Everything you need to know about CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification


Everything you need to know about CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification

One of the most preferred certifications among entrepreneurs and technical professionals, CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials has been designed specifically keeping in mind the IT professionals who wish to become familiar with the cloud-based technologies. Although the course is mostly definitions of cloud-related technologies and their functions, a basic understanding of the cloud-based technologies is mandatory. If you’re not familiar with the cloud-based technologies, then you will need to put in extra efforts to prepare for the test and ace the exam. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the things you need to know about CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials certification and how to ace the exam.

What’s in the Course?

First thing first, Cloud Essentials is one of the most sought-after certifications which is being offered by the leading provider of vendor-neutral certification – CompTIA. It offers certifications in various areas of the IT field and all of its certifications are recognized and accepted at leading tech companies of the world. The exam of Cloud Essentials tests the knowledge of a test-taker in six different areas, which helps you strengthen your basic knowledge about cloud technology. The course helps a test-taker understand the characteristics of cloud services from the standpoint of businesses and explains how cloud computing can benefit businesses. CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials equip the test-taker with the technical knowledge about cloud computing as well as methods to adopt cloud in a business environment successfully while also explain the impact the cloud technology will have on the business and IT related services.

Why the Certification is Sought-After?

What makes Cloud Essentials by CompTIA unique is that it equips the test-takers with the knowledge that would need to understand the technical side of cloud computing as well as its importance in a business environment. From switching to the cloud to governing it, the professionals who clear that exams demonstrate both. Let’s give you two more reason that would help you understand why CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials is the most sought-after certification:

  • Around 85% of the employers in the IT industry prefer candidates who have relevant IT certifications.
  • There are hundreds of IT professionals across the globe who have CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials certification.

What you Need to do to Pass the Exam? 

Having explained what the course is about and why it is most sought-after, let this article guide you to ace the exam and become a professional with CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification.

Make a Plan that’s Realistic

The best strategy before attempting any exam is to start preparing for it in advance. Every student needs to have a study plan, which should start with the estimated date of the exam. Once you decide on the date or the week, you need to work backward. You should estimate how long it will take you to cover the entire course comfortably. How much time will you need to practice for the exam? Are there any other plans that might come up and disturb your study plans like family functions, parties, or vacations? Add all of the important dates and events in your study plan, because only after that you can follow your plan easily and ace the exam. Once you’re done with the planning stage you need to make a schedule for training to ensure that you study and train without exhausting yourself. Don’t study in a day more than you can understand and it’s better for you to dedicate a few specific hours each day to study. If you can’t study on any specific day or on weekends, it’s okay, because once you admit that you can’t study on weekend is part of being realistic towards your exam preparations.

Now targeting the specifics, if you are preparing for CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials exams than you must understand that the course is comprised of around 22 videos and each video is three to 17 minutes long. So, if you’re planning to take the exam within the next 15 days, we suggest you study 10 minutes every day for the course and you’ll have ample time to study and practice. Be specific about your study plan, because you’ll also need to watch a certain number of training videos for Cloud Essentials. In order to get the certification in one go, try to set enough minutes every day aside for taking the quizzes that you’ll get during the videos.

CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials Certification Put Greater Emphasis on Theoretical Concepts

As mentioned above, this certification is designed for businesspersons and non-IT professionals, therefore it relies more on transferring theoretical concepts among the test-takers and focuses less on technical aspects of cloud technologies. Therefore, we recommend you make flashcards to remember the definitions of the concepts. In the “Cloud Computing Defined” video, the instructor goes into the details of the cloud computing and it is one of the longest videos of the course. Thus, you need to take out time to watch this video more cautiously and understand each and every concept discussed in the video to comprehend the fundamentals of cloud computing. Use your notes to build flashcards and try to remember those definitions through them.

Contextualize the Knowledge Gained

Since CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials is designed for non-IT professionals and businesspersons, therefore it is mandatory for you to contextualize the knowledge gained during the study on your company or the place where you work. This will help you broaden your understanding of the implications of applying cloud computing in a business setting. This is exactly what this course aims to teach the professionals. There’s no doubt that the fundamental definitions are building blocks on which your Cloud Essentials exam will be based upon, however, you can’t overlook how cloud computing can change your business and enhance its efficiency.

Take the Exam

Now that you have a study plan, a training routing, and a basic understanding of what the course holds for you, you are ready to take the test. If you follow the routine and get some training about acing the exam from QuickStart’s comprehensive training module of Cloud Essentials, you can easily pass the test. 

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