales, marketing and operations staff of IT organizations.

Get in touch with one of our CompTIA IT Fundamentals experts today, to learn more about the certification. 

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