Take Advantage of CompTIA+ for Greater IT Functionality with IT Ops Training


Take Advantage of CompTIA+ for Greater IT Functionality with IT Ops Training

New approaches to IT operations are giving rise to strong security and regulatory requirements. The question is what type of education and certifications can equip you to these changing tides of infrastructure and computing. There is a dire need for IT Ops training that can help employees make the most of the needs of modern data centers. Companies need these networks because these ultimately ensure connection to the cloud and everything else.

The Need for IT Ops Training

The use of multiple cloud services strengthens the need for online IT training. Increasingly, many aspects of infrastructure are also now falling into the ‘software’ camp as a majority of the work is being done by scripting, instead of just changing the cables or updating equipment in any way. Then there is automation. It decreases the time needed to configure and deploy resources while reducing the number of professionals required. But this mandates specialist expertise in creating automation instead of just following manual steps.

These are just a few of the reasons why the IT industry needs new blood with the latest certifications. People need to upgrade their skillsets to stay relevant to the industry. Research shows that some organizations are spending more than $800 million on IT skill developments, including training and certification. The IT industry is moving faster than ever before, and the right certifications understand that. They make it possible for IT professionals to migrate among the many aspects of the industry, discovering different career options. Modern IT Ops Training understands the industry as well as the subject of the cloud.

IT Ops Training – Many Options Are Available

IT infrastructure is the foundation for operations and vital for business functioning. The CompTIA certification helps IT professionals support and manage data center as well as network operations, necessary for a robust IT infrastructure. For years, CompTIA certifications have been the benchmark for competence and capability for employers in search of IT pros. These stackable certifications include CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Linux+ and CompTIA Cloud+. This is the CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway, which delivers skills needed to excel across the breadth of IT operations. This is the ultimate certification path for IT professionals interested in the best possible IT ops training, giving them expansive command over a multitude of IT infrastructure roles to which they can contribute.

CompTIA+ is the One Certification to Rule Them All

CompTIA certifications are perfectly aligned with cybersecurity and IT ops career paths, and each one representing a further depth of your expertise. As the core certifications like the CompTIA A+ build a solid basis for your proficiency, the additional certifications make a sturdy frame of professional specializations and necessary IT skills. CompTIA A+ certification is, in fact, a great place to start for anyone looking to enter the IT arena. It is recognized globally as one of the best entry-level training certifications, providing a good foundation knowledge of hardware, software and troubleshooting skills that help build your tech know-how. The 220-901 and 220-902 are the most recent available CompTIA A+ certification paths.

Get Started with Online IT Training with CompTIA A+

The certification covers aptitude in topics such as virtualization, cloud models, security, resource management, as well as business continuity. It’s ideal for anyone with at least a year’s experience in networking, IT data center management and storage technologies. The A+ certification is recognized the world over and is revered by employers for its ISO/ANSI status. This means merely that CompTIA A+ offers practical education, and widely respected validation for your IT (hardware and software) support skills. You will have to clear two exams to be CompTIA A+ certified, the 220-901 tests for proficiency in hardware related topics, while the 220-902 tests for software subjects. You can look forward to these IT functionality-enhancing trends in the 900 series A+ exams:

Elimination of Outdated Technology

The content of the CompTIA A+ examination compels students to disregard legacy knowledge in favor of newer, up-to-date and upcoming technologies. Older tech while still viable, are fast going out of use. It’d be much more beneficial for IT pros to learn more about the next wave of tech and how they can contribute to it.

Emphasis on Mobile Devices

Mobile device hardware and software form a major chunk of the study material for CompTIA A+. Both the 901 and 902 courses offer mobile device management skills to help IT pros cope with the advent of smartphones.

Addition of New Operating Systems

The CompTIA A+ certification is now famously vendor neutral. So, expect to learn about non-Microsoft operating systems as well. The idea is to give a holistic education where IT pros of the future can learn more about Linux, OS X and other OS that can be beneficial in creating a powerful IT infrastructure.

CompTIA is Important for IT Market Dominance

While CompTIA A+ is a great place to start your journey into the IT industry as a professional, it is just the first step to the rest of the CompTIA+ certifications. These cover a huge chunk of technologies and skills needed today for better IT infrastructure and operations. Build your skill set and power your toolkit with certifications that can help you excel at your job, and help you learn more about server infrastructure and security best practices. CompTIA+ certifications are undoubtedly a great way to do all that. Connect with our CompTIA experts for more information.

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